10 Best Strategies To Run Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is widely used for online chatting. Among the two biggest messaging apps in the world, Facebook Messenger is in the top two.

More than 130 crore users around the world are using Messenger every month. Facebook has added some great features for the convenience of chatting in Messenger. 

If you know these strategies, chatting will become more fun. 

Here are 10 Best Strategies To Run Facebook Messenger :

1. Adding nickname:

Do you not want to understand who you are chatting with on Facebook? You can change your nickname in Facebook chat if you want. The names of both yourself and your friend can be changed. 

To alter the name, go to the chat page with anyone in the Messenger application. Click on the English letter ‘I’ at the top right corner of the page. Then, select the moniker option. Now, choose ‘Set’ and enter your desired nickname.

2. Chat off:

Many people keep writing this and that in Messenger. This can distract you from other activities. Every time you check Facebook Messenger, you will not see the message. You can close that conversation if you want. 

Go to the Messenger app and enter the conversation you want to close. Press the English letter ‘I’ in the right corner. Select the notification and make a ‘mute conversation’ from there. From now on, you can choose how long you want to keep someone off.

3. Messenger color change:

Many now want to see personal conversations a little more colorful. So they talked to each other in Messenger in one color. Chatting on your messenger gives you the option of changing the color. Go to any conversation from the app. Press the letter ‘I’ in the right corner. Then select the color from the color part there.

4. Turn on Dark Mode:

With the introduction of Dark Mode in Messenger, Facebook has made its product more secure. It looks good on messengers and can be comfortable for the eyes. As well as low battery charge. 

You can turn on Dark Mode by going to Messenger’s app and clicking the profile picture near the top left corner. In the beginning, you will get the option for Dark mode. Toggle it.

5. Messenger.com in the browser:

You may need to use Messenger on PC rather than a mobile app during any work or meeting. In this case, Messenger.com can be an alternative to a Facebook page or app. You can do the necessary work by typing messenger.com in the browser.

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6. Sending audio message:

Many people do not like to type on Facebook, or typing on mobile may seem difficult. You can also send audio messages if you wish. 

The messenger app will let you do this by going to a conversation. In the text box next to the microphone, you will find a mark. When you speak, hold down and speak. When it’s over, leave it.

7. Used as SMS app:

You can also use Facebook Messenger as your SMS app. The feature only works on Android phones. You can use Messenger as an SMS app by clicking on the profile picture in the Messenger app. Select SMS there. Toggle to turn on the feature. Answer yes if you’re asked to confirm your decision.

8. Messenger Games:

Many people play games on Messenger to pass the time. You can also enjoy fun games on Messenger if you want. To play games, go to the Messenger app and go to any app. There are many conversations you can pick from. At the bottom of the screen, press the four-dot menu button. Select games. Start playing.

9. Locate someone:

Having trouble recognizing a place. You can tell him the location on Messenger instead of telling him the address. Messenger has the facility to inform the location. Select the conversation in Facebook Messenger by going to the app. 

To access the four-dot menu, press the four dots at the bottom of the screen. Choose a place. 

Depending on your preference, you may share your live location for an hour. A red button on the bottom right allows you to fix the position to the exact location.

10. Delete message:

If you type something in Messenger by mistake, now there is a chance to delete it. Anyone will no longer read deleted messages. Go to the Facebook Messenger app and select a conversation. You can delete a message by clicking on it. Please hold on to that message. 

You will see the ‘Remove’ option at the bottom right corner. Select it. You can only delete it for yourself. You will not see it, but others will see it. If you select ‘Remove for Everyone,’ others will not see it.

Final Words

Hope you like Our article on 10 Best Strategies To Run Facebook Messenger; if you still have any questions or queries regarding Facebook messenger, mention those in the comment section. 

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