Top 5 Free Certifications For Digital Marketers in 2021

Good news, free certifications for digital marketers in 2021 from the world’s top organizations like Google and many others.

Everyone needs to complete some track-based certification if they want to do well in their career. 

Best 5 Free Certifications for Digital marketers in 2021

For those who are working in digital marketing or will start their career in this field, you must keep these 5 free certifications. Let’s find out what we can do:

1. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is an online learning platform from Google and one of the best Free Certifications for Digital marketers. It is a collection of free online curriculum provided by Google’s Certified Instructors and other course platforms.

After completing all 26 modules of Google Digital Garage’s Digital Marketing Course and passing 40 questions, you will be able to upload the certification to LinkedIn which will enhance your digital marketing career.

Google Digital Marketing Certification is a credential granted by Google after meeting the Digital Marketing Program Framework criteria. The Online Advertising Bureau Europe, as well as the Open University all, accept the qualification.

2. Google Ads Certification

According to Google: Google recognizes people who have received AIDS certification as online advertising experts.

Google has 8 assessment certifications

i. Google Ads Display Certification:

In this assessment test, Google verifies the efficiency of its display network and its advertising strategy.

ii. Google Ads Search Certification

In this test, Google verifies how well you are optimizing your search campaign for conversions.

iii. Google Ads Measurement Certification

In this certification, Google verifies how well you understand your campaign in terms of monitoring and tracking performance through analytics.

iv. Google Ads Video Certification: 

This evaluation assesses your potential to design and customize video ad campaigns for YouTube and Google Video.

v. Shopping Aids Certification:

This test tests your knowledge of successful Google Shopping advertising campaigns.

vi. Google Ads Apps Certification:

This assessment tests the ability of Google Apps to create, optimize and analyze ad campaigns.

Each Google Ads Certification is free

Any of your Google Ads certifications are valid for one year and you need to re-examine each year to keep the badge.

What will happen if I fail the Google Ads Display Certification test?

You will be able to take the test again after 24 hours to pass this test

Each exam consists of 48 to 50 questions with 75 minutes.

And, you must score 80% or higher to pass the Google Ads Display Certification test.

3. Hubspot Free Content Marketing Certification

What will you learn?

This free certifications for digital marketers course will show you how to become a successful content marketing professional through module lessons.

i. Power of storytelling

ii. Content creation framework in the building

iii. Long-term content strategy in planning

iv. Generating Content Ideas

v. Creating quality blog content that your audience will read and share

vi. Hubspot’s main strategy is to get the material to the first page on Google search 

vii. Repurposing the material to increase its appeal

viii. Creating Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

ix. This is a successful video marketing strategy in Crete

x. She is also the guest blogging strategy paired book at the building

xi. How to effectively promote content

xii. Missing and Analyzing Your Content

4. Social Media Marketing Certificate in Hootsuite

After doing this course you will learn social media skills on how to understand your followers, engagement, and business analytics results.

The course modules will be taught by the best social media strategists and after learning the practical skills you will improve your skills on social media which will allow you to serve you or your clients.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification will have 60 questions that will test your social media marketing, your social media strategy, social media content marketing, and social media audience-building skills.

5. Google Analytics IQ Certification

The unique qualification of analytics is a demonstration of skill in analysis that is available to anyone who has passed the analysis IQ test.

Why is Google offering Analytics IQ?

Analytics is easy to use for beginners, although it is a very powerful tool in the hands of experienced users. Qualified users would be successful in using Google Analytics within their businesses and assisting others in doing so. 

What do I require to do to get my Analytics certification?

You only need to pass the Analytics IQ test. Furthermore, while taking the exam, we recommend that you look through all of the modules covered in the Analytics Academy Google Analytics for Novice and Professional Google Analytics courses. What is the price? 

The Analytics Academy curriculum and the Analytics IQ examination are also free of charge.

How much does the Analytics Academy course cost?

The Google Analytics Academy course and the Google Analytics IQ test are completely free.

* BONUS: Facebook Blueprint

You can do Facebook Blueprint Certification from Bangladesh. But the certification is a paid format. My advice in this case is to at least finish the blueprint’s guide later.

Final Words

All these Free Certifications for Digital marketers will enrich your resume to get more job opportunities and to get global clients and earn more passive income.

We wish you like our top 5 Free Certifications for Digital marketers in 2021 and if you still have any questions or if you are want to add some more free Free Certifications for Digital marketers courses in this article mention those in the comment section.

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