9 Best Places That Hire at 15: Vacancy For 14 & 15 Years Old

Are You 14 or 15 Years Old? Are You Searching For “What places that hire at 15?” Here in this article, we have presented the top 9 places that where you can be hired for the perfect jobs at 14 and 15 years old.

You might have surely heard “We don’t grow when things are easy and simple, we grow only when we face challenges!” 

This wise saying has changed the minds of numerous people. You may find a huge number of teenagers of 14-15 years working and this is not only because of money!

Yes! The prime reason why caring parents have sent their grown-up babies to work is to instill vital life skills in them!

Earning while learning helps the students get to know the world. It builds their confidence and grants them the courage to face stringent challenges and to overcome them. It changes their perspective and drills into their mind the reality of the world! 

Also, when kids reach their teenage, a sense of responsibility and financial freedoms slides into them. They fall into cravings for money.

They want to spend their time out with friends, watching movies, and dining out with them.

And, for all this, money becomes the center point! Are you a newbie of 14 or 15 in the world of teenagers? Then, these words will surely help you! Read on!   

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Sometimes, caring adolescents prefer working just for the sake of independence and to lend some help to their toiling parents.

Or even some consider working so that they can have limitless fun and also, to contribute to charity! And, few of them do it just for the passion.

Whatever may be your wish, the idea of earning while learning is no doubt beneficial! If you are confused about where to begin, here are some fantastic opportunities where you can kick-start your earning while learning journey! Yup! 14-15 years are hired by numerous companies!

Here is the List Of 9 Best Places That Hire at 15:

1. Baskin Robbins:

Is there anybody who doesn’t know about Baskin Robbins? Great! Then, you must be surely living under the rock! Baskin Robbins is a place where you buy ice creams and ice cream cakes.

If you enjoy serving, then, this can be an ideal place for you! You simply have to scoop some ice cream and serve them to the customers with a smile. That’s your job and you’ll be paid per hour.

Also, BR is popular for rewarding its employees with good amounts of freebies like vouchers and free ice creams too. This is one of the best Places That Hire at 15. They have worldwide opportunities. Visit their career opportunity page.

2. McDonald’s:

If you have likeness and super skills for working in counters, then, this is a better spot for you! Also, keep in mind that McDonald’s hires based on the employment laws of the states.

Some states have legalized the employment of teenagers under 16 and some haven’t. So, get to know the law of your state and then, apply!  

McDonald’s is amazing not only when it comes to burgers, but also for the incentives of its employees. It’s an international and one of the best Places That Hire at 15 Available worldwide, search your location, and apply for the job.

3. Wendy’s:

If you are fond of cooking things, then Wendy’s is the right place. It hires 14-15 years, old teenagers, too. If you don’t prefer simple cooking, then you can take a position at the counter.

It pays well and is good for its employees. It usually announces its vacancies through its outlets. Also, keep in mind that its employment policies vary from state to state.  It’s another best Places That Hire at 15. Find a job at Wenda’s.    

4. Taco Bell:

If you like dealing with cash-related work and enjoy being a cashier, then surely this can be a good option. Your work is to receive cash payments, check credit card payments, issue receipts and that’s it!

Stay at the counter and thank the customers for visiting. It’s one of the Places That Hire at 15, and you’ll be paid better bucks for this job! Get a job at Taco Bell.

5. U-Haul:

Do you think working from home is easier than going to the place of work? Then, Hold on! We have one work-from-home option too. The open position for you is to deal with customers online.

If you think you are a perfect fit for the role of customer service, then what are you waiting for? Go and apply now! They also offer amazing scholarships for students. So, we can mark this as a Places That Hire at 15 or 14 years old teens/students.        

6. Starbucks:

Alas! It doesn’t offer jobs for teenagers in all of their locations. But yes, if you live in Montana, you are lucky! They allow teenagers because of its law. It’s legal there to hire adolescents.

You can take up the role of barista, or cashier and enjoy a smooth career along with your studies. Not to forget, they offer a handsome amount of pay per hour. Which are the Places That Hire at 15 or under 18.

Find a job at Starbucks: In United States | Worldwide | For Students

7. Subway:

This is the best news for all you 15 years old teenagers! Subway hires adolescents starting from 15 years. They offer maintenance jobs. You can take over what you like.

They offer positions where you have to work in the kitchen, cashing counter, and other jobs like wiping equipment, maintaining properly, and other safe works. They increase your pay as you and your education grow. It’s easy and 7th out of 9 Best Places That Hire at 15, Go and get the job.

8. Kroger:

If you don’t prefer working in eateries and restaurants, then Kroger can be the best bet. The popular grocery store with 29 brands spread across 42 states has tremendous opportunities for teenagers under 16.

You can give you service there as a cashier, accountant, cart attendant, etc. This can be an ideal place for earning while earning! Find a job at Kroger. It’s 8th out of 9 Best Places That Hire at 15, 14 years old, or under 18.

9. Six Flags:

If you are crazy about rides and roller coasters, then we have something exciting for you! Six Flag is an amusement company that hires teenagers as game hosts for kids.

There you can even manage other shops including eateries! A fun-filled time is assured there!

If there is a will, there is a way! If you are eagerly hunting for a job, then you will surely find one! Other than these places, you can take up simple jobs in your neighborhood like babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, and much more.  

In this era of advancement and technology, you can take up online jobs like blogging, content creation, start a YouTube channel, and so on.

Are you passionate about your hobby? Great! Then, you can kick-start your business. Open your mini-bakery, or sell your masterpieces and whatever that you are confident in! Always remember that you can do wonders!

We placed this at the 7th out of 9 opportunities for the best Places That Hire at 15 Let the world see your magic! GO & Start now!   

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