Legit Apps That Pay You To Play Games | Best 29 Picks To Review

Earning money is demanding and time-consuming. Suppose you can make money through apps that pay you to play games. You may start thinking, is it possible?

He may be joking with you folks. Well, I’m thrilled to say that it’s true; you can earn smart Cash with these legit apps that pay you to play games on your phone.

In recent days we are seen that people who call themselves gamers are getting famous. The streamers played a game seen by their followers, so they got paid by their sponsor, youtube, and fans.

Now you may think you also can be a streamer; some companies are so that you can start, but as you start, you may find that it’s not that easy at all.

Because they are doing a severe level of hard-work every day and also maintaining regularity with discipline. And with their dedication to their work, they come to these stages.

Now let’s come to the subject of how you can earn some cash just by playing some games or attending a survey? Well, in the first hearing, you may trust me but frankly says it’s happening.

Some companies are running a study for their product or service. Now they run this survey to a site or apps, and by attending the study, they pay you. Now that’s how you can earn from these sites or apps.

Like those companies, there some games that are also available like some batting games. By playing those games, you can make some revenue. But you can’t spend your life doing these.

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So it can help you in this pandemic where we can’t go outside, so these sites or apps can help you with some in-hand cash. Now some sites and apps are also available, and they are not as legit.

I heard some cases where they betrayed some of their consumers. So, that’s why today the article is all about. Stay tuned cause it will help you know about those legit apps that pay you to play games.

List of top 29 mobile apps that pay you to play games to review :

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is our first platform and one of the reliable and trusted also. These are free platforms; you don’t need to pay any single penny for your activities here. It a survey-type site, but you can also see games, videos, and the rest.

Now you may think about the payment withdrawal system? In this particular part, this site works nice. You can withdraw your revenue with the gift card and Paypal. But first, you need to earn at least five dollars. 

How you can earn here, let’s see now. Here you can do many incredible things to do in Swagbucks. You can attend the survey completing it and you will earn money. This site also offers you money through playing games.

Some games also help to net you some extra revenue. But you can face some troubles here. Not every game offer you is paid for play. Unless the other games can pay you for playing them based on your gaining points on that particular game.

So that’s all about the Swagbucks; hopefully, it will help you to have some cash in your hand in this pandemic. You can get Swagbucks access from a phone or pc through the app or a browser.

2. Mistplay

Mistplay is one of the best apps that pay you to play games on android. It is a two in one site. Why I’m using the “two in one” word, cause this site is not only a place for the ordinary people who want to enjoy the game and earn some revenue.

But here the new developers also can practice their newly created games and see the reactions of the players. It will help them to develop the game more effectively. You can payout your hands-on amount by a gift card, which you will get through email in under 48 hours.

You can get the gift cart with several variations as the payment method like Amazone, play card, stream, and so many. But a thing that may not make you happy is it only comes in Android phone users, which means the Ios phone user will not be able to play this app. So this is a lovely place for gamers who want to play games and earn Cash. 

3. InboxDollers

The Inboxdoller works like same as the Swagbucks. Yeap, the environment of the site is similar to the first site of our list. Now the main question is, is it work like the other? No, there are some differences between the Inboxdoller and the Swagbucks.

So, as I said, it comes on both Android phones and Ios phones. Also, you can use it through the browser. So there is no such issue. If I said about the interface, you would get different, but the task will be the same.

The game developers can implement their new games and see the game’s responses to their game to apply their creativity effectively. And for other people, the system is the same as Swagbucks. The Inboxdoller payment system is also similar.

But here you may face a problem. Because you may earn a little bit less than the other one; otherwise, the site is the perfect app that pay you to play games.

4. Survey Junkie

If you are a student and needed to earn some extra cash for your pocket money, then the survey junkie for you. Not only the student, but others also can join the survey junkie quickly.

Here you can attend the surveys which will come from several sites or companies. By completing those, you can get Cash. But if you don’t know about the survey, let me repeat the survey once again;

It is all about a session of question answers and doesn’t require any skill. That’s why it could be done from any place with a phone or laptop. Yeah, you can run it on a smartphone. Now the payout method, here also you may stay satisfied.

Cause the way will be easy and friendly for you. You can out your earned money from PayPal, even popular gift cards. So you can stay without worries and earn Cash without any queries.

5. Luck Level

If you like spinning or scratch cards, or lucky coupons, the luck level is the best place. Here you can check your luck; if your luck is blessed, you can win up to 1000 dollars. Get ten scratch cards every day to increase your chance to win.

You can also play games here. The payment method is also fantastic on this platform. You will get PayPal, a gift-card, and many more great options two out your Cash out.

But the only drawback I think will be the app is only available in androids, not for Ios. So you guys must check these awesome android apps that pay you to play games and have some cash on your hand. 

6. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a similar place to the luck level, but I recommend it over luck level. So here you can get a similar setup but a few changes between them. You can get the ticket and win much Cash from a dollar to 10000 dollars.

The best thing is that when you install the app, you will get tickets instantly. And the best thing for which I recommend this app over its rival that is you will still earn points if you lose. So for me, it’s a deal-breaking feature;

It’s worth it. And your earning point can be redeemed with an Amazon gift card. You guys can download this app to your phone from the google play store and in Apple Appstore.

7. Mypoints

My point is a multitask site on the web. Its means here you can perform some multitask and earn a lot more Cash easily. You may have some hand-cash by attending surveys, enjoying games, doing some online shopping, watching some clips, and a lot more. As you have many things to do so, you never get bored. That’s, I guess, one of the critical features of this platform.

The payment system is also satisfying. You can transfer your point or Cash out you’re earning with PayPal and a gift card. You can find these apps for android phones in the google play store and apple phones in the iTunes app store. What you use doesn’t matter; you can earn and use it without any trouble.

8. Solitaire Cube

Are you interested in earning a little bit more than the solitaire cube is for you? Here you can make and invest together to get more bucks in your pocket. But there is also a piece of bad news for the android user.

The Solitaire Cube is accessible on android & iOS. You will get two types of game mode that is the practice league mode and the pro-league. You can play and get paid in the practice league, but the main twist is the pro-league.

The pro-league offers a real money betting game, which means if you want to play it, you need to put your money and play the game carefully; if you win, you can get a double amount of Cash lucky enough.

9. Opinion Outpost

Some survey apps pay you by attending the survey. Opinion Outpost is one of them, and they pay you real money by submitting the surveys. Whenever you stator enters a study, you start a 10000 monthly draw, and that’s unique. Supports Android and iOS.

Without that, the other features are the same as some other typical survey apps. For the payout, you need to grab an amount of 5 dollars. The payout method is also similar, which I told in the topper section in the article, like PayPal and the gift card.

10. Respondent

Respondent is an excellent site for earning real money to exhibit the survey. You can get hundreds of USD in one single day. Yeah, you indeed can, but the central fact is how many you can afford the revenue.

And the good thing is the site makes a diagram of your daily work, So you can maintain your workflow by following the diagram chart. The Cash is come on your hand by using PayPal or a gift card.

11. MindSwarms

Mind swarms a different place of survey where you can give a study through recording a video. You need to make a video on a particular question, which will answer the survey.

So it’s a unique kind of survey system. Every survey period can be 15 to 20 mins. The Mindswarm takes the on-the-go people to their mindset for them, and it can be an ample opportunity.

Not only that, every event can get 50 USD, so that’s perfect. You can take out the payment with PayPal. Apps: AndroidiOS.

12. BlackOut Blitz

This app also comes with Iso platforms, So Android users not able to enjoy this game. The Blackout blitz is also a rapid variant of the bingo games.

You can earn through this app, but you can’t reach like 100 dollars in a weekend. But you can make at least 20 dollars a week. In my opinion, that’s awesome so that you can check these apps in the app store

13. Banatic 

Well, the fanatic is also a gaming app by which you can receive several dollars. The app offers you a different variety of games for playing and testing purposes. Through playing the game, you were collecting bananas, which is the in-game currency.

Those bananas could be converted into dollars through google pay or google play codes, or game keys. So it’s excellent apple apps that pay you to play games.

14. Brain battle

There are several games in this one app, and one more thing this app is available for iOS and Android. The game is already through a giveaway to its player of 10000 USD. And they did it with the help of Advertising profit.

The game also has another giveaway, so you just need to attend those by having a ticket. The tokens can be owned by playing any game which is available in this app.

Remember one thing as much you gather receipts, the rate of winning one of those giveaways becomes higher. Your winning prize money is withdrawn with the PayPal account.

15. Achievement

If you are a fitness lover and you want to earn some extra cash with fun, then the achievement will be the app that is finding people like you. Now you may be thinking, how can you earn money through the app?

Well, you don’t need to do some arduous work. You need to download the app and take a walk—the account your every step. The steps count as your point. So when you hit the 10000 point milestone, you will get 10$ in your Paypal account. So I hope you will grab the app now – AndroidiOS.

16. Perk TV

It is one of the kinds of Swagbucks. That means you can do many more things to do like you can watch videos, Search on the web, Play different games, Submitting surveys, and lots of things to do here.

You can play videos and earn several points, but the noticeable item that can run background in your smart device so that you can acquire many points without outsourcing the issues could be withdrawn by PayPal or a gift card like Swagbucks.

It is one of the best cell phone apps that pay you to play games if anyone takes my perspective. 

17. CashCreate

Are you looking for a site that has to work with entertainment to gain money? Then the Cashcrate is for you. It is a survey site with games and many more other tasks, so you don’t get bored.

The SignUp system is also simple, and the Cashcrate is free. And you can cash out through PayPal Or a gift card. So you won’t miss anything with this site.

You can get the Unlimited survey option on their website; otherwise, they send you some survey submissions. 

18. HQ

The HQ is a Mobile Game Apps That Pay Real Money. You can test your IQ level through this game, and it’s too much fun to play. If you like IQ-type tasks to do and income some cash, then the HQ is for you.

You can find these apps in the Google Play Store and Apple app store. The task contains questions that need to answer under 10 seconds. Giving the right answer, you can get Cash instantly—the HQ app through some big event, where you can win a vast amount of price.

But first, you need to answer 12 questions; if you give the right answer, you would be the winner. But so many of the users provide the correct answer; then the system did a lottery with those winners and other selected winners.

You can withdraw the winning prize with PayPal or Bank transfer. The HQ also live to stream the game at a particular time in the app.

19. World winner

If you need a competitive gaming experience, the World winner will offer you that. The app gives you a chance to compete with other people with real money. Also, the app allows you to perform in a massive tournament that offers more Cash.

Not only that, this app provides you other types of games, also like a card game. It also provides Sports games, tactic games, and more. Mainly it’s a skilled gaming platform, so you never be tried to play games in this app.

You can deposit your cash minimum of 5 USD. If the World Winner comes in an app, it’s excellent apps that pay you to play games. But for now, It’s a website based gaming stage.

20. Toluna 

First, you need to sign up in the Toluca app to get access to these platforms. Then you can able to attend to the surveys. Toluna is quite famous for the survey of different subjects.

When you participate in a study and complete it, you can earn points. That can be redeemed, and you got some real cash hands on. Get the apps – Android | iOS.

21. Feature Point

It is one of my most favorite apps on this hole list. Why this app is my most favorite, let me describe it. The Feature point app introduces you to other apps, or you can say their partnered apps.

And By using them, you can get points. They also can be used for getting some paid games. The points can be turned into Cash when you redeemed them with PayPal or a gift card. 

This legit phone app is available in both iOS and Android. Do check that out.

22. Gamesville

Well, Gamesville is an online gaming website. Yeah, it’s not an app, But the offer you to earn some cash from here. The Gamesville UI is a bit different. When you play games or win or get a high score, the system gives you a point, which is called GV in-game.

You can use these GV for taking the PayPal cash or gift card. Now you can get this from any smart device browser. So the Gamesville is hassle-free, and you can earn with fun. 

 23. Survey on the go

That is also a survey app, but the app is pretty different from the other. The process of building your profile is straightforward. You can easily set up your profile and get into any survey. There are many types of surveys.

You can choose one, complete it and have some cash on your hand. You can give a review of the company product, or any streaming site video, and so on. Apps: AndroidiOS.

24. Cash pirate

Are you finding any android apps that pay you to play games? The CashPirate will be the best buddy for you. You can get several things to do here. Like Swagbucks, you can get here so many things, including the survey.

So you can earn here full of enjoyment. And you can get some bucks while logging in or registering for the first time.

 25. Gift panda

If you use the cash pirate and enjoy it, then the gift panda will probably admire it. Cause the same company designed the gift panda so you might also like the app.

The app has different variants of games and offers, referrals surveys, and a lot of exciting tasks. You can earn with full joy and without tension.

26. App karma

This app is quite famous online; you may hear the name of this app. Cause the app got a massive number of installers. And it also earned 300,00 of 4.7 reviews out of 5. So it is a great site.

You can play games, quick quiz achievements, badges referral, get a percentage from your friend’s earnings, and the rest. So the main thing is if you invest time here then the flow of money will rise soon.

27. Cashout

The Cash-out is also a high demandable app that gives you so many options for earning. It also gets the same rating as the previous one does.

You will see the same features as playing games, Submitting surveys, getting referrals, making watch videos, getting offers, et cetera. You fell in love with this app. Sodo checks out the app in the app store in iOS and google play store for android.

28. Make money 

This listed app is so highly rated, and the most liked app in the play store. The app also likes its predecessor.

The app has standard features, including playing games, doing surveys, et cetera. NO worries about the cashout; you will get the gift card and Payal feature also.

29. Appman

With 4.5 ratings and close to 600K reviews, the Appman is an absolute competitor. Through this app, you can earn money by inviting your friends and playing some phone games.

So if you are interested in making money online, you can then; please try the app and hope you may like it and earn some bucks.

End Talk

People asking that “are there any real apps that pay you to play games?”. But the answer will be yes, some apps give you real money and many more offers.

A few apps constrain many other things like the survey, competition, lottery, and so on. Even it could help with your daily shopping and save an amount of Cash too. So you folks can earn money through the app.

This article suggests the best reliable and legit app legit apps that pay you to play games and other activities. Also, I explain some other beneficial sites that too legit you can get real money from them. So try them again. 

Apps that pay you to play games FAQs:

What apps pay you real money to play games?

There are six apps available that can pay you real money. These six apps are Swagbucks, Mistplay, My point, Publisher, long game, and the giving. They pay you the real money, and you can get the money by PayPal gift card, bank deposit, et cetera.

What apps pay you instantly?

There plenty of apps are available, which can pay you instantly through PayPal. Like you earn some bucks now, moments come that you need the Cash immediately. Some apps have the ability and are – Uber, Lyft, Earnin, Gigwalk, InstaGC, DoorDash, and Qmee.

How can I get free money instantly? 

You can get a few bucks free when you started in some apps. If you use any user referral, you get a bonus, and then if you complete your profile, you can get some compensation. Also, you can attend some surveys to get some free cash. And the survey doesn’t require any skill, so you can again do that.

Are apps that pay you to play games legit?

In the following article, I’m trying to explain Those apps that pay you to play games are legit. These apps give you a chance to earn a sanctioned amount of Cash by playing games, attending surveys,s and some other activities. So you can follow the article to start your first making through apps.

What is the best app to play to win real money?

There are a few apps that can pay you real money. Mistplay is one of the android apps that pay you to play games; You can also see Lucktastic, which is also one of the rated apps and pays you to play games. By following this article, you will know more about those apps that pay you to play games

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