Beauty treatments that should be avoided in summer

Beauty treatments
Beauty treatments

Many things can be done in the summer to damage the skin.

As a consequence, it’s crucial to remain aware of this.

There are quite a variety of cosmetic procedures that can be performed in the summer, as per a study reported on a beauty official site.

‘Laser Hair Removal: This method uses ‘laser’ on the skin melanin or hair dye. If the skin is sunburned and laser light is used there, there is a possibility of further burns.

‘Threading’: ‘Threading’ causes friction on the skin and removal of hair from the ankles causes burning and discomfort. And sweat makes this situation worse. So in summer, you can skip ‘threading’ instead of using Shawn or ‘waxing’ sugar.

Pedicure and manicure: It is better not to do pedicure and manicure frequently in summer. At this time the toenails are fairly clean. Frequent nail cleaning can cause sores. As a consequence, infections and allergies become more likely. Additionally, leading to prolonged sweating in the sun, the degree of contamination can be high.

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