Black Fungus Important To Know in 2021

Corona was later reported to be infected with black fungus. Meanwhile, there have been so many reports of black fungus infectious disease and demise. 

Although it has not spread in North America, corona as well as the black fungus is taking a deadly shape in India.

First, Find Out What Is Black Fungus?

In medical terms, this disease is called mucormycosis. This fungus nests in the body when the body has low immunity. 

Corona victims’ immunity declines if they remain in the ICU for an extended period of time or use steroids excessively. Black fungus is invading the body in this situation.

It is learned that the fungus has been infected in large quantities in the people of Karana so far. 

The virus enters the mouth like a corona. So everyone should keep the mouth germ-free. 

Doctors believe that people with cancer and diabetes are at higher risk of contracting BRAC fungus.

It’s not just that the disease will take root in the patient’s body. This is a rare infection. 

According to various studies, before the spread of coronavirus, black fungus infection could be seen in one in a million people. 

The mortality rate from this disease is quite high. Doctors say it is close to 50 percent.

Why is this virus becoming so terrible? According to Indian ENT doctor Chirjit Dutt, we always have about 2500 germs in our mouths. We adapt to them very easily. 

Those whose body’s immunity is already low; are the most affected by fungal infections like black fungus.

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Symptoms Of Black Fungus Infection

Black fungus infections mainly spread to the sinuses, brain, and lungs. 

Even so, this has been found in some situations to damage the esophagus, scalp, as well as other organs. 

Black spots on the nose, difficulty seeing, stuffy nose, runny nose are all symptoms of this disease.

Dark phlegm comes out through the nose. The inside of the nose turns black. Pain in face and cheeks. 

In some cases, all those parts become numb. Chest pain and difficulty breathing can arise if the virus spreads further.

According to experts, everyone should remember some general rules to avoid infection with this type of fungus.

Black fungus infection can be avoided by following a few simple rules.

It is important to brush your teeth twice a day, rinse your mouthwash twice, and take care not to dry your mouth. 

Once the mouth is dry, you should drink a little water. Even those with poor immunity must be extra cautious.

Source: Times of India / India Times

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