The greatness and humility of Bobby Bowden: a tribute to a life of distinguished accomplishments

During the early hours of Sunday morning, Bobby Bowden, former head coach of FSU football, passed away.

A couple of weeks ago, it was likely to arrive sooner rather than later, but writing this is still not an easy task.

A great coach, Coach Bowden is undoubtedly the greatest coach in football history. Despite this, the reports I read over the weekend and the past few weeks tell me he was a man who was better a coach than a man.

I wondered what more I could add to the conversation after learning the news. As a former player, I’ve heard so many stories that I find it difficult to organize them all in my brain.

This morning, I was sitting in church contemplating life as a whole and how short it is (no doubt where Coach Bowden would be if able).

When I began reading the tributes made by former players and coaches, I was moved to tears. He has impacted so many people in this world, and this is just a fraction of them. I believe that Bobby Bowden never said a bad word in his 91 years on earth.

Despite his greatness, he still endured incredible losses. While he won two national championships and was within reach of several more, he never let the possible triumphs define his legacy. The accomplishments of his players were always credited to him as a coach.

This morning, I was sitting in church and thought to myself. Coach Bowden’s former players today and in the past have shown his respect to him as my children will for me after I am gone.

As first-time coach Mike Norvell put it, Coach Bowden mentioned this when they met in 2020. How would we live our lives if we believed in the same thing Coach Bowden thought? Without such a system, the world would be a better place. Dadgummit heaven has gained an angel today while we lost the GOAT of FSU.

Thank you for your service, Coach Bowden.

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