Earn One Hundred Dollars a Month, 10 Best Real Quick Strategy

Do you want to earn one hundred dollars a month? Money is the only that can change your life and capable of bringing you from back from a difficult life to ease. You can resolve your issues of pay off debts, able to save payment for travel broadly, and can meet your daily living expenses modestly.

If you are making $24000-$36000 per year besides your current job, then you can only use your side gig for earning and can quiet your other source of income. If you are collecting one hundred dollars a month, then you are living a comfortable life.

But “how can I make a hundred dollars per month”? It seems to be a difficult task because work hard sometimes does not bring fruitful results. There are several different ways and sites where you can work online or offline to earn something big every month. Here are the success stories of most of the people who are making $100 a month.

Ten Ways to Earn $100 a Month:


If you are looking for ways to make easy cash, then here are ten several ways to make one hundred dollars a month by doing some easy online jobs.

1. Get paid to the company:

Those were the old and long days when the companies put the ad on Google and wait for when you purchase from them. Now the companies have found the strategy for this problem. Nowadays, companies are compliant to pay you money for shopping with them. It is because you prefer their company instead of buying from competitors.

Which companies are these, and why are they paying money for shopping? These are not your mom and pops shop, but you should be familiar with the Amazon, Nike, and several other countless. If you are shopping with them, then why not you should take advantage of it? You can get cash back by shopping with Ibotta, but make sure that companies are giving back your money.

  • Earn money through usual purchases
  • You can get cash back easily
  • You are not able to receive cashback if you prefer their competitors

2. Blog writing

There are several ways to monetize a blog because it seems to be an easy way to make “$100 a month”. To do this, you have to choose a niche in which you have an interest because you have to write a lot of content. Another way for a money-making website is to have the use of AdSense. You have to decide to choose the keyword and replace PPC in ads to improve your rating through a click.

You can also get a high ranking by adding information about affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing link on your blog. You can get a full guide by having a look at Michelle-Schroeder-Gardner, who earns $50k a month and Spencer’s guide who can guide you on how to start a blog.

  • You can get an opportunity to write unlimited
  • Comments to readers will help you to improve your content
  • Require more time to establish

3. Offline/Online Tuition

If you are a college-level student, then you have a demand for knowledge, and you can use it in a way by giving tuition to high school-aged kids. It is an adorable way to get benefit from your deep sea of knowledge. Parents of struggling students prefer college students to tutor their children.

So, you should provide your services at those places where you are sure, you can get suitable home tuition. You can also look for giving online tuition classes for students. It can a huge source to earn one hundred dollars a month.

  • Saves your time
  • Online tuition prevents you from the struggle of going out
  • You may find a difficulty of getting students

4. Sell your stuff

If you are carrying too much extra stuff or things, then you must think to get rid of it. You can sell your extra clothes, shoes, college books, video games, CDs, DVDs on Amazon. You can earn one hundred dollars a month by selling your junk and doing buy-selling business ordering online as a part-time job.

  • Helpful to provide you enough space
  • Can get extra commission
  • May require a lot of time discussion for selling junk

5. Sell other’s junk

If you are good at selling and able to sell junk at pretty prices, then you can hold other people’s contracts for selling goods. You have to draw a contract with your client first that if you successfully sold all the junks or unnecessary items, then you would be able to receive a commission.

You can try this by selling the items of your friends and family and later on you can provide your services to region people.

  • Interaction with society or people
  • Beneficial in helping you making money
  • You may face the difficulty of getting contracts or clients

6. Google AdSense

It is an income coming strategy in which you have to sign up at your website, Google provides you ads, and you have to copy or post the code of that ad on your website, that Google grants you. From here, Google does rest, and you get paid by Google when someone clicks the ads, view ads, and makes a purchase through your reference.

By doing this, you can get the first payment of $100 after a month. But after this period, you can get regularly one hundred dollars a month even more. Here is the step by step guide.

  • You can earn more than a $100 per month
  • Less time taking
  • Different niches may require a different period to pay off for your ads

7. Text link

It considered being a strategy to earn online without doing any struggle. You are wondering to know about what text links are, then go to Google and search any article. You will find a highlighted word there. After a click at this word, it will take you to another webpage.

There are thousands of companies who are willing to pay one hundred dollars a month if your website is good quality then $200, $1000, or even more just for inserting a link of their website into your website. But selling text links on your blog is against Google terms and conditions. By violating the rules, your website may be blocked by Google sometime. You can do it once only, but if you do it again and again, then you have to regret it.

  • You can get a lot of money without any struggle or investment
  • Saves time
  • Illegal to Google rules and regulations

8. Sponsored posts

There are a lot of companies that pay you to talk about their stocks and services on your website. These are called sponsored posts. You can earn $100, $200 easily by one sponsored post. Most of the bloggers who are experts can earn $3000 per month. But few blogs with enough traffic can earn $20,000 per month.

  • Easy to get money
  • No hard work
  • Promoting anything that does not follow your value can affect your website ratings

9. Affiliate Marketing

It can increase an adorable surge in the amount in your account. Type of affiliate marketing varies depending on the niche that you are following. There have a huge number of companies on the affiliate marketplaces that pay you $100 for a single conversion. So, If you can one conversion in a month, obviously you can earn one hundred dollars a month easily. There are a lot of bloggers who earn $10,000 per month through affiliate marketing.

  • Easy to make money without investment
  • Less struggle is required
  • Most of the bloggers do not have any sense of affiliate marketing.

10. Freelance writing

It is a significant platform for earning online. It is beneficial if you do not want to do another work. The freelance market provides you an opportunity to write for different websites. You can earn $20-$100 per article, but it depends upon your writing skills. So, to make one hundred dollars a month by writing a job is much easier than other online jobs.

There are a lot of freelancers who are earning six figures per year. Holly Johnson is a freelance writer who is earning $200,000 per year. He also provides a guideline for new freelancers.

  • No need to go anywhere from home
  • No time matters
  • You may face health issues

Benefit & Disadvantages of these type of jobs:

  • You can meet your expenses easily
  • Helpful in resolving all your money issues
  • Provides an opportunity for students to solve the fee issue by doing part-time work
  • By earning one hundred dollars a month, you can set up a plan for summer vacations to de-stress yourself.
  • You can cope up with emergencies
  • Sitting the whole day in front of a screen can affect your eyesight
  • You can bound at a place, as you do not find any time to go out.
  • You can face many health issues, such as pain in the backbone.
  • Least interaction with society and relatives
  • Have many chances to get a fight with a partner due to not giving proper time

Success Story:

One Hundred Dollars a Month Payment Proof
One Hundred Dollars a Month Payment Proof

Here is the inspiring and successive story of Andrian, who is a Five Figure Niche locality student. He lived in Romania and left his country about 15 years ago. He preferred to live in Spain for ten years and move to London for about six years ago. In London, he is working under a construction company where he subcontracts lifting, lifts heavy objects, and all that essence.

This work look likes playing with toys for big boys. He just crossed a hundred-dollar mark. It is motivating in the sense that he took his first Niche project about one year ago and decided to be a success story and become an inspiration for other students. Andrian had great luck with his first site so that he has almost 14 or 15 pieces of content, which make him able to earn $100 mark.

His success story started in July of 2016 when he earned $103 for the first time. Today he checked his statistics that are about 60-70 people daily coming at his website. He didn’t believe that it will work. The graph for his earning increased steadily, including almost 2000 people per month, which is a great success.

This success story is astounding, although it took time to become famous, it encouraged the students and to all those who decided to make money fast. After increasing the graph of his earning, he was committed to publishing his success story and let the world know about making money legally online.

From the last one and a half years, Andrian is spending 12 hours of his life with the family and cranes. He preferred to give a little bit of time to his website as well, which is leading him to success. Andrian started his work at his website just by following tutorials at YouTube and by watching videos of his partner Alex.

After his website, he adapted to work with the Keyword Golden Ratio System. Most of his posts are ranking on the first page of Google just because following the Ratio System, in which he added keywords in his content and edit the article in the beautiful format, you know what Google likes much.

Moreover, he added YouTube videos, media, and keywords some at the beginning and some in the end, by following the process step by step. Andrian also does SEO plugin content and link building stuff. So, his purpose of making “one hundred dollars a month” enrich from bottom to top.

The success story of Andrian tells that this is not the “get rich overnight” process, but it takes a long time for completion and dedication. But there is a guarantee of earning sooner or later. And this story of success also is an inspiring moment for those who do a regular job from dawn to dusk and fed up from small income at the end of the month, which is not enough to meet a lot of expenses.


How can I earn $100 a month?

You can earn $100 a month by doing a tutor, selling photos, writing, selling junk, affiliate marketing, and Google AdSense.

How can I make one hundred dollars a month?

You can earn $100 online by doing online surveys, by selling leads, digital products, YouTube channels and videos, Freelancing, and Text links, etc.

How can I make $100 a day?

You can earn $100 a day through sponsored posts, text links, Google AdSense, blog writing, tutor, and babysitting, etc.

How can I make $500 a month?

You can make $500 a month by sharing your views on Netflix, Real estate, playing with cranes, work under the construction industry, and through cashback apps.


To earn money and become rich is the wish of everyone nowadays. But making money online is not a big deal in this modern age due to the advancement of technology. You can find several ways where you can earn quickly without the struggle of going out. It helps save your time and wastage of money in an investment.

But due to making money, you may have to face various health issues. It includes eyesight and backbone problems. By earning “$100 a month”, you can make your life to some extent. You can set a comfortable life, for you and your family.

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