Fix Microphone Level Stuck at 0: [Solution and Guide Here]

Fix Microphone Level Stuck at 0 issues easily with a few steps. Here I have been solved the problem and gave some important tricks to avoid this kind of issue.

Numerous issues are reported by users regarding the malfunctioning of the microphone in their devices. Most of them include PC users. A common concern is the microphone level constantly dropping to 0.

However, sometimes it happens because of malware within the device itself. The deficient working of a microphone is a mixed result of faults occurring in the hardware as well as the software.

The core problems about the volume levels of a microphone are given below:

Before we Fix Microphone Level Stuck at 0 error, we should know few things are given below:

  • The level keeps resetting itself to 0. This is often seen within Windows 10. It could be occurring due to malware.
  • Switching off the default mode: The PC is wired in a way that it always sets a particular range and sticks to it to maintain a standard range of volume. To fix this issue, you may alter the settings.
  • In some cases, the microphone attains the mute mode.
  • The volume of the microphone going down: This is mainly a tiresome and inconvenient issue reported by users.  This could be improved by making changes in the microphone settings.
  • The automatic lowering of volume: Faults in the audio control software promote the sudden lowering of volume. The elimination of the software is the solution to this problem.

Resolving the Microphone Level Stuck at 0 issue:

If you are a PC user facing the Microphone Level Stuck at 0 issues, here are a combination of both software and hardware related methods to perform to resolve them:

1. The primary thing is to check the hardware issue:

Before concluding it to be a faulty microphone, you should make sure no errors are occurring in the hardware of the device. To be sure, you can eject your microphone from your PC and insert it into a new device, if it works just fine that means the problem lies within your device, and if not then you probably get a new audio-recording piece for the hardware.

2. The second integral part of the system to check is the ‘driver’:

There are slim chances that the reason your volume drops to 0 all the time is because of a defective driver. In such cases, the driver requires proper repair.

It may occur that the driver could be outdated. If you possess a significant amount of know-how, you can repair the driver manually.

This is a difficult process and you should know the model of your microphone in great depth to be able to fix it successfully. The process also demands a heavy amount of research and the website of your supplier should be a good start for your research.

Also, keep in mind not to end up installing the wrong software as this might cause more damages.

3. Terminating the control of third-party applications:

This factor is the most neglected one but could be a strong reason for the malfunction occurring. To avoid this,

  • Click on “Start menu” >> select >> “control panel tab”. It can also be approached by simply pressing the key of the Windows logo + S shortcut.
  • After selecting the control panel option, opt for the Sound option.
  • Now, make your way to the Recording tab.
  • Once you spot your microphone, click twice on it.
  • Uncheck the option >> Allow applications >> take exclusive control of this device’ present in the Advanced tab.
  • Press the “Apply button” and then on “OK” to save the alterations you make.

4. Make use of Audio Troubleshooter by Windows:

Many effective features are provided by the developers of Windows that can help solve errors or problems arising within the software. One such pragmatic feature is the ‘Audio Troubleshooter’. To access this feature,

  • Open troubleshoot with the help of Search. In its window, select Hardware and Devices situated in the left pane.
  • You will now see a run of the troubleshooting option. Click on it.
  • Read the instructions given on the screen and act accordingly.
  • The Wizard will, then, scan your device. A systematic judgment will be provided by the troubleshooter once it figures out the Fix Microphone Level Stuck at 0 Issue.

5. In some situations:

It is mandatory to check if the default recording device is the microphone or not. This setting could also create disturbance in the device. The following steps should be followed to do the respective default setting:

  • Select the volume control icon by clicking right. Next, tap on the option of recording devices from the displayed menu.
  • You will notice all the devices on the screen. If a microphone belonging to some other external device is selected, disable it.
  • Find your way to the concerned microphone and do not forget to enable it. Click on the option Set as Default Device after a right-click.
  • Save your changes.

6. Changing the port connected to your microphone:

When a USB microphone is concerned, the culprit is the port for the volume reaching down to 0. For this, you are required to unplug your device and plug it in with another port.

According to the feedback provided, users stopped experiencing problems after switching their USB 3.0 port to a USB 2.0 port.

7. You must also perform a detailed check-up of your PC:

To detect existing malware. If there is one, it not only affects the microphone but it could seriously affect other software systems too.

To safely eliminate malware, you can consider using anti-virus applications that offer tools to examine the malware. Here are the names of the applications:

  • Bitdefender
  • AVG AntiVirus Free
  • Panda Antivirus
  • Bullguard
  • Kaspersky
  • Avira
  • Avast Antivirus

8. Getting rid of audio control software:

This is a vital feature designed for the device but it often hinders the functioning of the microphone. You can solve this issue by uninstalling this feature from your device. The method is given below:

  • Go for the option of Control Panel in the Start menu.
  • Next, choose programs and go for Programs and Features.
  • Click on uninstall after selecting the software.
  • Sit back till your device finishes the process of uninstallation.
  • Once the software is uninstalled, you should restart your device and check whether the microphone is working or not.

I explained and gave almost all the solutions in this tutorial to Fix Microphone Level Stuck at 0 problem.

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