What is Four Hands Massage? Unknown Info You Should Know In 2021

Four Hands Massage is a system of massage developed by the Swedish massage therapist Ola Dahlberg. 

Four Hands massage is a blend of Swedish and Eastern treatments and can help to relieve stress, tension, and muscle pain. 

This is done by pressing the pressure points of the hands and thumbs in specific directions to induce relaxation. 

It is said to help relieve chronic pain to relax and can be done during the day when you are on the go. 

Four Hands Massage uses the thumb for its pressure points.

The thumb has five layers, and pressure should be directed through the top three layers. 

The deeper the pressure, the better. A deeper pressure helps to release pressure points, as well as to improve circulation.

It’s the most important part of the massage.

Why Does Four Hands Massage Work?

Four Hands massage, also known as ‘thumbs massage,’ uses the thumb as the key component. 

Ola Dahlberg, the creator of Four Hands, is a Swedish massage therapist who practices both Swedish massage and Four Hands Massage.

In addition to her massage therapy work, Ola is also an author and has worked with many leading figures worldwide. 

She has created a system of massage that can help to relax a person with any of the following:

  1. Muscle tension
  1. Stress
  1. Chronic pain
  1. Poor circulation

She teaches classes throughout the world. She is an authority on the practice and an expert on the anatomy of the thumb.

Four Hands massage has been around since the 1920s, when Ola Dahlberg invented it. 

In addition to being a massage therapist, she also created an amazing Four Hands massage technique for self-massage and partner massage.

Four Hands massage is a simple system for the hands that can be done for anyone. It can be used to relax a person both physically and emotionally.

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How Does the Four Hands Technique Work?

First, you have to position the therapist. The client places their hand’s palm upon their stomach. 

Then the therapist places their thumb on top of the client’s hand and their index and middle fingers on top of the thumb.

Next, the therapist’s hands slide down the back of the client’s hands and their fingers spread out to fill the spaces between the knuckles.

The hand movements of the therapist are much more precise than other types of massage. That’s because this is a very sensitive technique. 

The therapist only needs to feel the pressure points on the hands to know where to place the thumb, fingers, and hand.

During the massage, the therapist moves their hands slowly across the top of the hand in a circular and linear motion.

The Four Hands technique is all about giving more pleasure to the client while relaxing their mind and body. It’s the only massage technique to use this method.

The combination of these movements gives the client more physical relaxation than the standard hand or foot massage. For mental relaxation, it’s even better.

How Long Does the Four Hands Massage Last?

It’s hard to predict the time length of a Four Hands Massage. It depends on how relaxed the client wants to be after the massage. There is no set time. The whole procedure is a process of exploration.

The client gets to decide how much time they want the massage to last. Some clients like to take part in the entire process, while others want a quick foot massage.

When the client has finished, they can decide to go back for another session or stop after the first one.

The session that you and the client have will probably differ. That’s because the technique of each massage session has a different goal.

Four Hands Massage – How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on which package you choose for a Four Hands massage. The sessions in a package will start from $60 per person.

If the packages are a set of one-hour massage sessions, then they’ll cost around $60. 

If they are a set of three-hour massage sessions, then they’ll cost around $125. 

If they are a set of 5-hour massage sessions, then they’ll cost around $165.

The package prices vary depending on the number of sessions and whether the package is for the hand or foot massage. 

For example, a hand and foot massage package will have a higher price than a foot massage only package.

In general, a Two Hands massage session will cost around $75. A three-hand massage session will cost around $100.

Do the Four Hands Massage Hurt?

In general, you can do a four-hand massage as long as you get permission from your client. However, a four-hand massage is not a one-hour massage session.

It’s a four-hour session.

Therefore, you can not feel every point if you do a 4-hand massage in a single session.

That’s the reason why you’ll get your first two-hand massage and then finish the session.

Another reason why you’ll finish the session before your client has finished the four-hand massage is that you’ll be busy applying the oil to your client.

And you’ll need to take breaks to clean your equipment and yourself.

Do Four Hands Massage Leave You With Scars?

When the client has finished the four-hand massage, they can leave with smooth skin. However, you might have scars left on your hands.

That is because you’ll need to use a lot of oil to spread on the different points.

When you do that, you’ll rub your hands against the skin.

Eventually, you’ll make scars on your hands.

If you have strong skin, that scar might heal in a few days. However, you should visit your doctor for a few days if you have sensitive skin in most cases.

Do Four Hands Massage Help You Get Bigger Breasts?

In general, a woman has natural boobs.

But, if you do a four-hand massage, you can gain bigger breasts.

Some women have gained two cup size breasts after doing a four-hand massage.

You can do it with a friend. It’s not a one-time message. You can do the massages every day.

It’s all about a combination of oil and massage movements.

Don’t make sure your hands are soft. Use a rough surface to massage your breasts. If you have sensitive breasts, it’s better to use foam.

And if you do need to massage your breasts, put your hands on your boobs and move them upwards and downwards.

A fuller breast shape can be achieved by using it.

Do Four Hands Massage Give You Sweaty Tits?

Many women are afraid to perform a four-hand massage.


Because of a fear of sweating, if you sweat a lot, you might get dark skin, and you’ll need to spend a long time to make your skin clear again.

The four-hand massage works great for your breasts. You don’t need to sweat to do that.

Massage oil simply needs to be used. If you don’t sweat a lot, it doesn’t matter if you’re sweating a lot.

This massage technique is suitable for all people.

If you don’t want to be sweaty, use oil-based massage creams and do it regularly. 

If you’re afraid of getting sweaty, just put on a cotton dress and cover your breasts.

If you have concerns about using oil-based massage cream, you can use a massage cream and use your hands to massage.

What are the benefits of Four Hands Massage?

This technique is suitable for any woman who wants to increase her breast size. 

But keep in mind, if you can see your breasts before and after the massage, you know how effective this massage is.

After following the instructions and doing it every day for one month, the result will be evident.

There are some things you can do to improve the effectiveness of the result.

Use a high-quality massage oil. The quality of the massage oil is really important for this massage technique.

Please don’t do it when you’re tired or when you have anxiety. Doing this massage technique when you’re tired may not produce the best results.

Please don’t do it when you’re anxious or angry. Because you do this massage technique when you’re irritated, your boobs are more likely to fall.

Four Hands Massage: What is its History?

The first documented mention of four-hand massage therapy is credited to ancient Greek physiologist and philosopher Aristotle in his De Motu Animalium (On Animal Motion), written around 350 B.C. 

In the 1800s, four-hand massage received greater scientific and clinical attention due to the pioneering work of Swiss-German doctor Felix Martius, who introduced his form of the four-hand technique in 1855.

The first documented mention of four-hand massage therapy is credited to ancient Greek physiologist and philosopher Aristotle in his De Motu Animalium (On Animal Motion), written around 350 B.C. 

In the 1800s, four-hand massage received greater scientific and clinical attention due to the pioneering work of Swiss-German doctor Felix Martius, who introduced his form of the four-hand technique in 1855. 

A few years later, three-hand massage developed further with the publication of the work of German physician Carl Bohn in 1869, which was based on a French version he had published in 1862. 

It is believed that this early form of massage therapy was also practiced in China by the early Buddhist yogis.

In the 1870s, Carl Bohn published his four-hand therapy in its definitive form, based on his earlier work, which stated: “The four hands, of equal pressure and velocity, should be pressed into the abdomen and lower abdomen as well as onto the muscles and organs that are to be affected. 

The muscles mustn’t be irritated. The pressure should not be too long. 

The hand is moved in a back and forth motion of the same velocity, in opposite directions over the same area. 

The movement should be repeated until the body is relaxed. Similarly, the head and chest should be stressed.”

Bohn also recommended that massage be carried out with the “eyes wide open and looking into the person being treated” and that “a light pressure” should be applied. 

He added, “The movement and the hands must be of equal velocity, of which there are different rates. You must convey the message for two or three hours.”

When Carl Bohn’s work was translated into English in 1885, the British Medical Association accepted the form of four-hand massage. However, later, the method was redefined and standardized by a British Physiotherapy Committee in 1896.

The first scientific studies on applying four-hand massage to treat asthma, heart disease, obesity, and chronic pain were published in the late 1930s.

The British Physiotherapy Association’s first publication on the efficacy of four-hand massage in chronic pain was published in 1972 by Dr. C. M. S. Hales.

The first study of the efficacy of four-hand massage in asthma and chronic pain was published in 1977 by the Journal of the Medical Society of South Carolina. 

Study participants were assigned either to receive massages or sham massages at three community hospitals. 

The results showed that in 75% of patients in the massage group, their pain levels were significantly decreased by the first treatment, and in 86% of patients, a greater than 50% reduction was achieved. 

Despite the fact they are mentioned in the text, this study by Hays and colleagues was not published in a mainstream medical journal until 1979, as the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Studies carried out by Dr. Hales and colleagues at the Royal College of Surgeons at the University of Cambridge in 1986 and 1987 used two-handed massage and four-hand massage, respectively, to treat chronic pain

The first study, published in Pain Management Nursing in 1988, demonstrated the success of two-handed massage. 

Dr. Hales and colleagues used a four-hand massage protocol in a second study published in 1989 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 

Researchers in a journal of obscure repute published a study that showed positive results with four-hand massage and recommended that four-hand massage be included in the protocols for treating patients with chronic pain.

The first publication to address the benefits of four-hand massage was in the Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1998. 

In an article published by Dr. Hales and colleagues titled “Evidence-based Medicine: A New Era for Physical Therapy,” the authors reviewed the relevant literature regarding four-hand massage and outlined the current state of physical therapy practice in treating chronic pain.

Dr. Hales is the founder of HealthWorld International, a multi-disciplinary firm providing four-hand massage services to patients with chronic pain and other patients. 

HealthWorld now boasts a network of 11 locations and employs more than 200 physical therapists and massage therapists.

What are your thoughts on Four Hands Massage?

Do you want to try this massage technique and find if it’s effective for you?

Are you concerned about the same things that I am concerned about?

Whatever your opinion, share your thoughts regarding Four Hands Massage in the comment section.

If you have any doubts about the Four Hands Massage technique, you’re welcome to share it with me in the comment section below.


What is the other name of Four-handed massage called?

Known as duo massage, four-handed massage involves two therapists working on you simultaneously so that their movements mirror each other. The same massage is performed simultaneously on both your legs or arms, for example. Alternatively, one therapist might work on your left side while the other works on your right side.

Is there a place for private parts to be massaged as part of a full-body massage?

Massage of the neck, back, stomach, hands, feet, and arms usually forms part of a full-body massage. Usually, the breasts themselves are not massaged, but the area surrounding the breasts is. Most of you remain covered every time you receive a full-body massage.

How does a Chinese massage table shower work?

Asian table showers and other spa treatments involve lying on a table under a shower. Relaxation and tension are its primary goals, but it is also beneficial for cleansing the skin and opening the pores. Many spas also offer other treatments, such as salt scrubs, along with Asian table showers.

Can you get a massage while wearing clothes?

ALL clothing removals must be optional. Ultimately, you must decide whether to remove your clothing. Not your massage therapist defines your comfort; you do. It is generally recommended that clients remove clothing that could interfere with skin-to-skin contact during massage treatments.

Do happy endings count as legal?

Exactly as it sounds, a “happy ending” involves the client experiencing an orgasm at the end of the massage, courtesy of the masseuse. Although happy ending massages are illegal in the United States, they are legal in Australia and many other places.

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