10 Best Free ESL Classes Near Me: English as a Second Language

So many people are searching Free ESL Classes Near Me in the USA and worldwide. To set their career abroad must need to know the international language.

English as a second language can be considered one of the most popular and one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.

It is spoken in almost every country to a certain extent and is the first language that we think of when we are trying to communicate with someone from a different country with a different national language.

The native language of the United Kingdom, English has secured a very important position in the world and is needed to smoothly communicate even at the macro level. It is required to conduct international business, politics, etc.

Thus, having a good knowledge of the language certainly puts you in an advantageous position.

If English is your second language and you do not possess a good grasp over the language, oftentimes you are put into embarrassing/uncomfortable situations.

Thus, through this article, we tell you about certain classes/courses that you can join to improve your hold upon the language.

There are classes designed specifically for the people whose mother tongue or native language may not be English. These are called English as a second language or ESL classes.

In this article, we give you detailed information about various ESL classes/courses in the different states in the USA. We will give you an idea of what is taught in these classes, the joining procedure, etc.

We also answer certain frequently asked questions towards the end of the article. Read on to know more about the same.

10 Best “Free ESL Classes Near Me” in the USA:

1. ESL class in New York:

The Cope institute in New York City, NY is a great option for someone who is looking for free English speaking classes and lives in New York City.

The Cope institute is a great institute to enroll yourself in if you want to learn Basic English speaking skills fast and efficiently and avoid problems in conversing with certain people.

They have intensive evening classes and to know their timings and the schedule of classes on days of the week that suit you, you simply need to contact them on their contact number on Facebook.

You can also reach out to them on Facebook itself by dropping in a message. Thus, if you live in New York City and are looking for free ESL classes near you, then you should be reaching out to the Cope Institute.

2. ESL class in California:

The English Language Centre in Santa Rosa, California is a college that offers an ESL course. They make learning English easy and fun.

It is located in a vibrant place and thus its students not only learn English but also get to experience urban life and grow themselves as people. Santa Rosa is a vibrant city in itself and offers many opportunities to anyone who visits it.

The institute also has forty clubs that the students may join if they so wish. Since this is a college, there are also other degrees offered here and the ESL students get to interact with many different kinds of people pursuing various degrees.

They also have full access to a library with books on many subjects. Thus, this is not simply a place to learn better English but also a place to grow yourself in many other areas. Be it through interacting with other people or making optimum use of the library.

To know more about their course, class timings, etc. you can go to their website – els.edu and get a detailed idea of what this college is about.

You can also call them on the numbers mentioned on their website if you want to interact with them. Therefore, if you are in the vicinity and want a good English learning experience, this is the place for you.

3. ESL classes in Florida:

The Tampa Language Centre in Tampa, Florida is a great place to be at if learning English is your aim. It offers you the perfect opportunities for you to be able to learn English with efficiency.

The Tampa Language Centre has a great faculty that is praised by everyone who has graduated from one of their classes.

At the Tampa Language Centre, the teachers are dedicated to what they do and will make sure you have all the knowledge and information that you need.

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Tampa is a great place to be and if you want a fun English learning experience then Tampa Learning Centre is a great place to be. You can enroll in their classes through their website – tampalanguagecentre.com.

If you have any questions/inquiries about the course and its timings then you can chat with them on their website via the instant messaging facility or contact them on WhatsApp.

They are also offering some discounts so now would be a great time to enroll yourself for the ESL classes offered at Tampa Language Centre if you are looking for some ESL classes near you in Tampa, Florida.

4. ESL classes in Illinois:

The Intensive English Institute at Champaign, Illinois is a great institute to learn English written and spoken skills.

Under the University of Illinois, the Intensive English Institute trains its students thoroughly in various levels of English. There are Basic English classes as well as advanced English classes available at the Intensive English Institute and students may enroll themselves in the one that fits their needs.

They offer you 20+ hours of classes per week to help you reach your true potential and your goals. You can find them at- iei.illinois.edu and read up about their course, its requirements, and timings.

If you are in Champaign and are looking for ESL classes near you then you definitely will not be disappointed if you enroll yourself at the Intensive English Institute. They take great care of their students and offer them quality education.

The faculty is experienced, passionate, and helpful and makes sure you get an experience well worth your money as well as one that you will remember for a long time.

5. ESL classes in Philadelphia:

The Allegheny County Centre English in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia is a great option for ESL classes. It is a good place to get your English knowledge from if you are in the vicinity and need English classes.

They have classes of various levels from basic to advance. Not only English classes but the Allegheny County Centre English also conducts classes for other languages. The faculty is greatly helpful and experienced and makes sure you get the best experience possible.

The English classes that they offer are designed specifically for non-native English speakers and include lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Thus, if you are in Pittsburgh and are looking for ESL classes near you then the Allegheny County Centre may be worth checking out. To get more details about them and enroll yourself in one of the classes you can visit their website – alleghenycounty.us

6. ESL classes in Utah:

The English Language Institute at the University of Utah of English as second language classes to anyone that might be interested or need it. It is located in Salt Lake City in Utah and has a great course structure.

Salt Lake City is a great place to be and if you are looking for some ESL classes near you then this could very well be what you are looking for.

The institute offers its students the opportunity to learn English in a friendly and academic environment make friends and imbibe knowledge from everywhere.

If you are a non-American, then this might also be a fantastic opportunity for you to experience American culture and American Life. The Institute offers well-customized courses to every student and it is guaranteed that you will find what you are looking for here.

They have classes at every level and a well-experienced and passionate faculty that makes learning enjoyable. For more information and to enroll yourself in the course, you can visit their website – eli.utah.edu.

There is also an instant chatting facility available on their website and you can put forward any doubts/queries that you might have instantly and without any trouble.

7. ESL classes in Texas:

The Texas Intensive Program in Austin, Texas offers very good English as a second language course for non-native English speakers.

They not only hold physical classes but also have an online class facility for students around the globe. They have an experienced faculty and a great course structure.

You should check out the Intensive Program if you are in Austin and are looking for ESL classes near you. They pay great attention to student satisfaction and make sure that you are getting value for time and money.

It is an experience, learning English at the Intensive Program in Austin, Texas, one that you should be a part of. To know more about their course and enroll yourself for the same you can check out their website – tiec.org.

They have 30,000 students already enrolled and offer their services in 131 countries currently.

8. ESL classes in Washington:

The Kaplan International Languages or The Kaplan International School in Seattle, Washington is one of the best places to learn English from. Seattle is a fantastic place to be to experience America’s jazz culture and make the best of the Seattle Sea.

Kaplan International does not only provide a great educational experience but also makes sure you are having a good time. They offer English classes on many levels and have already had many students who graduate from their school.

There are only positive reviews to be heard about the Kaplan School with everyone praising the very helpful faculty and the perfect atmosphere for learning. Thus, if you are in Seattle or if you want to experience Seattle and need a place to learn English too then Kaplan International may be well worth checking out.

You can get more information about their courses, their timings, and the things that they cover on their website – kaplaninternational.com

9. ESL classes in Arizona:

The Arizona Language Centre located in Phoenix, Arizona offers a great course in English for beginners or English as second language classes.

They use internationally acclaimed communicative methods to teach English to their students and make sure that they have a good grasp of the language. They offer English classes in six levels covering various aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, speaking skills, etc.

Each class is for four weeks and once you complete one level you are promoted to the next level. There are group classes as well as private classes available depending on your choice and what you are comfortable with.

They have a good faculty who will help you throughout. To get an in-detail understanding of their course and its structure you can visit their website which is arizonalanguagecenter.com

10. ESL classes in Ohio:

The Intensive English Program offered in the language school in Dayton, Ohio is a great place to learn English.

They have an experienced, highly qualified faculty, and a great course structure. They cover different aspects of the language and have various classes for the same.

They welcome a diverse group of students and are an all-inclusive place. For more information about their course, you can check out their website – udayton.edu


We hope through this article we have been able to make clear what ESL classes are and also answer some frequently asked questions about the same.

We hope that you have the information you need to get yourself enrolled in one of these classes and start learning English now!


  • Can other courses along with the ESL course be pursued?

Ans. This differs from institute to institute but most places allow you to do other courses along with your ESL course.

  • How many levels are there in ESL classes?

Ans. Most commonly, there are three levels, which are basic, intermediate, and advanced, but some institutes offer more levels.

You typically need to appear for an exam at the end of each level to be promoted to the next level.

  • Will I get a certificate at the end of my ESL course?

Ans. Yes, most institutes do offer a certificate to mark the successful completion of your course. This serves as proof for you and you can produce it if you are asked for the same.

  • Are ESL classes really helpful?

Ans. Yes, ESL classes are quite helpful and help you to gain quite a good grasp of spoken as well as written English.

  • How long does it take to master English with the help of ESL classes?

Ans. To get a proper grasp over the language and master it, it usually takes 3 to 5 years according to a recent study. However, of course, it varies from individual to individual.

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