Head Acne: Top 10 The Best Measures You Need To Do

Head Acne
Head Acne

Are you searching for how to get rid of Head Acne quickly and effectively, then you come to the right place?

Is acne just on the face? Yes, in addition to the face, acne can also occur on different body parts such as the back, hands, or scalp. 

If you have acne on your scalp, it is challenging to cure. Since those pimples are covered in hair; So they do not want to fertilize easily.

In addition, if the scalp is oily, the incidence of acne can also increase. In addition, combing the hair can cause acne and cracks in the face, which tends to be painful. In addition, streaks and even blood may come out of them in some cases.

What causes acne? Acne can affect the scalp for a variety of reasons. 

And it’s like acne on the face. New York City dermatologist said. 

Blair Murphy-Rose said there are many oil glands on the scalp. In particular, the hair follicles or oil glands become closed due to the accumulation of dirt. This causes acne.

Acne mainly affects the scalp or back. Although small in size, this acne can be pretty painful. According to dermatologists, poor quality used cosmetics, accumulated dead cells, and oils can get stuck in the hair follicles and cause acne on the scalp.

What to do to solve Head Acne | Top 10 The Best Measures

>> Dr. advised using clearing shampoo once a week to reduce the tendency of acne on the scalp. Blair Murphy-Rose.

>> You can also use tea tree oil to prevent acne and bacterial growth and retain moisture in the scalp.

>> This expert has suggested the use of salicylic acid-rich cosmetics to reduce acne.

>> Keeping hair clean regularly helps prevent acne.

>> You can use activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar to control excess sebum and oil on the scalp. These absorb extra oil from the scalp and keep the pores clean.

>>Benzoyl peroxide-based products are effective for treating acne on the head. Expert assistance is required. Do not do that if you have acne on your head.

>> It is not right to touch acne in any situation. It makes the situation worse.

>> Excess oil on the head, spray, or styling gel – such cosmetics that can not be easily washed can not be used.

>> Stop using different hair cosmetics to reduce acne.

>> The scalp should be open. Therefore, do not use a tight and tight hat. This leads to the accumulation of sweat and bacteria and the tendency to acne.

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