How to Access GoDaddy Email – Step By Step Tutorial [July 2021]

Are you searching for How to Access GoDaddy Email? We have a detailed solution for How to Access GoDaddy Email. 

Use a windows desktop pc Internet browser, a smartphone browser, or the GoDaddy smartphone application to access GoDaddy’s Workspace Web-based mail server.

You can use the GoDaddy Web-based email program to verify email accounts connected with one or multiple of your GoDaddy-hosted domain names.

The GoDaddy smartphone application, which is designed for both Android and iOS platforms, allows you to synchronize your smartphone or tablet to your GoDaddy mail accounts in a safe manner.

Detailed Solution For How To Access Godaddy Email

Sign in to Godaddy Workspace Webmail
Sign in to Godaddy Workspace Webmail

You may also use your preferred email program to administer your GoDaddy mail accounts, including Outlook or Thunderbird.

Lastly, when signed in to your GoDaddy account dashboard, you may browse your email addresses.

Log In To My Mail Account And The Microsoft 365 Office Dashboard

To access your email tools and settings, log in to your Mail & Microsoft 365 Office Dashboard. And your Mail & Microsoft 365 Office Dashboard is where you can update passwords, establish nicknames, configure email on devices, & do other things.

Account holder

If you have a GoDaddy account or even have permission to one as a delegate, this pertains to you.

Once you’re logged in as a GoDaddy authorized person, then also can browse your Email and even Microsoft 365 Office Dashboard from the My Products webpage.


If you have a personal email but do not have accessibility to your GoDaddy user account, this pertains to you.

If you’re signed in to your email account, you’ll get a similar interface as a user. Follow the hyperlink at the end of the dashboard to move from the public interface to the account holder’s perspective.

Desktop Access to GoDaddy Webmail

GoDaddy Webmail Login Panel
GoDaddy Webmail Login Panel

Just use a standard Internet browser to access your GoDaddy mail account via a windows pc. To launch the Web-based emailing tool, enter the desktop edition of the Workspace Web-based email URL hyperlink under Resources into the web browser address bar & hit “Enter.”

Inside the Username section, write the email id for the account you wish to log in to & subsequently, in the Password box, enter the account’s password. To access your mail account, select the “Login” button.

Using a Mobile Device to Access GoDaddy Webmail

GoDaddy Webmail Login Panel For Mobile Phone
GoDaddy Webmail Login Panel For Mobile Phone

Verify your GoDaddy email using your mobile phone’s web browser. Open the web browser, and afterward, enter the mobile email URL as shown in Resources. 

And, to access the Workspace Web-based email tool, click “Go” or hit the “Return” button. Then, you have to Enter your email address as well as password to gain full access.

Making Use of Mobile Applications

For Android and iOS smartphones, GoDaddy offers a free encrypted email application. Now, you have to Install the GoDaddy smartphone/mobile application from Apple’s (ios) App Store or (Android) Google Play store.

To access the mail dashboard, open the email application on your smartphone and afterward touch the “Email Management” option. 

Inside the “Email” area, input the email id of the account you wish to verify, & then in the Password section, enter the passcode for the account. 

And, to log in to the designated account, click “Go” or hit the “Enter” keyboard button.

Setting Up Your Email Client

Setup your mail application with the receiving server configuration “” as well as the port number “110” to gain a POP connection to your GoDaddy user email accounts. 

Now, utilize “,” as well as the port number “143” for IMAP incoming email server settings. 

And, you have to use “” as well as the port number “80” for the outgoing email server settings.

Getting to the GoDaddy User Dashboard

Workspace Webmail may also be accessed by signing in to your GoDaddy user account dashboard in an Internet browser and afterward choosing the “Email Management” button. 

And, to activate the account in the Web-based email tool, select the “Webmail” option beside the email address for the user account you wish to connect.

What exactly is the Email and Microsoft 365 Office Dashboard?

GoDaddy account customers can control their Microsoft 365 accounts and email addresses using the Email & Microsoft 365 Office Dashboard. When you’re in the dashboard, you may do the following:

  • Users can be added or removed.
  • Add nicknames
  • Change the details on a user account.
  • Users’ passwords should be updated.
  • Your DNS settings need to be updated or confirmed.
  • Control add-ons
  • Navigate to the Advanced Admin Centers.

Using the Setup Center, configure email on your mobile device or PC. These tutorials provide step-by-step directions as well as photos to assist you along the process.

Just use the Download Office button to set up Microsoft 365 Office on your computer or laptop whether you own a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription or above.

How to Set up GoDaddy email on your Apple’s iPhone

1. Just go to the Settings menu.

2. Again, from the Settings menu, choose Mail, Contacts, & Calendars.

3. Click the Add Account button.

4. Choose Others.

5. Click the Add Mail Account button.

6. Enter your Username, Valid Email Address, Password, and a short outline of your email here. After that, push the button.

7. Select IMAP if you have it. Alternatively, if you’re not confident whether you’re enabled, hit POP!

8. Input the POP settings and afterward press the Save button.

  • is the domain name of the host
  • Full Email is the user name
  • Enter your password here.

9. Alternatively, insert IMAP settings and then hit Save

  • is the hostname.
  • is the username.
  • Insert your password here.

10. Enter the following information for your Outgoing Email Server:

  • Name of the host:
  • Full is the username.
  • Enter your password here.

That’s all to Set up email on your Apple’s ios iPhone.

Worth noting: Even though iOS identifies these variables as optional, the email servers need them to transmit email.

And, if you do have IMAP enabled, press Continue, then Save. Alternatively, simply press the Save button.

Final words

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Access GoDaddy Email FAQs

How can I get my emails back from GoDaddy Account?

If you cannot transmit or get messages, your antivirus software settings may be blocking Workspace Webmail from functioning correctly. 

And, to view your mail, you may need to adjust your security system, pop-up blocker, or web browser safety settings.

How can I get my emails back from GoDaddy Account?

Email backups may be restored in bulk.
1. Insert user/your email address and also password to access Email Backup.
2. Pick Exchange.
3. Locate the user in the Personal Mailboxes list.
4. Click the menu in the Actions column beside the user.
5. Choose the option you wish to revert to.
6. In the new tab, click Confirm. When the restoration is complete, you’ll get a confirmation message.

Can I connect two Google Gmail accounts?

Multiple Google Accounts cannot presently be merged. Furthermore, suppose you want to move information from one mail account to another mail account. 

In that case, you can do so on a per-product basis. If you registered for Gmail but did not link it to your current account, you now also have a dual mail account.

Is it possible to change the nameservers on GoDaddy’s email?

Suppose you change your nameservers to direct your web domain to a different host. In that case, you must ensure that the right MX Records for your mail service are recorded in the user zone file with your fresh host. 

If you maintain the domain pointing to GoDaddy nameservers, your zone file records should remain unchanged. I hope this answers.

How can I update my GoDaddy recovery email address?

Update my email address for recovery
1. Log in to your email and the MS Office Dashboard.
2. If you administer the account, click Manage beside the email address.
3. Otherwise, move to the next phase.
4. Click Edit under Account details.
5. Insert your Recovery email address as well as click Save

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