How to Start a Blog: Simple & Easy Ways for Beginner’s 2021

So many people want to build their career as a blogger. But they don’t know exactly How to Start a Blog and the proper ways to be a successful blogger.

If you are thinking about this, you are a smart person with an interesting idea. Not a lot of people think they have the ability or even interest to start writing a blog. They do not see what you see or have a passion for whatever you do.

The potential? A place where you can make money from the comforts of your own home and if you are doing well, a lot of money. Forget YouTube, blogging has more chances of getting you paid.

It can easily get you what you are looking for in the first place- monetization. You do not have to get a camera or mic, or even worst, editing, and YouTube and social media are becoming crowded and harder to be paid.

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Being paid for blogging is not that difficult if you keep doing what you are doing persistently. A lot of bloggers are paid, granted it takes a little bit of determination, being smart, and finding your audience but a lot of things involving money are like that.

Blogging is still an ever-growing business, a platform that asks only one thing from you- be interesting.

To become a professional blogger, what do you need?

Anyone can do it. Most people are turned off from the idea because they think it takes computer knowledge. 

That’s not the case anymore, in today’s age, there are so many places that will help you make your website without you having to do much which is so amazing because learning coding is such a nightmare.

Anyone nowadays can do it. There are blogs on almost everything you can imaging and nothing is considered more valuable than another is.

You can have a very detailed, informative, and professional blog on nutrition that requires a lot of research from you, and you can attract a lot of audience from your content but a mother of five.

Writing about the ‘how to dust the house properly’ can outperform you any day of the week in viewers. Anyone can do it, as long as you find your audience.

Should I start a blog?

If you know you can make the content, there is nothing you should worry about. It does not take much from you, all you need is a website, and just like that, you are a blogger.

Put a little time into it, maybe a small investment, and being open to learning the skills needed for blogging, it does not hurt to try.

Should I start a free blog?

Example: Let us take the ‘learning how to ride a bike’ metaphor. If you are the type of kid who is eager about joining your friends on that fun bike ride, you are going to want to rough and tough it alongside your friends.

You might get a few bruises along the way but you will eventually get the hang of it, plus you get to have fun exploring the world while learning, it is what you want in the first place anyway.

But sometimes, you’ll see your friends riding their bikes in the park and your first thought is to learn how to do it before joining them, so, you put training wheels on your bike, get used to the feeling, and acquire the skills needed all in the safety of your backyard.

You can become a blogger by jumping straight into it by paying for a website and learn from the journey, or you can play it safe and start a free website, get the skills and confidence first, then take the ‘training wheels’ off and start a real website.

How to start a blog?

Now, getting the idea for starting a blog is easy, knowing how to make the blog takes some guidance.

Sometimes it is not just writing anything that comes to mind, you have to think about putting specific writing that considers multiple things into the mix.

It is nothing too extreme but small things like that will help you make it as a professional in this game.

Everything you need to know about starting a blog you will get here, all the essential stuff that will prepare you for your journey.

After reading this article, you will be more informed than you will ever be, everything that will help you will be given below.


1. Knowing where to start:

The starting point is where you lay your foundation, it is a process that requires the most research from your end. You need to know the best place to start a blog for you.

# When you know what kind of blog you want, carefully look at every domain provider and web hosting website you can find. Study the price and features they offer, search for the feedback other people are saying about them.

# The perfect platform is out there for you, hastily picking a platform to start from might leave you with a lot of regrets.

# Picking the right domain name should also take some amount of thought. It should be unique, relating to your content and should advisably contain the ‘dot com’ rather than the uncommon ones like ‘dot net’ or ‘dot blog’.

# It also should be mentioned that some websites show you attractive discounted costs but leave out the fact that after a year, they may charge you a lot more for using a domain.

Some websites do not give their useful features at their lowest prices, so read and research everything before signing up.

# Think of it as a marriage for about a year (picking the ‘one month only’ contract will cause you a lot more money) and you do not want to spend a year with someone you are going to hate.

# Renewal price will shock you, keep that in mind when signing up. Free websites come with a whole lot of limitations.

# Always be very careful during this process, you should put a lot of effort into researching, think of it as an exam, and as an exam if you did well, you’re going to have a great time ahead. Do not be lazy; at least you do not have to learn any coding.

2. Finding the right guide:

Okay, maybe you do not need to study too much into it. After making your decision, everything is smooth sailing from here.

# Tutorials are everywhere; they will make things so much easier for you but try to choose a clear and simple one.

# People on YouTube will show you how to start a blog and also how to start a blog on WordPress

# In addition, make sure, they are not sponsored and that they are not trying to sell things that will just get them paid, sometimes you will not get the best product out of this.

3. Choosing an attractive design:

With thousands of options out there, choosing the right theme that will match what you do is so important.

# The right theme will leave you with fewer things to worry about. If you are posting photographs, a photography theme website will make your gallery look so professional;

if it is a cooking blog, the cooking theme will have all the text formats for recipes and ingredient list;

and if you are selling something on your blog, pick the ones that will showcase your products the best.

4. Make things simple and clear:

It is very common to feel like people viewing your content will understand all the things you know.

Find the right voice for your blog. As if you do in real life, finding your voice and the way you talk is how people will identify you. Develop your blogging voice and try not to be inconsistent in your content.

You might be used to the level of language in a particular topic but always remember that people reading viewing your blog do not have the years of experience you do.

Most of the people are looking for help or trying to gain knowledge from you, so, try to create your content with the mind-set of making it clear and simple to understand even for someone who has no previous knowledge of the topic.

Remember, it is all about the number of eyes you can get.

5. Find your niche:

With so many blogs in the world today, almost everything that people are interested in has been blogged about.

# The topics that you know that will have an audience are probably blogged about by thousands of blogs.

If you try to start creating content based on those topics, you will have a hard time competing with other blogs who already have an audience.

# What you can do is find something that you are interested in and something that does not have so many people talking about it.

Even if at first thought it does not make much sense to you that many people would be interested in something very uncommon.

# There could be at least a very small amount of people in the world that share your interest and on the scale of the whole world, which could be about a couple of million people.

A couple of million is more than enough for you to be successful in making a blog about that interest.

6. Create quality content:

The effort you put into something will always produce better work than just doing it for the sake of doing.

# The content you make, even at the beginning, needs to attract people. Writing interesting topics are hard if you do not care about the topics you are writing about. You’ve got to enjoy what you do.

# Make the type of content that you know a lot about and the content will be interesting if you have an interest in the content.

# Try to find your interesting content in something that does not have too much competition, do not create content on things that a million other people are blogging about.

# Do not worry about finding a niche, the universe is infinite and there are infinite interesting things about you.

7. Promote your blog:

Tell the whole world about your blog. Firstly, when starting, tell your friends and ask them to share around.

# Social media is your most useful tool. Open social media accounts specific to your blog and post as many attractive posts as possible.

It is advisable to post content to social media platforms too but the contents should be brief enough drag people into your blog.

# You should do some research in finding out the platform where most of your audiences are and mainly concentrated on promotion there.

Pinterest is the most likely place where blog audiences tend to be but it also depends on the type of content you have.

# One more important thing to consider for promotion is to have your blog searchable on google and you can do this by opening an account on ‘google search console’.

Submit your URL there and your website can be searched on google.

# You should also get a basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), this will help you a lot in gaining skills in promoting your blog.

8. Keep track of your performance:

After a while, you should study the performance of your blog to see what your audience is responding to the most.

Certain types of posts might be the main sell for your blog, so, use that to show you where you should put most of your energy.

9. Monetize your blog:

This can be done in many ways, from the first moment your blog turns into a money-maker, you should start thinking about choosing how to utilize that opportunity the best.

It is highly tempting to just do just about everything do to make money. It is the reason you started asking the question about ‘how to start a profitable blog’.

That is not the smart thing to do; being careless and greedy here can lose you your audience.

# Google AdSense: It’s usually the first money-making opportunity that will come your way. You can put spots within your blog that will run specific ads for people viewing your content.

Be aware though, too many ads playing on your page can annoy the viewers and put them off from returning.

# Sponsored post: If you are doing well, companies will want to personally contact you for advertisements.

They want you to promote stuff for them, like tell your audience how great that particular company’s product is or how awesome the service you get from them.

You can do so by making a sponsored post. However, choose the company you work with wisely; you do not want to be affiliated with products that the public hates.

Your audience will think less of you if you promote a cheap flashlight that breaks in a couple of weeks.

# Affiliate marketing: You do not have to risk your reputation that much, just provide a link, and the audience will decide on their own.

People from your website can click on that link and your job is done. You are paid a little for every product sold from people coming from your website.

If you have a big audience, the cash will roll into your bank account and you can just sit back, relax, and plan retirement.

How to Start a Free Blog

Starting a free blog is frown upon by the blogging community. Do not think that a free blog is your answer to ‘how to start a blog to make money?’

Starting a blog is not the only way to. If you are sure about blogging, do not make a free blog. Although, if you are a person who is not sure about blogging, getting a free blog might be a good idea for the following reasons:

  • It is a practice blog for someone who does not have any knowledge about blogging and would want to know how to get a hang of it before investing money.
  • Making a portfolio: If you have not interested in spending money on a website for just displaying your work for potential employers, making a free blog to display your work is the best option.
  • It is safer to make a free blog first. You do not have to spend any money on it and it is like testing the waters before diving in.
  • You get the advantage of acquiring the skills of blogging before even starting.

That will help you learn your blogging skills if you want to know how to start a free blog.

 The steps for starting a free blog are

  • Choosing a platform to blog on: The platform you choose like, Wix, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr, and many more will be the place where you can post your material. It is more similar to a social media account than an actual website. Among all the leading free blogs around WordPress is the best.
  • Choose a domain: Pick a unique domain name that will get you recognized. It should be known that your domain is not truly your own, it is the domain provider’s site. Examples include ‘’ or ‘’.
  • Sign up your email id.
  • Choose your theme: WordPress gives you the same themes as those available with paid ones.

How to make a paid blog

Now it is time to talk about the real deal now. Nothing worth doing is free. Paying for a blog has a lot of advantages for you, for once the domain you blog on is yours and yours alone.

Well, the same can be said here. It can cost you a few bucks and if you do not know what you are doing, it could cost you more.

Here are the 7 steps you should follow to make your blogging career go smoothly.

  • Finding a web hosting provider or domain provider: Picking a web-hosting provider is like choosing your mobile service provider. You have to consider the speed of their service, their ability to manage traffic to your website, and the provider that will give you the fewest problems. Picking the best site for starting a blog is important for beginners. Some of the best websites to start a blog are GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostlinger, Squarespace, and HostGator.
  • Choosing the right Content Management System: The CMS that is the most widely used and is the best software used to create a website is WordPress. WordPress gives you the most reliable tools to build your website and gives you the latest and most advanced plugins.
  • Find the right package and features you need: Things like data space, bandwidth, SSL security, backup, and other features things you should consider carefully when picking the right prices on offer. Do not be thrifty here, it pays to have some courage and spend that money on the improved options on the menu, you will not regret a thing.
  • Create a unique domain name: This is the address by which your website can be reached.
  • Design your website: Choose your theme and custom your website to your liking using the tools provided.
  • Upgrade your blog using plugins: The plugins are like apps; they improve several things in your blog. There are more plugins than you can install so, chose wisely.
  • Organize your post: Create your categories, pages, and menus that make your website look more organized. People can easily find things they are looking for if you put your posts visible.

End Talk:

Starting your blogging journey will not be a cakewalk, but with the right attitude and work ethic, it is more than likely to bring you success. Blogging is a great career option or even just a habit.

With all of the information provided given above, very few things will stand in your way now. Now you have all the tools on how to start a successful blog. All that is left to do is find your voice and start blogging.


1. How to start a blog to make money?

Making money should not be on your plans yet while starting a blog. Once you have gotten through the initial stages and are consistent in posting for about a year or so, then you should put your focus towards finding something that will pay but you need to have a substantial audience first.

2. What are the best sites for blogging?

It’s the question that’s as young and as relevant as the internet but still, a very difficult question to answer because there are so many of them out there.

Every site is different from the other; pick the web host that gives you exactly what you are looking for. Just do some research from google or YouTube before making any decisions.

3. How to find profitable content to blog about?

It is complicated to say what will be profitable for you to blog about. A lot of profitable content has intense competition.

So, do some snooping, look around, see what people are into nowadays, people are into weird things you do not exactly expect and those weird stuff can make you a whole butt load of cash.

Always choose the ones you are comfortable with and confident about making a large quantity of content.

4. How much money can be made from a blog?

Well, look at a similar platform like YouTube, big stars as PewDiePie will make so much money that you can feed a small country.

So, it depends on your audience size. Also, depends on how good you are at doing business.

The amount of money can be very large; many people make a fortune just from blogging. A whole career can be made from the successful blog you make.

5. Is starting a blog worth it?

Compared to many career options, starting a blog is considered safe. It does require some money investment but it is not a lot.

The time and effort you put into your blog can take valuable energy but it should be taken as a habit at first and not taken too seriously.

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