12 Best Ways: How to Start a Business With No Money or Experience

Here we’re presenting 12 ways for “How to Start a Business With No Money or Experience”. Read the full article, it may help you a lot in your career.

We all dream of starting a business of our own so that we can leave our 9 to 5 jobs and can become our own boss.

Many students also want to start something new so that they do not have to depend on their parents but they do not have enough ideas about what to do and how to start.

Moreover, starting a business requires a large sum of capital, which is difficult to arrange when you are starting something for the first time.

However, there are various business options that you can start without any large capital. You will get detailed knowledge about how to start a business with no money from this article.

12 Ways: How to Start a Business With No Money or Experience

1. Freelance Content Writing

Freelance content writing is one of the most popular ways to start a business with no money. A freelance content writer is a self-employed person, who produces different types of content for their clients in exchange for money.

You can work from the comfort of your home. There is no specific schedule and you will get flexible work hours. You can work with a single client as well as work with several clients at a time.

Some of the different types of content that a freelance writer is required to write their website content, news articles, brochures, blogs, press releases, social media content, etc.

Besides writing and creative skills, you will also need marketing skills to excel in this field. You have to promote yourself and your works so that you can get the most client attention.

Mentioned below are a few steps that will help you to start your freelance content writing journey:

  • Select a particular niche in which you are comfortable. Some of the most popular niches are travel, healthcare, personal development, automobiles, marketing, and finance, etc.
  • To create your client base, you will need an online presence so that people can know you as a content writer. For that, you have to create your own blog or website.
  • Write an excellent sample work that can create a good impression on the clients.
  • Create your portfolio.
  • Start marketing yourself on different social media platforms to get maximum client outreach.
  • After working with a client, ask for a testimonial from them. Getting positive reviews from your clients will build your reputation and will improve your client outreach.

There are various online freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, where you can find content writing jobs.

Apart from that, you can also search for jobs at various job boards such as iWriter, BloggingPro, and The Writer Finder. A freelance content writer earns $23.82 per hour on average.

2. Selling handicrafts

Everyone wants to earn money from something they are passionate about. If you are passionate about art and is an expert in creating various crafts, then this can be the ideal way for you to earn money.

Selling handicrafts has become a great business idea in recent times and you can start this business with no money.

There are several e-commerce platforms through which you can sell your products at your desired price.

This platform will also help you to build an online audience, which is highly beneficial for your business. Some of the online platforms, where you can sell your products are Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc.

Here are some of the steps that will help you to start your online handicraft selling business:

  • Firstly, do thorough market research. Before starting your online venture, you need to know which are the products that are in maximum demand. Based on this, select a particular category.
  • Try to create something, which is unique and appealing to the clients.
  • After you have created your products, it is time to establish your brand. For this, you have to select a name, a logo, and you must create your website. Your brand is very important to build your reputation and to connect with your clients.
  • The best possible way to sell your handicrafts is by using your own website and selling it from there.
  • To get more traffic, add a blog to your website and start producing SEO-friendly articles related to your business.
  • Use several social media platforms to promote your products or service.
  • Do email marketing to reach your potential clients directly.
  • Finally, decide the proper price for your products so that you can make some money.

3. Selling online courses

If you think, you have thorough knowledge about any particular subject and you want to earn some money by sharing that knowledge, then selling online courses can be a suitable way to start a business with no money.

Online education or edutech has become one of the most emerging industries in the recent past and by starting an Edutech business, you can earn decent money.

Various online course platforms are available, where you can sell your courses. Another benefit of this idea is that it is a passive income stream as you can sell the same course repeatedly.

Here are some of the steps that you must follow to make a profit from selling your online course:

  • Do some market research to recognize your target audience and their demands.
  • Choose a course topic that is in high demand and try to make it according to the demands of your clients.
  • Try to make your course unique from the other courses that are already available in the market.
  • After you have completed creating your course, you have to choose an online platform such as Udemy or Skillshare, where you want to sell it.
  • After you have uploaded your course, you have to create a marketing strategy and start promoting your course.
  • You have to update your course regularly with the changing information.

4. Affiliate marketing

Another powerful and short-cut way to start a huge profitable business with no money is affiliate marketing.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is the promotion of products of different companies and you will earn a commission if the products are sold through your affiliate link.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to act as a salesperson of different companies and to help in marketing their products so that you can earn some money once they are sold.

You can do affiliate marketing from any remote place of your choice and this is a source of passive income.

Here are a few steps that you may follow to start your journey in affiliate marketing:

  • You have to choose a platform through which you can promote the products. Blog, YouTube, and Websites are the best possible platforms to promote the products.
  • Instead of promoting goods from different categories, it is always better to select a particular niche of your choice.
  • Now, choose an affiliate program of your choice and join that program.
  • You have to produce good quality content to satisfy your clients.
  • Use various strategies to get the maximum traffic to your chosen platform.
  • You have to insert the affiliate link at a suitable position of your platform so that it catches the attention of your audience.
  • Finally, the visitors have to buy the products by using your affiliate link.

5. Virtual assistant

This is a growing industry with lots of scopes and the opportunity to earn a decent sum of money.

If you are passionate about working as an executive assistant from any remote place, then becoming a virtual assistant is a good way to start a business with no money.

The main job of a virtual assistant is to provide support and assistance to your clients by providing different services. Some of the common tasks that a virtual assistant is required to perform are:

  • Customer support
  • Data entry
  • Email management
  • Project management
  • Calendar management
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Bookkeeping
  • Editing and proofreading

Based on the type of jobs assigned, virtual assistants are categorized into different groups. They are:

  • General/Administrative Virtual Assistant
  • Programming Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant
  • Design Virtual Assistant
  • Writing Virtual Assistant
  • Financial Virtual Assistant
  • Audio/Video Editing Virtual Assistant

The average earning of a virtual assistant is $10 to $30 per hour. You can find virtual assistant jobs at various online platforms such as Virtual Staff Finder, Upwork, Freelancer, VirtualAssistantJobs.com, Flexjobs, PeoplePerHour, Fancy Hands, eaHelp, etc.

6. Web designing

Just like other freelancing jobs, a web designer is also a self-employed person, whose job is to design websites for clients by using his technical and creative skills.

Each organization requires a website to create its online presence thus; there is an increased demand for web designers.

Therefore, another popular idea to start a business with no money is web designing. A web designer is responsible for creating a website, making it attractive and appealing to the clients.

Let us have a look at some of the important steps to become a web designer.

  • You have to develop the necessary skills to become a web designer. Some of them are graphic software, programming language, search engine optimization, communication skills, and web design theory.
  • Doing some certification courses in this field is also an added benefit.
  • After you have completed your courses, create your own website by using all your skills and knowledge.
  • Start building your portfolio.
  • After you have created your portfolio, the next step is to search for jobs.
  • You have to promote yourself on various online platforms to build connections with the clients.
  • Ask for a testimonial from your clients after working for them.

7. Online tutoring

With the advent of new technologies and blazingly fast internet, the offline tutoring business is slowly being devoured by online tutoring.

If you have prior experience in teaching and appreciate gaining and sharing knowledge, this category is appropriate for you.

Online tutoring cuts off traveling time and expense and breaks the geographical barrier benefiting both the students and the teachers in the process.

Online tutors also get the opportunity to meet and teach students from different cultural backgrounds and geographical locations.

As an online tutor, you will be required to shape a student both academically and morally and help them reach their maximum potential. This is one of the best businesses to start with no money.

If you have set your mind to be an online tutor, the next question will be “How to start and where to start?” The below instructions will guide you:

  • Primarily, register yourself in an esteemed online tutoring company. You will be required to have prior teaching experience, subject specified certification, and a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree. Then, you have to fill up different forms and create your account by uploading a photo of yours.
  • After the first step, the company will verify your identity and authenticity and then might run a criminal background check. If you pass the proceedings, your profile will be made visible to the users.
  • You must get accustomed to the platform and its technical features. The company’s support staff will aid you with that and give you hands-on training and a walk-through of the platform. If your area of expertise is maths or science, you will be required to have a digital pad and a pen.
  • Finally, start tutoring and earn some cash.

8. Selling Used books online

Maybe bookselling is a dying market but due to the dedication and passion of hardcore bibliophiles, this business is still shimmering.

However, many book readers are opting for e-books and kindles instead of physical books because of their expensive price tag.

Used books can be sold again to solve this issue. They will get the same reading experience but with a much smaller expense.

Many people still prefer archaic book reading and making their own collections. You must target these people as the most suitable clients of your business.

If you are a book lover and have your heart set to open an online bookstore and revive the reading culture, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you will need an inventory to start your business. Although you do not need a collection as big as an offline bookstore, still you need a decent inventory to make your business rock solid.
  • Try choosing a specific niche to make your online store stand out, as you will be competing with several other online bookstores.
  • Purchase a domain and make an engaging and interacting website to display your collection. This is the main medium through which you will communicate with your customers, so try getting professional aid to create the best website for your business.
  • In case you want to register your business, do some research, and follow the procedures.
  • Although you will be having your own website, still you will need to consider other platforms to expand and increase the prospect of your business. You can sell via Amazon or eBay as they attract a large customer base.
  • Focus on marketing. Open social media pages, take a lot of photos, and post them regularly with proper descriptions. The more active is your account, the more it will reach new customers and increase your chances.  So, make an elaborate marketing plan to exhibit your books.
  • Finally, if your business stands on its feet, you will be required to continuously stack new inventory and expand your niche. So, for that make new connections and also visit some local book shops. Buying several books at a time may help you to get some discounts.

9. Errand Services

Several old people, as well as some office goers, are incapable of doing their daily household jobs, the former because of their physical incapability and the latter because of their hectic schedule.

Therefore, they often hire errand runners to do the tasks they no longer can, such as grocery shopping, paying the electricity bill, picking up prescription medicine, laundering, mowing grass, etc.

An average errand-runner charge anywhere between $20-$30 dollars per hour, which is quite profitable keeping in mind the degree of work, they perform.

If you are free and willing to do physical hardship for other people in exchange for money, you might earn a decent profit from it.

This is the appropriate path to choose to become an entrepreneur with no money in hand.

To know more, go through the steps given below:

  • Choose your legal structure. Decide whether it will be a partnership, limited liability corporation, or sole proprietorship. Depending on this and your state, your tax and liabilities will be fixed.
  • Decide on your company name, which must be unique, and then register your business. Different states have different criteria and requirements, so, do thorough research before proceeding. You might also need insurance so try to get one before applying.
  • Stack up your supplies. You will need a car to quickly get to the customer’s residence, a phone to always stay connected with the customers and a computer to store your progress data, expenses, and earnings.
  • Buy a domain and make an engaging website. Make a list of your services and explain them clearly. Also, create few social media pages and actively work on your marketing strategy.
  • Set your prices. Start with a low rate to attract more customers and then increase it gradually depending on the demand and quality of work you will offer.

10. Social Media Manager:

With rapidly growing technologies and the uprising of new social media platforms daily, social media managing has become a mainstream job.

Every business however small it may be is trying to make a social media presence to attract potential clients.

Social media marketing is cheap in comparison to other conventional marketing such as tv advertisements and hoardings and also has more reach.

To be a social media manager you do not need any degrees as such but require a certain degree of knowledge about SEO and graphic designing to be able to fully utilize.

The social media tools to expand a business enterprise and communicate with clients through their official handles.

If you are a social media freak and would like to earn some cash while enjoying what you do, Social Media managing is just for you.

If you want to know how to start a new life with no money by managing social media handles, follow the below steps:

  • Make a thriving social media presence of your own. To attract more clients to subscribe to the services you need to market yourself before you market others. For this, you can create a website of your own or you can use social media platforms. Acquaint yourself with graphic designing, SEO, and social media marketing.
  • Stay active on every platform, post great articles, and start engaging conversations with clients.
  • Manage your schedule carefully. Make a routine and give equal attention to every platform.
  • Fix your rate. It is advisable to start low and then increase your rate eventually after you achieve a certain level of recognition.
  • If your stable and your business is up and running try expanding your niche by learning advanced marketing. Learn how to optimize YouTube videos, custom Facebook and Twitter apps, and learn the use of hashtags.

11. Personal Trainer

If you are a gym freak and have knowledge about all the postures and techniques of building a great body then this is your opportunity.

As times are changing, more people are intending towards achieving a fitter body. Awareness about obesity and chronic diseases is playing a major part in shaping and motivating their minds.

These are the reasons behind the soaring demands of personal trainers.

To start a business with no money as a personal trainer follow the below steps:

  • Enroll yourself in a trainer program. Do your research and choose wisely, Keep in mind to look for their accreditation, as that is the primary concern. After joining, you will be provided with study materials and practice sets. on average, a typical trainer program is 3 to 4 months long.
  • Register for the exam. Make sure you fulfill all the given criteria.
  • After passing and getting the certificate, try to get hold of other specialization certificates of your area of expertise. This way you will stand out from others and your chances will increase.
  • You need some basic work experience to become a certified instructor as most of the employees hire experienced trainers. You can start by working as an assistant in local gyms then make your way gradually.
  • After you have created a name of your own, you will have to choose a career path. You either can open your own fitness business or can apply as an instructor in other gyms. For the former try communicating with local gyms for their advice and always look out for business opportunities.

12. T-shirt Designer

If you are good at art and craft and have some unique designs in your mind then try your hand at designing T-shirts.

Quirky T-shirts are the main trend of this decade and demands are increasing with time. With rising demands.

The competition is also increasing, so you need to have perseverance, dedication, and of course unique art sense to stand apart in the crowd.

If you have set your mind to be a t-shirt designer, the next question will be “How to start an online store with no money and where to start?” The below steps will guide you:

  • To start, you need to have a thorough knowledge of graphic design and should be familiarized with software such as Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. The more thorough you are with this software, the more efficiently you will be able to create new designs.
  • Select your niche and audience. Preference of designs differ with ages, so choose your area wisely.
  • Create unique and enthralling designs. Try to keep your designs simple yet unique and create your own style sense. You have to be creative to achieve success in this field.
  • Try getting feedback from others before pitching your designs to clients. Show your designs to friends and families and accept constructive criticism.
  • Finally, sell your designs. To have the uninterrupted cash flow it is safe to work under a designing company, but it is recommended to set up your own business to achieve something big. Create websites, social media pages, and focus on your marketing strategy.


All these above business ideas will give you the answer to the mystery of the century that is “how to make money with no money?” We have given you the ideas, now; it is time for you to decide the perfect business for yourself.


  • How much money can I earn by selling online courses?

Ans: The amount of money you will earn depends on several factors. You can earn anything between $0 – $50,000 per month. In the beginning, you will earn between $1 and $5 per month.

  • How much can I earn by affiliate marketing?

Ans: Beginners in this field will earn around $300 per day. Intermediate marketers can earn up to $3000 per day and experts in this field can earn more than $3000 per day.

  • I want to become a virtual assistant. For that, what are the skills I should learn?

Ans: The skills required to become a virtual assistant are word processing skills, writing skills, communication skills, computer skills, disciplined, organizational skills, decision-making skills, etc.

  • What is the average monthly revenue of a web designer?

Ans: The average annual earnings of a freelance web designer can be around $22,000 to $45,000.

  • How much can an online tutor earn per hour?

Ans: On average, an online tutor can earn around $15 to $30 per hour.

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