Ideas For YouTube Videos: 12 Best and Most Popular Niche

Best Ideas For YouTube Videos: Are you wondering about how to tie a tie or even how to climb a tree? No worries! YouTube has answers! Or, are you stuck in preparing a menu for your breakfast?

Calm down! YouTube has it. Yes! YouTube has it all. Right from tons of entertainment stuff to countless useful guides of hacks and tips, YouTube has gained more popularity than you can imagine.  

With more than two billion users, ranks as the 2nd populated search engine used in the world next to

And stands the number one on the victory podium for the largest video platform. Can you simply imagine that 300 hours of video content are published/uploaded every one minute on!

Yes! It means that YouTube has conquered the world. Many of your audience live on YouTube. No doubt, people of all ages, right from crawling babies to grey-haired seniors.

Love it because of its amazing videos and all-in-one platform that resolves your most uncomplicated queries too. You can even find the tips or tutorials on how to cry, lol.

It’s incredible, and the more impressive is, you can create content on YouTube too for free! Are you planning to become a YouTuber? You may need this vlogging camera and this lighting set.

Most Useful Tools and Software Needed To Be a YouTuber

Fantastic! YouTube is the platform where talent is appreciated, and your potential can reach new heights.

But if you are confused about where to begin and perplexed about the field you need to choose for YouTube, then here are some ideas to choose from.

You can simply glance through it and select the area that you would love to demonstrate and enjoy doing it. Be yourself and conquer the world. 

Here is the list of the top 12 Ideas For YouTube Videos:

1. You and Yourself:

Hurrah! You can create vlogs about your life too. You can simply record a video about your life, your views, your activities and upload it on YouTube, and possibly, you can acquire a large audience too.

Create a crisp introduction, talk about your funny moments, disclose some tricky and challenging times in the past, and share your lessons in a manner that gains popularity.

Also, you can curate fun-filled facts about yourself to grab attention. Creativity knows no bounds. Go crazy!

2. How-To Lessons:   

If you have a mastery of something, then you can ace it. Simply record a video on how to do it and post it on YouTube.

Also, try to take up the how-to to another level by curating quality content related to it. For instance, if you are a perfect avid gardener, don’t just stop with one video!

Shake up the thing that halts and get excited. Post numerous videos on various blossoming plants, tips and tricks on keeping them eye-catching, DIY pot styles, DIY trellis, and how to keep the garden alive, and so on.

Whatever talent you have, don’t stand with one video. Create more and gain more. However, make sure your content is unique and first-grade. This one of the most powerful Ideas For YouTube Videos

3. Do It Yourself (DIY):

With day-to-day advancements in tech, people have gained more access to a simpler style of living. Everything has gone DIY!

If your zipper is stuck, you can do it yourself. So, If you don’t even have mastery on something, still your work is laudable, then go for it.

DIY paper crafts, cooking a mug cake, designing candles, trying your hands on miniature dollhouses are some common examples for you. It’s another trendy and one of the most searching Ideas For YouTube Videos.

4. Your Brilliancy:

Everyone is blessed with a unique charisma. If you don’t know what’s yours, then begin exploring now. It can be as simple as being talented in cooking, singing, or even at skating or something.

You have no ends. Your charisma can be anything. And, once you explore it, you can upload it too. And let people get mesmerized by your sparkle.           

5. Take Your Humour to Another Level:

If you want to go viral beyond the boundaries, then comedy skits can work for you. Spice up your videos with hilarious content and make them entertaining enough to entice the audience out there.

6. Give Out Product Reviews and Tutorials:

Yes! You can work on it too if you are fond of products like cosmetics, appliances for ease, novels, movies, games, and whatnot. Even reviews of apps can be great.

You can give an honest visual review of how the product works and simple hacks to enhance its features. Make sure your content is informative, engaging in fascinating viewers.  

7. Share Your Knowledge;

If you have intense hands-on knowledge or good research skills, you can share it on YouTube. Explain a tricky concept, demystify wrong concepts, throw light on researches, get across daily news and simply entice viewers.

You can prefer infographic videos to gain more popularity. Nonetheless, any kind of video works for knowledge share.

8. Your WorkOut Tips and Tricks:

If you are passionate about exercise, then, fortunately, you can bring in more applause. People who prefer exercising lookout for new methods to keep themself fit.

So, your workout tips can reach good heights if you fill them with real-time benefits and show them how to do well.

9. An Entrancing Travelogue:

If you are a passionate traveler, then a tremendous victory is waiting for you. You can simply relish the joy of travel, make a video of you speaking in different breathtaking tourist attractions. Then post them on YouTube, and get loaded with comments in lesser times.

10. Hilarious Pranks:

If you have a taste for pranks and pieces of mischief, then you can scoop a lot of laurels. Record a video of your harmless prank and share it. And let everybody enjoy the amusing moment and have fun.

11. Adorable Pets:

Animals can do amazing wonders. Take a video of how you care for your pet and how it returns its love for you. Try fantastic stuff with your cute pet and let the world catch an admiring glimpse of it.

12. Mashups:

Yes! A mashup can achieve huge trendiness too. Blend your favorite songs and create a piece of new music to the ears and let the feet of the viewers tap with your music.

Also, gaming is one of the popular and easy Ideas For YouTube Videos as well.


The Universe is endless, and so is your creativity. Ideas for YouTube videos are infinite too. Explore yourself and enjoy creating videos and go marvelous.

Top Trending Ideas For YouTube Videos:

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