Learn How To Reduce Belly Fat According To The Type Of Belly

At present, almost everyone is suffering from the problem of excess fat. Everyone, however, has a distinct type of belly fat. Someone’s upper abdomen is more prominent, and someone’s lower abdomen. But why is that? Belly fat is also known to know the news of your physical problems!

Surprising but so. Belly fat can indicate various physical problems. So before losing weight, you should know the type of belly. Accordingly, you have to take steps to reduce belly fat.

Stress Belly

Those who suffer from excessive work stress, anxiety, or stress; also tend to increase belly fat, called stress belly. Cortisol levels have risen due to this; when an individual is under a considerable amount of pressure, their cortisol production increases.

As a result, it increases the amount of fat that accumulates in different parts of the abdomen. Cortisol hormones are responsible for a lot of weight gain.

How to get rid of it?

You start meditation and yoga to reduce stress belly, which will keep you free from stress. Anxiety levels will begin to decrease. As well as getting enough sleep, you can minimize such belly fat.

Hormonal Belly

As you can see from the name, the reason for this type of belly is hormonal imbalance. Many hormonal changes and irregularities, from hyperthyroidism to PCOS, can lead to weight gain. This causes excess fat to accumulate in the abdomen.

How to be released?

The only way to reduce the hormonal belly is to keep the hormonal imbalance right. Therefore, unhealthy food should be avoided. The standard of living needs to be improved. Avocados, nuts, and marine fish must be included in the food list.

Besides, regular exercise should be maintained. Maintain a healthy weight. The hormonal belly can be eliminated only by changing the lifestyle.

Increased in the lower abdomen

Many have an average upper body; However, the lower part of the lower abdomen began to grow. The cause of such a stomach is digestive problems.

Those who suffer from various digestive problems; Their lower abdomen began to grow slowly. Many people also have flatulence due to gas in the stomach.

How to get rid of it?

Those with such a stomach; should eat fiber-rich foods. This will increase digestion. Drink enough water as well.

Avoid fried and oily foods. Put green vegetables in the diet. 

Do different types of abdominal exercises. Then the belly fat will start to decrease quickly.

Bloated belly

Those who always eat unhealthy foods have this kind of belly. The most frequent type of stomach ulcer is the peptic ulcer. This type of abdomen is called a bloated belly.

How to get rid of it?

The best way to reduce this type of stomach is regular exercise. There is no alternative for a well-balanced diet. Avoid fried and oily foods with soft drinks.

Mummy Belly

After the birth of a child, many mothers begin to accumulate fat in the abdomen. This type of belly is called mummy belly. This type of abdomen looks a lot like a pregnant woman.

It takes a long time for a woman to regain her body after pregnancy. So there’s no reason to be concerned.

How to get rid of it?

Never do extra exercise to reduce such stomachs. Instead, get adequate rest and keep yourself healthy.

Eat healthy foods, nuts, olive oil, and avocado as well. If the skin of the abdomen is sagging, you can do Kegel exercises.

Source: Times of India

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