Lost Souvenir Riddle Solution: Destiny Game With Full Details

Destiny 2: Black Armory players may face problems “Lost Souvenir Riddle” to gain some extra rewards or advance to the game storyline.

When you’re chasing the Izanagi Burden Deadly Sniper Weapon in Destiny 2: Black Armory. 

You will even discover a curious object entitled the Mysterious Datapad. 

This strange tiny bonus item offers you a different quest called ‘Lost Souvenir,’ 

Because it has been a challenging riddle-solving game.

The puzzle has now been solved. We provide the entire description below. 

Just recognize that the Burden Sniper Rifle of Izanagi is expected to accomplish this mission. 

If you don’t want it yet, go and follow it down and come back to the blog. 

The Lost Souvenir Quest awards Guardians with an artifact called the Obsidian Accelerator. 

You’re still going to win the Obsidian Dreams logo. 

The Obsidian Accelerator is unique to get it to Ada 1 in the house. 

You’ll also be eligible to improve your Black Armory firearms. 

It’s pretty awesome and exclusive to the arms that were used in this miniature add-on.

Step By Step “How To Solve The Lost Souvenir Riddle”: 

Here I mentioned all the possible solutions of Lost Souvenir Riddle.

The ‘Lost Souvenir’ mission is accessible from the ‘Mysterious Datapad’ which is dumped mostly during the ‘Mysterious Box’ task. 

This mission ultimately also earns everyone the Izanagi Burden Sniper Weapon. 

Again, this Sniper Firearm is needed to tackle ‘Lost Souvenir’ to complete the mission section initially.

The riddle is linked to the current site of the Black Armory named the Niobe Laboratories in the EDZ. 

It is situated south of the Sojourner Settlement, along the broken bridge mostly on the south side of the globe. 

At Niobe Laboratories, you’re going to have the below firearms:

  • Tatara Gaze Sniper Rifle 
  • Hammerhead Auto Machine Gun
  • Spiteful Fang Bow Gun

You can win firearms by enabling the first of several 3 forges:

  • Volundr 
  • Gofannon
  • Izanami  

Each of which is used to fire certain signs in Niobe Laboratories.

To directly unlock ‘Lost Souvenir,’ travel to the middle of Niobe Laboratories. 

And, to connect with a toggle under the centralized point. 

The search will start, and you’ll have to fire seven markers in the laboratory room. 

You’ll have to aim this with the right firearm within each mark.

Remember: The markings will only display whenever you target the appropriate firearm at the required position.

List of Seven Gun and their Locations:

1. Bow-Paper Missive: 

Right before you launch, check at the blue display on the wall. To the south side. 

2. Machine Gun-Stormy Cloud: 

Stormy Cloud can be seen high up on the right of the previous one. To the southwest.

3. Sniper Rifle-Arch of the Temple:

It was on the back-right wall. High there, too. To the southern side.

4. Bow-Sunrise Morning:

On the board, to the correct of the wall of the Paper Missive.

5. Machine Gun-Star:

On the ground, on the balcony. In the middle, between the two pillars.

6. Machine Gun-Hands:

On the surface, on the correct side of the Star mark.

7. Sniper Rifle-Black Armoury:

On the roof of the Star/Hand board. Drop back down to know why.

As soon as you fire the signs in the proper sequence with the appropriate arm, rays of invincible Taken will arise.

Besides, everyone has defenses that can only be destroyed by the Izanagi Burden Sniper Rifle.

If you break the barrier, you can destroy it with any regular firearm. 

However, just Izanagi’s Burden can destroy it.

And, Keep wiping out the one you have taken, and you will enter the final stage of this journey.

Now, You’re going to have to win Forge Essence.

Tips: How To Achieve Forge Essence

Going to wear a complete Dark Armor kit, and just utilizing Black Armor firearms.

Now, you have to finish, 

  • Izanami
  • Bergusia Forges
  • Volundr
  • Gofannon

Accomplish these four of the Forges also with Black Armory equipment and you’re going to finish this mission.

You’re going to get a symbol as well as an Obsidian Accelerator that can be employed to strengthen Black Armory firearms.

It also doesn’t sound like such a huge payoff, however just try it yourself. 

And you’ll see that all this hassle could be good enough to justify it.

Conclusion of the Lost Souvenir Riddle:

‘Mysterious Datapad’ a tiny item allows you to play a whole new quest named “Lost Souvenir”.

In this “Lost Souvenir” quest, you will find some puzzles to solve that will require various firearms.

We already discuss where you will find those guns easily in the famous Destiny 2: Black Armory video game.

Hope you like our how to solve the ‘Lost Souvenir’ riddle step by step guide.

If you still have any issue with solving the ‘Lost Souvenir’ riddle, mention it in the comment section.   

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