The Best Maginon Action Camera 4K Ultra HD Review 2021

In 2021, Maginon Action Camera can become one of the best choices for young surfers and bikers. The Maginon Action Camera is cheaper than the GoPro action camera.

So, young people can easily afford it. At present, GoPro cameras, which have developed throughout the decades from film cameras to full 4K electronic devices, are popular with first-person perspectives of good action images.

4K Ultra HD Maginon Action Camera
4K Ultra HD Maginon Action Camera

Congratulations to them, people can enjoy videos of mountain climbing, sailing, roller-coaster riding, skydiving, surfing, and other adventures just like you’re doing by yourself.

GoPro has created a series of copycats, most of whom are out to discount the manufacturer’s price. 

Maginon Action Camera 4K Ultra HD Review:

In 2016 Aldi launched Bresser HD Action Camera as one of the following copycats. In 2017 Aldi introduced Maginon Action Camera and it also an inspired version of the GoPro action camera.


The Maginon Action Camera is really an ALDI Exclusive, indicating this is only in inventory for a limited amount of time. The camera priced at $69.99 between 2019 and 2020.

This is the exact cost as 2018, only $10 higher than the 2017 model. The new price places it at a much cheaper price than the GoPro as well as the same price point for other counterfeit action cameras.

The Maginon package incorporates the camera body, a plastic water-resistant housing approximately 10 meters, and a mounting mechanism that requires 3M pads to attach to your skydiving helmet or bicycle helmet, surfboard, and also in front of a sports car.

Aldi marketed its action camera in June last or July first, 2017, and 2018. Just before Christmas, in December 2019 the camera was decided to sell. 

The camera is protected by a three-year warranty, supported by Protel, the traditional after-sales services provider of Aldi. 

The Maginon Action Camera is capable of 4K resolution of the video. It’s got a 2-inch display and integrated Wi-Fi.

Maginon Action Camera: Unboxing

Maginon Action Camera Unboxing
Maginon Action Camera Unboxing

However, according to  the action camera, Aldi is a 19-piece kit, which contains:

  • Rubber pad
  • 8 Gigabyte MicroSD card with adapter
  • Tripod mount kits
  • Camera Frame
  • One Helmet Mount
  • One Bicycle Holder
  • Water-resistant Housing
  • Metal Tether pieces
  • 4 Plastic Tethers
  • A Cleaning Cloth
  • 2-3M Adhesive Pads
  • High-Quality USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control
  • More useful Kits

Maginon Action Camera: Features

Maginon Action Camera Features
Maginon Action Camera Features

Aldi had introduced portable action cameras, they’d be really affordable and don’t make any excuses about it, the first one is ridiculously cheap in the shade of less than $69.99. Is that any decent thought? It also has some fairly awesome features on paper, like

  • HD Video Resolution (720/30fps)
  • 3m Adhesive stickers
  • 2″ LCD Display Panel
  • Digital Zoom up to 4X
  • 90 minutes of video capture time
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • 8 GB Micro Memory Card
  • SD Card Adaptor
  • Helmet Mount
  • USB Cable 
  • 135˚ Wide Angle Lens

Aldi Maginon Action Camera: Modes 

Aldi Maginon Action Camera has 3 modes which are,

  • Photo Mode
  • Continuous Mode
  • Vehicle Mode

Photo Mode:

The photo mode of the Maginon camera is a self-explanatory mode. Select, tap, and take still images utilizing a 1, 3, or 5-megapixel camera

  1. 1280×1024 pixels
  2. 2048×1536 pixels
  3. 2592×1944 pixels

The captured photographs are saved in a JPEG format.

Continuous video:

Continuous video is very easy, too. Click the record button to start shooting, and the camera will record continuously till the storage is full, or the battery life goes down, whatever happens first.

Realize, however, that a 32GB video file in size would be almost difficult to control without a high-end computer workstation with a top-notch graphics card. Please, use continuous mode with extreme care.

Vehicle mode:

Vehicle mode is identical to continuous video with a significant benefit. It also records hours of uninterrupted footage. But instead of a large file, it preserves a new file just every 5 mins. It’s so much simpler for the everyday person to manage on his personal computer.

In-vehicle mode, the camera keeps saving different files till the memory is complete and then replaces them from the start till the battery life ends. All recordings, irrespective of mode, are stored in AVI format.

ActionCam has the ability of recording HD videos at 1280×720 pixels. To my knowledge so far, a 5-minute HD video is running around 720MB. 

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This ensures that you will record approximately 40 videos up to 200 minutes on a 32GB memory card. It can record 3 to 4 hours or more than until the camera replaces the first clip. 

I have not really forced the camera to its maximum though, so I’m not sure how much the battery life goes. If you are a biker, after three or four hours of uninterrupted biking.

Generally, you may get a little tired. So, bike riders can have a break and have a mug of coffee and a sandwich. And then, change video cards if you are not finished biking for that day.

Aldi Maginon Action Camera: Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages to the Maginon Action Camera design. The first problem is that users can adjust the mode while the camera would be in a water-resistant casing.

It’s not a major problem for us bike riders. They can pull over, adjust the setting, then zoom out again. A headache, but it’s possible.

However, if you plan to take it by surfing or snorkeling, you have to pick the mode you want before going into the water. Likewise, the waterproof casing is already in the form of decent sound recordings.

Because the microphone is a component of the camera, the music to the video recording must be silenced being within the housing.

Real-Life Performance

For testing the Maginon Action Camera, I removed all the bugs from my bike helmet and attached the mounting appliance to it a little above the headlights.

For around one minute, I kept it there under heavy pressure to stick to it well. You just have to decide the angle you want to capture your video during that point.

The mounting panel is created to allow you to move the camera either horizontally and vertically until mounting it in position. I picked a straight-forward angle, continued recording, and set out for a ride all around the neighborhood.

I became fairly happy with the recorded video I received. The controls are big enough to make the camera simple to control, even when I wear my thick cold weather gloves.

In-vehicle mode, the camera worked as expected to save a separate file every 5 minutes. Linear files tend to be almost smooth, losing just one frame or several if any.

While you looked at the video till the end, you’ll notice that there were very few lighting anomalies mostly during shooting. The camera appears to be slow to adapt to significant changes in ambient lighting.

What the Maginon camera doesn’t have is a video editing application. Luckily for me, the MacBook arrives with iMovie loaded for free.

Editing media files, however, wasn’t as easy as it would seem. As described above, the video camera saves media data to the microSD card and it uses the AVI format.

I moved all the media files from my Micro SD card to my MacBook and played them with iMovie.

The recorded video files were launched and played just perfectly in iMovie. So, I don’t have any issues. While editing the videos, inserting the audio track, and testing the video I was finally trying to make the fresh video clips.

Yeah, no luck. I try again via a new format. But, still, I didn’t find any result. At this stage, I was getting irritated. I invested a couple of hours editing the video. But then, I’m powerless to do something regarding it.

If this kind of computer issue emerges, I’m fascinated with seeking an answer. I’m not really exactly why. For whatever cause, I decline to be a computer slave. But, I have to restate my superiority. It cost me the majority of the day and almost all of the next to search for a satisfactory alternative.

If this kind of computer issue emerges, I’m fascinated with seeking an answer. Really, I don’t know exactly why. For whatever cause, I decline to be a computer slave, but I have to restate my superiority.

It cost me the majority of the day and almost all of the next to search for a satisfactory alternative. As it points out, although iMovie has the ability to write and read the AVI format created by the camera, it strangles on it when it’s produced.

The alternative allows you to modify the format before even uploading the latest file to iMovie. After browsing around for quite a while, I installed Prism, an open-source application. The software is very easy to operate.

Simply insert the file you want to convert, should choose the format you want to output, my recommendation will be MP4 and select Convert.

Once you’re done, just upload the latest video to your iMovie then you’re good to go. I had a pleasure checking out almost all the sound and video solutions on the iMovie while I placed these video files next to each other.

I assume I really have not been working on any copyright problems with Justin Bieber’s track. Monster when I listen to it when I’m going outside for biking.

Technical Performance

When you first face the camera, performance-wise isn’t that bad. Housing isn’t the same as whatever you receive on a GoPro. The waterproof shield looks quite strong at the edge.

Maginon Actioncam Technical Performance
Maginon Actioncam Technical Performance

And after a short water dipping experiment in the bathtub, the camera within the bone did actually maintain it safe. At a brief thought, it doesn’t seem like a GoPro, and physically, when it’s in the housing, it appears like a surprisingly top-quality camera.

The corner clip to close the housing is fairly solid and requires some fingertips to unlock it so no risk of it popping open whenever the going becomes rough.

Fortunately, the clip is quite close to the GoPro clip. When you get the camera out from its casing, this is where you see the distinction in quality construction.

Although lightweight is a positive factor whenever it relates to wearable devices, this Maginon camera looks weak and very plastic similar to the kind of cheap camera you might purchase from the coastal city of Chemists several years earlier.

At the top side, the Maginon camera has an on & off power button and for recording the stop & start buttons. On the left, there is a slider to choose between video, picture, and play.

And on the edge, there are mini USB and Micro Micro Sd card slots. It still has a 2 inch LCD display panel with Upward, Downward, and Pick menu controls. Although the output of the LCD image is not astounding.

4K UHD Maginon Actioncam
4K UHD Maginon Actioncam

it’s indeed helpful for placing the camera and getting a fast ‘on the go’ analysis of the video. There are selection options for color balance and video adjustments, the ability to choose video recording quality, and a selection of replay and picture settings.

The choices for mounting in the package are limited – a lightweight plastic pad that can be placed on your helmet with two 3M adhesive pads.

Unless you use this on a standard trail or XC lid with vents, it will almost definitely not be mountable because it requires a sturdy surface to support the 3M pads.

However, unlike GoPro, it shouldn’t arrive with a mounting harness. But, it does seem to provide strap brackets, so this might be more available to purchase from Maginon as well as Aldi Straightforward?

The 3M pads are not enough. Though these are so much narrower than the motion soaking 3M pads provided with GoPro’s. Then after being placed on the face shield lid for a few days.

These already have begun to rise from the mounting kit. And though the pads are approximately having similar sizes as the GoPro ones, you can possibly purchase a pack of GoPro 3M pads & use them anyway.

Final Thoughts:

Now, you can ask me a question, Am I satisfied with Maginon Action Camera? I must say Yes. Because Maginon is great for the price to value ratio. 

Our team highly recommended this action camera for those people who don’t want to spend much money on a GoPro action camera.

The cheapest GoPro action camera has been greater than double the price. No doubt, the GoPro is much more featureful than that. 

It captures in higher resolution, makes time-lapse recording, provides several different types of mounts, and supplies its own video editing tools.

Maginon Action Camera: FAQs

Where can we buy the Maginon Action Camera?

You can buy it from Maginon Action Camera or Aldi official online shop.

Is Maginon Action Camera waterproof?

Technically Yes. Because Maginon provides you a waterproof casing.

Does the Maginon Action Camera give you a Micro Sd Card?

Yes. The Maginon Camera package has an 8Gb free Micro Sd Card.

How much resolution does Maginon Action Camera Support?

Maginon Camera supports HD quality videos 1080*720P.

Does Maginon Action Camera offer warranty cards?

Yes, Maginon Action Camera offers you 3 years customer service warranty.

Which action camera is the most affordable GoPro or Maginon?

Undoubtedly, Maginon Action Camera is more affordable to everyone, it’s only $69.99.

4K Ultra HD Maginon Action Camera Video Review:

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