Misconceptions About Smoking To Increase Addiction In 2021

Even though smoking is harmful to health, smokers are addicted to it. Smoking can cause cancer. 

Many people think that there is no benefit in quitting smoking! Because as much as the lungs have been damaged! 

This is a completely wrong idea.

A 2005 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that many people are unable to recover from smoking due to some misconceptions. 

Here are some common ideas about tobacco and smoking, which can be changed quickly-

The only harmful ingredient in cigarettes is nicotine

Nicotine is certainly sensitive. However, cigarette tobacco has many more harmful substances. 

Cigarettes also contain various compounds outside of nicotine, which are harmful.

Cigarettes carry a minimum of 6,000 compounds, as per the American Lung Association.

When they enter the body, they can produce 69 carcinogenic substances (substances responsible for cancer).

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Smoking relieves stress

This is also a misconception. According to science, smoking does not reduce stress but increases it. 

Because your body withdraws nicotine during smoking. This withdrawal exacerbates anxiety, stress. Directly affects your mood.

Light cigarettes do less harm

According to a study in the US Journal of Public Health, about 10 percent of people who smoke light cigarettes think they will do less harm to the body. 

This idea is also wrong. Because cigarettes contain at least 6,000 chemicals.

It is not harmful to smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day

A study published in BMC Medicine in 2015 found that if you smoke at least one cigarette per day; Even then your lungs will be damaged.

In addition, you will face various physical problems. So there is no harm in smoking 2-3 cigarettes a day, this idea is completely wrong. Quitting smoking alone will heal your lungs.

There is no benefit in quitting smoking

Those who smoke regularly; think the lungs have been damaged! What is the benefit of quitting smoking now? 

This idea is completely wrong. Whenever you give up the habit of smoking; That’s when your body and lungs help heal previous wounds.

Blood pressure levels return to normal. Carbon monoxide levels begin to drop within 12 hours. 

The neurological activity also improves. Lung function improves one week after quitting smoking.

Your chance of cardiovascular disease can be cut in half within a year of stopping smoking.

If you continue this for 10-15 years; However, the risk of all tobacco-related diseases will be greatly reduced.

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