Moghlai Parotta Easy Recipe in 2021

Moghlai Parotta is mostly eaten for breakfast in the afternoon. Moghlai Parota was jammed with tea in the afternoon chat with all the family members starting from the guest reception.

Usually, everyone buys Moghlai from the hotel and eats it. However, if you want, you can make Moghlai Parota at home immediately. Find out the easy recipe for Mughlai Parota-

Moghlai Parotta Materials

1. 1 cup of flour

2. 2 eggs

3. 2 pieces of green chilies

4. 1 tablespoon of coriander leaves

5. A little pepper powder

6. 1 chopped onion

7. Salt to taste

8. A little hot spice powder

9. A little bit of salt and chaat spices

10. The amount of oil


First, mix salt and oil with flour and spread it. A soft dough can be made by mixing water with flour and putting it in a bowl. 

You can apply a bit of oil to the dough with your hand. 

Now wrap the bowl with thin plastic for half an hour.

Make egg mixture. Combine onion, coriander leaves, and raw chili powder with salt, pepper, and hot spice powder in a bowl. Mix the eggs well after they have been broken.

Divide the dough into two parts. After each part is thinned and sanded, it should be reassembled. The bread should be covered halfway with the egg mixture. The bread should now be folded in two directions.

Two more sides should be folded and lightly pressed. Now heat oil in a pan in the oven, deep fry in oil, and fry Moghlai Parota. Make sure the food does not burn by frying at medium heat.

The inner part of the stove will not boil if you increase its temperature. Turn it upside down and fry it well. Drain the oil.

Cut into pieces and serve with homemade hot Moghlai Parotta. Sprinkle chaat spices and bit salt on top and serve with tomato sauce.

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