‘Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters’ Riddle: The Detailed Answer and solution

Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters
Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters

Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters The Viral Riddle of 2021.

The current coronavirus covid 19 lockdowns have placed countless citizens underneath the limits of their very own households. 

When many and more people practice social detachment and self-isolation. 

They have discovered creative measures to manage themselves occupied during the day. 

Whereas some waste time enjoying Television shows and films some love learning things or playing computer games. 

A recent phenomenon in riddles to answer on social networking sites. 

With all these numerous newer riddles coming up for people to partake in a brain-tickling play. 

Several traditional riddles have even made their path to come back home.

“Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters” Riddle: 

One of several riddles that now have bounced home is that Mr. Smiths had four daughters. 

This fairly easy sounding puzzle was running through the social networking sites in plenty. 

And this is how it starts.

The Question of Riddle: 

Mr.  Will Smith had four daughters, every girl had a younger brother. So, How many kids would Mr. Smith have?

Smith Had Four Daughters riddle
Smith Had Four Daughters riddle

The Answer of Riddle:

None. Mr. Smith has no children presently.

The  Detailed Solution:

If the term ‘had’ is highlighted, it indicates that Mr. Smith may not have any children at all. 

One has to look closely at the tenseness of the sentence. 

The statement is in the simple past, which suggests that Mr. Smith has no children at all. 

But from the other side, there is another interpretation of the riddle that switches the solution.

More Riddles:

Alternative Question:

Mr.  Will Smith has four daughters, every girl has a younger brother. So, How many kids would Mr. Smith have?

In this “Mr. Smith Has Four Daughters” jigsaw riddle example, the word tense has been constructed in the present tense. 

That guarantees that Mr. Smith already has his kids with him at the moment. 

When each daughter has a brother, Mr. Smith does have five kids. 

This easy-going and challenging riddle surprises people with the use of terms and phrases.

Final Thoughts:

“Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters” or “Mr.Smith has 4 daughters” both are very awesome riddles.

You can ask this “Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters” riddle to your friends and families or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or even WhatsApp messages.

Hope you like our full detailed question and answer and also the solution to the “Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters” riddle.

If you have any doubt on this “Mr. Smith Had Four Daughters” riddle write in the comment section.

What do you think?

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