Neeraj Chopra Biography, Age, Gold Medal, Best Javelin Throw in 2021

Neeraj Chopra Biography in English, Javelin Throw of India, Tokyo Olympic 2021, Gold Medal, Personal Best, Height, Record, Salary, Best Throw, World Ranking, Religion, Caste

Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra represents the country on the international stage. A gold medal was won by the Indian athlete who represented India in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, demonstrating his skills as a javelin thrower and making the final round. 

In the pages of history, both he and India are mentioned. In the final, he had a record throw of 87.58 meters which nobody could match. 

He was also included in the army due to his excellent performance in the javelin throw. As a result, they have become a source of livelihood for their family, and we will give you a detailed description of their life.

Neeraj Chopra Biography 2021 In English

NameNeeraj Chopra
Place of BirthPanipat Haryana
BornDecember 24, 1997
Age23 years
Mother NameSaroj Devi
Father NameSatish Kumar
Net worthAround $5 million
CoachUwe hone
Profession Javelin Throw
RankingNo 4 in the world
CasteHindu Ror Maratha
Neeraj Biography

Neeraj’s early life/birth and family

Born in Panipat city in Haryana on 24 December 1997, Neeraj Chopra is an Indian javelin thrower. Satish Kumar is Neeraj Chopra’s father, and Saroj Devi is his mother.

Two of Neeraj Chopra’s sisters are also alive. Neeraj Chopra grew up in Khandara, a village in the Panipat district of Haryana, where his father worked as a farmer. His mother is a housewife. There are a total of five siblings in Neeraj Chopra’s family.

Neeraj Chopra’s education

Neeraj Chopra studied in Haryana in his early years as a javelin thrower. And, Neeraj has graduated, according to the information received. 

Neeraj Chopra completed his initial studies at BBA College before pursuing his graduation at the college.

Neeraj Chopra’s coach

Coach Neeraj Chopra is Uwe Hohn, who previously competed as a javelin thrower in Germany. Only after taking training from Uwe Hohn is Neeraj Chopra performing so well.

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Age and personal details about Neeraj Chopra

In his 23 years of age, javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra is still unmarried. Having reached their destination, they are now concentrating all of their attention on this. Furthermore, we are not given any information on Neeraj Chopra’s romantic life.

Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra’s professional career

Thrower Neeraj Chopra has been throwing javelins since he was just 11 years old. Neeraj Chopra’s achievement in 2016 became even more vital in his training, which proved very beneficial to him. 

In the year 2014, Neeraj Chopra purchased a 7000 rupee spear for himself. To play at the international level, Neeraj Chopra bought a spear worth one million rupees. During the 2017 Asian Championships, Neeraj Chopra threw a javelin 50.23 meters, winning the match. 

In the same year, he also competed in the IAAF Diamond League, where he placed seventh. Following this, Neeraj Chopra took over. And, his coach challenged him very hard, and he set numerous records after that.

Records by Neeraj Chopra

  • In Lucknow, Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal in the Under 16 National Junior Championships with a throw of 68.46 meters in 2012.
  • During the National Youth Championship in 2013, Neeraj Chopra was ranked second and later qualified for the World Youth Championship.
  • At the Inter-University Championships, Neeraj Chopra set an age group record by throwing 81.04m. 2015 was the year of this competition.
  • A new record was set at the 2016 Junior World Championships when Neeraj Chopra threw 86.48m and won the gold medal.
  • 2016 South Asian Games gold medalist Neeraj Chopra threw 82.23 meters for the win.
  • Neeraj Chopra won another gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games with a throw of 86.47 meters.
  • India was crowned the gold medalist at the Asian Games in Jakarta by Neeraj Chopra, who threw an 88.06-meter javelin en route to winning the gold medal.
  • Having won a gold medal in javelin’s throw in the Asian Games was Neeraj Chopra’s first Asian Games achievement. 
  • The winner of both the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games was Neeraj Chopra, the second player in the same year. A record similar to this was set in 1958 by Milkha Singh.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Neeraj Chopra

The final javelin match took place on 7th August at 4:30 pm. Niraj won the gold medal through an impressive performance in this match. In India’s history, its name has been etched in stone.

And, In the final match, Neeraj Chopra’s record for the most significant distance was set in two rounds out of six, which no player could break for the next four rounds.

And in the end, Neeraj won the gold medal and remained at the top of the podium.

During Wednesday’s Tokyo Olympics, track and field’s first Olympic medal contender, Neeraj Chopra, registered a perfect javelin throw to advance to the final. 

And, his 86.65m throw secured Neeraj Chopra a place in the Olympic final, making him the first Indian to qualify for an Olympic final. 

Moreover, due to Neeraj Chopra’s determination, India now stands a chance at winning the gold medal.

Neeraj Chopra’s Olympic schedule

All 12 javelin throwers with a score of 83.50m or better will qualify for Group A and Group B. 5:00 p.m. on 7 August, and there will be the final match.

The best throw from Neeraj Chopra

Today in the Tokyo Olympics javelin throw finals, Neeraj threw the javelin 87.58 meters, which is his best throw.

The 15th-ranked thrower Neeraj Chopra, after his first attempt, threw 86.65m to qualify for the final. Another automatic qualifier was Lassi Atteltalo of Finland.

Neeraj Chopra’s World Rankings

Current world rankings for Neeraj Chopra indicate the athlete ranks fourth in javelin throwing. Neeraj Chopra is also the recipient of many awards and medals.

Net Worth and Salary of Neeraj Chopra

The JSW Sports team is Neeraj Chopra’s current responsibility. The famous sports drink company Gatorade has selected him to be a brand ambassador. Approximately 5 million rupees is Neeraj Chopra’s net worth.

He earns a good living from various awards, but no information about Neeraj Chopra’s salary has been released.

Neeraj Chopra has received several awards and medals.

YearAwards And Medals
2012National Junior Championship Gold Medal
2013National Youth Championship Silver Medal
20163rd World Junior Award
2016Asian Junior Championships Silver Medal
2017Asian Athletics Championships Gold Medal
2018Asian Games Championship Golden Pride
2018Arjuna Award
Awards And Medals

Army Officer Neeraj Chopra

In the Indian Army, Neeraj Chopra served as a Subedar before he became an athlete. His age was just 19 at the time, and he was a Junior Commissioned Officer. Even when he was so old, he ran the Rajputana Rifles.

Neeraj Chopra made his mark on history

  • The gold medal for the javelin throw was India’s first-ever at the Olympics.
  • In this case, India did not receive any medals.
  • The Indian shooting team won its first gold medal in 2008, thanks to Abhinav Bindra. 
  • In the final throw of today’s javelin throw contest, Neeraj Chopra became India’s second individual gold medalist of the day.
  • During Neeraj Chopra’s Olympic career, 13 years went by until he won the gold medal.
  • The track and field gold medal is Neeraj’s first Olympic gold for India.
  • It was 121 years ago today that India won the first athletic medal in its history.
  • With his gold medal in athletics, Neeraj Chopra has made history today.

The reward for Neeraj Chopra

It is not only Neeraj Chopra who is extremely happy after winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, but India as a whole is celebrating.

All the countrymen, including Prime Minister Modi Ji, President Kovind, and several ministers of state, congratulate Neeraj on his victory.

Because of this, they are receiving various prizes from different locations. The following is a summary –

  • A Haryana government official has agreed to give Neeraj, who lives there, a cash reward of Rs 6 crores and land at half the cost of a government job.
  • Having won the gold medal for his country, Neeraj Chopra has been awarded a cash prize of Rs 2 crore by the Punjab government.
  • As part of the provincial infrastructure plan, many roads and schools in Punjab will be named “Neeraj Chopra” for Olympic medal winners.
  • The Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation will reward Neeraj with Rs 1 lakh. And at the same time, Neeraj Chopra’s return to India, Neeraj will also be given a grand welcome.
  • Furthermore, BCCI has announced that the cash prize for Neeraj Chopra, India’s gold medalist at the Olympics in Tokyo, will cost Rs 1 crore.
  • Neeraj has also been awarded Rs 1 crore by the owner of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings.
  • Neeraj Chopra will also receive a free year’s worth of travel from Indigo.
  • On the international scene, Neeraj Chopra has enlightened India’s name. Every Indian feels proud today.


Neeraj Chopra is a proud Indian, and he makes all Indian people proud and brings respect from the Olympic games.  Neeraj is an asset of the Indian Sports community and is recognized at the international level.

Furthermore, we hope you like our detailed article on Neeraj Chopra Biography. If you still have any queries or questions regarding Neeraj Chopra Biography 2021 In English and want more info about Neeraj, mention those in the comment section.


Q: Who is Neeraj Chopra?

Ans: Javelin Thrower from India

Q: What is Neeraj Chopra’s age?

Ans: Twenty-three years of age

Q: Can you tell me Neeraj Chopra’s height? 

Ans: 5 feet 10 inches

Q: Neeraj Chopra belongs to what caste?

Ans: Maratha: Hindu Ror

Q: Neeraj Chopra makes how much money?

Ans: Approximately 1 to 5 million dollars

Q: What is the best throw Neeraj Chopra made at the Olympics of 2021?

Ans: 87.58 meters

Q: Javelin Throw record – what is it?

Ans: 90.57 meters

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