Neobux Review: Legit PTC Site Earning Strategy 2021

You have had already heard of various PTC platforms (paid-to-click sites). But today we have brought the Neobux Review which claims to be one of the best PTC sites. PTC sites are sites that pay you to click on a certain link whether it is an advertisement or a survey.

Neobux was established in 2008 so it may seem legit but there are very diverse views among the users over its legitimacy. We are here to provide you with all of the information you need to know about NeoBux.

We will begin this Neobux Review with how its system works, continue with its earning methods and earnings, and finally, end with its pros and cons.

How Does Neobux PTC System Works?

These PTC sites match the advertisers to their customers. They increase the traffic on certain websites by paying us for it. So, they have clients from all over the world and you have a good potential of earning extra income monthly. The process goes like this:-

  1. Go on its web address and click register. It is present at the top of the account dashboard.
  2. Register using your credentials and enter referrals (if you have any) and click continue.
  3. The site will send a verification email and after you click on the email link your account will be activated.
  4. Login again and you are ready to earn.

Neobux Review: Earnings and Earning Methods

Watching ads

You get paid for watching ads visible on your screen. Generally, 30 ads are available on the website per day. The company pays according to the duration of the ad. You will get 0.001$ for 5 seconds, 0.005$ for 10 seconds, 0.01$ for 30 seconds and 0.02$ for 60 seconds.

Taking surveys

There are many paid surveys available in the market but most of them are a scam but this site gives you 100% legit surveys that always pay you. We have not found any surveys that pay higher than 1$ but on average, you can expect 0.60$ per survey.

Play games

It is really fun to earn money in this way since you are playing games and earning at the same time. However, some specific requirements affect your earnings such as registering yourself on the game spending the stipulated time playing it.

Generally, 2 minutes of gameplay gives you 0.025$. The pay rate is really low. Even if you play the game for a full day then also you will barely manage to get a dollar.


This is the best way to multiply your earnings through the site. You get money from what your referrals earn. Referrals are of two different types:-

  • Direct referrals — The user directly enters your username while logging in.
    • Rented referrals — The site gives the facility to rent referrals by paying for it.

Note— You will get 300 rental referrals from a standard account and the number of direct referrals you will get is 30. To get more referrals, you have to choose the upgraded account of gold.

You can increase your referrals by posting them on your social media or use banners on the site’s forum itself. You can hire rentals from 0.6$ per month (3 referrals).

So, if you are a beginner to Neobux then you can expect monthly earnings of around 30 to 40 dollars. So, read this “Neobux Review” and Instructions carefully!


The payment is done on the spot but in the case of technical issues, it can take up to 3-4 days. Currently, the site is giving payments only through Skrill, NETELLER, AirTM, Tipalti, and Cryptocurrency. You will have to give a commission of 1% or 2% depending on the platform which you are using.

The initial payout is 2$ which will increase by 1$ every time you cash out your money. It means that you will cash out 2$, 3$, 4$, and so on. The minimum payout is 2$ and the maximum is 10$.

After one payment you have to wait for 4 more days to do the next one if you have a standard account. But if you have to upgrade your account then your payout time will be decreased.


  • First of all, it is a genuine and legit company working since 2008. So no questions can be drawn on its originality.
  • The payouts are easy and the process isn’t that difficult or technical.  Anyone can do it.
  • The withdrawal limits are as low as 2$ so it gives you flexibility in withdrawing your money.
  • Most importantly, you don’t need any degree or something to work for Neobux.
  • The site provides more than 5 ways to earn to ensure that you don’t get bored in the process.
  • Its customer base is increasing day by day so you have a good number of people to refer to.
  • The site provides more than 18% commission on mini-jobs available on your dashboard.


  •  The website pays you peanuts as a beginner. There are much better substitutes in the market which pay more comparatively.
  • The entire system is made to prompt you to buy the premium version. You can earn good money only when you have a premium plan.
  • Upgrades are costly (90$ for gold).
  • If you are looking for zero investment earnings then this place is not for you.
  • Its policies are not flexible and users get suspended without doing anything (using VPN may suspend you).
  • The customer care services are poor.

So overall this site can become a great advantage to you if you don’t expect much from it. The site will not make you rich but can add something to your monthly income.

Once you have spent 8 to 9 months on the site then you can easily make 30 to 40 dollars per day. However, don’t get carried away by thinking that it will be easy. Remember no one pays anything to you for free. We present everything in this Neobux Review that you need to get started and earn some smart amount.

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