What Is Prostate Massage? Unknown Info You Should Know In 2021

Prostate massage is a form of pleasure massage used to treat a medical condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), affecting many men over 50.

A common complaint of men with BPH is an enlarged and sometimes painful prostate gland. 

Prostate massage treatments relieve this pain by loosening the prostate gland’s muscles and delivering essential oils to the prostate and genital areas. 

During the massage, you are lying back, your body is completely relaxed, and your partner may also be sitting on your chest or stomach. 

You are free to move your head from side to side and move your body in any way, but your partner will stay close by. 

He may use his arms to hold you up, and their fingers or hands may also provide additional stimulation.

Prostate massage is not a pleasure act, and it is simply a form of massage that stimulates a male’s prostate gland.

It may help to give your partner a brief demonstration before doing it for the first time. 

The more relaxed you can make your partner, the better. Make sure they know that this is not something they should take pleasure in.

The best resource available is the National Urology Association for those seeking to give prostate massage therapy.

They have a wonderful, step-by-step instructional video called “Prostate Massage Therapy” available in their video section; it is about 5 minutes long.

They have also produced a prostate massage instructional CD which is also available in their video section.

How to Get Started Prostate Massage

Getting started with prostate massage therapy is a lot like learning any other type of massage therapy. 

At first, it might seem intimidating, but once you practice a few times at home by yourself, you will soon learn what is comfortable and how to do a good prostate massage for your partner.

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The first step to prostate massage therapy is to locate the area to massage. It is easy to locate, as the prostate gland is located just above the perineum or the area between the scrotum and the rectum.

Using the hands, cup the testicles and spread them apart.

With your thumb, find the spot just above the perineum.

Use your fingers to spread and cup the prostate gland; it is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and located about 1 1/2 inches above the perineum.

Your hand should feel the prostate gland but not enter the anal cavity, and there is no need to do so.

Gently use your hands to spread the prostate gland as much as possible, ensuring that you contact the entire gland. 

This is important because if the glands are too compressed, they can easily tear, causing a great deal of discomfort to your partner.

It is important to start with your hands and move to use your lips and tongue. 

Your prostate gland will feel how it feels when you do this. 

If it is very tense, a gentle tongue caress will go a long way towards relaxing it. 

It is important to use slow, firm strokes to your lover so as not to overdo it.

With experience, you will learn what is comfortable to massage your partner and what is not. 

At first, don’t get discouraged if you feel you are not doing it right, as you will get much better at prostate massage over time.

A prostate massage should begin with a warming up of the area. If your lover has a fever, it will make prostate massage therapy a lot more difficult.

The other thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is OK not to massage every time that you give a prostate massage because your lover will enjoy every single moment that you give them a sensual massage. 

Even though they have had a prostate massage, it doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate all of your other massage techniques.

You can use your fingers to guide the penis into the best position during the massage if you don’t know how to position it. 

You can also ask your lover if you’re doing it right so that they can show you.

Finally, please do not forget to breathe. Prostate massage is very intimate and sensual, so make sure that you are in a state of relaxation during the massage. 

In addition, it is crucial to stay hydrated. If you are going to ejaculate, you don’t want to do so while you are massaging your lover’s prostate.

It would be best to experiment until you find a position that you and your coworker like. You will most likely find that you will have to experiment a bit.

One of the best parts about prostate massage is that few positions are used during a prostate massage. 

In addition, you have a lot of control over the process. So, if you want to take your massage to the next level, a few minutes will help you.

Some questions can bruise a man’s ego quite a bit. And that is something that we hate.

Prostate Massage is one of the most ancient forms of health and beauty spa. This is a treatment designed to improve the health of a man’s pleasure organs and, as such, improve performance and pleasant experience.

In general, prostate massage is a procedure that involves applying pressure to the prostate gland. 

This pressure is produced by stimulating certain nerve endings and glands in the area that produce semen. 

Men who have erectile dysfunction benefit the most from this massage, as it helps them produce and release more semen. 

However, it is important to stress that prostate massage is not the only way to ensure the maximum production and effectiveness of semen.

Some men who have difficulty ejaculating may benefit more from manual stimulation of the prostate than from massage.

You can stimulate your prostate most effectively and most effectively during intercourse. 

During enjoy time, you may insert the penis into your partner’s anus, or you may stimulate the organ yourself. The penis is one of the easiest organs to stimulate in this way.

To do Prostate Massage, you will need:

one partner with an aroused and well-working prostate gland

one hand

a hand-sized toy that is compatible with the male enjoy time

The best position to receive prostate massage is the missionary position. 

It would be best if you were lying on your back, but the bed should be tilted so that your partner can enter you while kneeling or sitting, allowing him to stimulate your prostate in the most natural position. It can also be done yourself if you prefer.

In the first step, you will need to lubricate the prostate with a proper lubricant. This will prevent too much friction and, as a result, prevent the massage itself from becoming painful.

Most lubricants are designed specifically to provide proper prostate massage.

You can purchase these lubricants at almost any toy store. Some of them can be quite expensive. Others, however, are much cheaper. 

Lubricants are often classified into two groups: water-based and oil-based. 

You will find that oil-based lubricants will stay longer on your skin and are better for the environment. 

But they are slightly less effective for massage than water-based lubricants.

Before starting, you will want to do a prostate test to ensure that your partner’s prostate is working. This is best done by inserting your fingers in your rectum and spreading your prostate for a few moments. Your partner will feel pressure when he is entering you.

How to stimulate the prostate?

To stimulate the prostate manually, you will need to use two fingers.

It is best to put them in one hand, spread the prostate with the other, or use two different hands. 

The prostate can also be massaged using one hand and both sides at the same time.

For some men, prostate stimulation is an extremely pleasurable experience. 

For others, it is nothing but a painful attempt that will soon be over. To get the best orgasm, one needs to select the right stimulation technique.

Prostate stimulation is a bit different from what you might expect from another kind of prostate massage. 

It is not only about inserting and pulling fingers, and it is a bit more complicated.

Massage the gland along its length for the best results. So, start by spreading your fingers around your anus and gently inserting them at both sides, as far as you can.

Then, using a circular motion, massage the right part of the prostate as close as you can to the prostate’s edge without going beyond the edge itself.

A little bit further in, but still not quite past it, you can use your thumb and massage the left side of the prostate.

When the prostate is fully stimulated, you can slowly massage your fingers inside the prostate. Use a circular motion that spreads the juice to the center of the prostate.

Then, with more pressure, you can rub the area more intensely. Alternatively, you may also wish to insert one finger deeper inside, acting as a “driver.”

By this, we mean a long, narrow finger, not so long as a dick, but long enough that it will be deep enough inside the prostate to massage the center of the gland.

You can massage this area as long as you want, but you should try one more technique. Your fingers should be spread around the anus while your index finger is inserted in the rectum. 

This will help spread the juice around the prostate in even more of an intense, deep massage.

The prostate massage is most often performed during enjoyment time, but there are many other ways to use the prostate. This is a very powerful tool.

It is clear that there are various ways to massage your partner’s prostate, and you should give each of them a try. 

You and your partner should try as many as possible until both of you like one.

Hope you like Our article on Prostate Massage; if you have any questions or queries regarding Prostate Massage, mention those in the comment section. 

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