PUBG Flare Gun: Explore Everything That You Should Know

PUBG Flare Gun is a special gun that is used for sending a signal to get a special airdrop in multiplayer PUBG battle royal video games.

As early as gamers can get to the land on their preferred landing place on the island. 

Of the worldly famous multiplayer Battle Royal Game PUBG Mobile or PC.

They are going to start, looking for guns, ammunition, bandages as well as other important ones. 

Things that they can find in constructions of buildings all over the island map. 

When gamers search a building or place, they will find the Red Flare Gun looks like a red pistol. 

Some gamers may not know how to use the PUBG Flare Gun. 

Because it is a flare gun, it can be used for sending signals. 

But, you may have a question signal for what. 

How do you use it to the advantage of you or your squad? 

Read the whole flare gun article to discover more about it.

What is PUBG Flare Gun?

The Flare gun is an exceptionally unusual firearm that, when shot, brings into a special airdrop. 

PUBG Flare Gun
PUBG Flare Gun

And, this airdrop releases a greater quantity of, especially classified resources than the regular airdrop. 

When the flare is fired straight high into the sky and hits an altitude of near 200 meters. 

The airplane will quickly pass over all the island maps and fall off special supply crates. 

If the gamer is within the safe zone, they get the crate, or if not they get the BRDM-2 when players are outside of the safe circle. 

However, using a flare gun at a player/ opponent does not do any harm.

PUBG Flare Gun Details

Firing FrequencyOne by One
Statistics Updated12/19/18 ( PUBG Version:
Time Between Each Shot3.5s
Firing ModesSingle
Duration (Tactical)3.5s
Duration (Full)3.5s

PUBG Flare Gun Information:

Magazine Size1
Ammunition TypeFlare
Attachment PointsNone
Gun TypeLike Pistol
Flare Gun In-Game DescriptionA usable weapon or supply signal

Limited Firearms supply box with outstanding equipment

The Flare Gun in PUBG Battle Royal Game is an uncommon discovery throughout all three maps. 

That has already been pushed out here in-game, Like,

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok

And, When games use a flare gun to call a special drop plane, it drops a special supply crate. 

At the time players within the safe zone circle or an armed UAZ vehicle when players are outside the safe zone.

The special supply crate that gamers get when they shoot the Flare Gun is different from the normal supply airdrops. 

These airdrops are lowered from the sky at the running gameplay and safeguarded by three parachutes from the drop plane. 

And it also holds better equipment and firearms. 

If you desire this crate, you should call airdrops inside the white circle area which is called the safe zone, and use this flare gun.

Besides, if you shoot a flare gun within the white circle, you’re going to get a massive inventory crate. 

It can be included with level-3 weaponry and armor and perhaps a ghillie suit for disguise as well. 

And, if you shoot it outside of the white zone ring you’ll get armed UAZ. 

Which is a green range rover like Jeep with iron slats on its windows as well as windshield. 

How to use PUBG Flare Gun:

And, below we discuss how and when to use PUBG Flare Gun efficiently.

Move Out In The Outdoor Land

You are going to locate the Flare Gun within the apartments or buildings. 

However, if you were to utilize the Flare Gun, you might need to move out of the premises.

Choose An Appropriate Location And Shoot A Flare In The Sky

This weapon is loud and annoying. 

Shots fired will expose your position to your enemies. 

So, pick an accessible site, ideally with a lot of hiding places. 

The flare signal is going to stay in the sky after you fired the flare gun. 

Then, you’ll be happy to notice the airplane coming straight to the spot where you shot the flare gun. 

And, the aircraft will release a truly unique supply crate that, after arrival, emits yellow smoke.

Steal The Crate Immediately And Switch Your Position Right Away 

You’d like resources from the crate nevertheless. 

If your goal is to steal this first and trap opponents or establish an enemy trap. 

Shoot them and steal resources from both the crate or the killed opponents in case they tried to steal it until they were killed. 

In all other cases, it will be best to keep moving.

Technical Advice For Using The PUBG Flare Gun: 

Because now you understand what a flare gun is doing, it seems to be time for several pro tips on the easy win of your match. 

Please Tell Your Team Members And Pick A Private Area

If the ultimate focus is to finally have the supply crate and then utilize the dominant firearms, stuff from the massive crate. 

So, first, tell your buddies and identify the spot on the island map where you’re supposed to utilize the flare gun.

Let everybody get next to the crate. 

Then, find a sheltered location with several hiding places like cliffs, buildings, overgrown bushes areas, etc. 

Now, Get there, wait and shoot a shot where the regular group of enemies shouldn’t be there.

You can negotiate with each other and determine which one of you should load up on the fresh supplies. 

As well as the remainder can keep a watchful eye out for the enemy by spreading out. 

If in a team, two of them can be best geared first, and the other two can focus their attention open for attackers.

Proceed To A Point Of View 

If your objective is to first draw attackers into a pit, then select a place in the white circle safe zone surrounding. 

And, it must have to be a little accessible with several hidden spaces. 

And where you believe the enemy could be patrolling. 

Shoot a flare gun and quickly get to the lookout point far beyond in the distance of your weapons. 

The massive crate is likely to impress other groups, regardless of the risk that they will already realize that it has good equipment.

Perhaps if one group has entered the crate, participate from various pre-chosen directions.

Shouldn’t Participate In Attack Immediately

This advice is for cases since more than one squad appears on the location. 

Don’t start firing an opposing squad right away. 

There would have been more than one squad attracted to the flare supply crate. 

In such a situation, there would be vigorous firefighting in contact with each other. 

However, you wouldn’t have to engage. 

You can only preserve your ammunition, and by not giving away your position. 

And, you may catch up with the opponent’s remaining squad.

Switch The Position Instantly After The Shot Has Been Fired

That’s the most simple advice if you want to draw opponents into a trap. 

And, just loot easily and drive away, or establish an attack first.

Keep Up With The Ammunition Until You Call The Flare Drop

If you are being short on ammonia, as with any PUBG case, there is also a significant downside. 

And, be sure the squad has enough ammunition to engage a lot of opponents.

To Start Stocking Up On Health And Wellness Items

You have stock on bandages, energy drinks,med-kits, and the first-aid kits to be more prepared.

To Get A Long Scope 3/4x Or A Sniper Is A Major Bonus

You will have more advantages getting a 3/4x scope or a sniper is incredibly useful if you’re trying to grab opponents from far away.

Don’t Shoot The Flare Gun When You’re Driving 

Shouldn’t shoot a shot when you’re driving, since this could react to a flare drifting far from the expected position.

Try To Use Flare Near The River Side

If you can use a flare gun near the riverbank side then you will get one side secure.

Because generally, the enemy doesn’t come from a boat at the riverside.

To Get BRDM Vehicle

If you are late to go to the safe zone and enemies have surrounded the little circle zone. 

Then, you can use a flare gun to get BRDM to go to the zone safely and BRDM has great HitPoints and is hard to destroy.

Multiplayer PUBG Battle Royal Mobile Game:
Top 5 Drop Location To Discover Flare Gun In Erangel Island Map

Flare Guns plays an important part in the prominent Multiplayer PUBG Mobile Royal Battle video game. 

Not only is this a decent firearm, however it even takes alongside a Level 3 helmet, a backpack, and a level 3 jacket. 

While the gamer uses it within the playground. 

It also carries a bullet-proof jeep if utilized outside in the secure zone.

As a result, a gamer or squad with a flare gun has an additional edge in the match. 

And their odds of winning the match are improved. 

Then, locating a flare gun somehow in a large map of Erangel can be time demanding.

Well, the gamer needs to identify the top five locations in Erangel where you can quickly locate a flare gun.

The Best 6 locations to find the Flare Gun in the Erangel island map is given below, 

Well here’s a majority of the best 6 locations on the Erangel map, which are extremely likely to spawn a flare gun.

Military Base
PUBG Flare Gun: Military Base

Military Base is a location with a variety of houses and C buildings apartment. 

Making it the best spot to go through the quest of a flare gun. 

The gamer, including the flare gun, can discover great loot there. 

And, they can even do two bridge camping just after a proper loot. 

This bridge camp can lead to several kill points at the start of the match. 

Often the safe zone benefits the Military Base. 

And, it gives the players or the squads a favorable position in the final circles of the PUBG match.

You can also get the long-range scope like 3/4/6x in the military base area.

Probability of having Flare Gun: Very High 

Risk: Low to Strong


Georgopol is an excellent location to find a flare weapon. 

The gamer can locate it on or in Import Export containers

Or, it can be spawned in nearby warehouses situated at Georgopol in Erangel. 

Often the gamer or the team may also locate upwards of one flare gun in the Georgopol area.

Including the biggest chance of having a flare gun, this location has the best guns and level 3 version loot for the team or oneself.

But, with plenty of loot and supply, Georgopol may become some of the riskiest locations in the Erangel map. 

As a result, the player or team ought to be ready to fight right away.

Probability of having Flare Gun: Very High 

Risk: Medium to Strong


In recent days, this location has become incredibly famous. 

While the first safe zone is far from Georgopol, the gamer can go to this location to find a flare gun. 

This Novorepnoye location wasn’t much of a hot drop. 

However, the danger that can be here is very high because of the bridge camping. 

As Georgopol, the flare gun can be located in or near the shipping containers or in the storage warehouse facilities. 

Apart from this, the location has ample loot not only for the team but also for the entire team. 

Including several structures that support to cover up throughout epic combat.

Moreover, this  Novo Area is very big. 2 squads easily share the loot of the whole area and go forward in-game.

Probability of having Flare Gun: Very High 

Risk: Medium to Strong

Shooting Range
PUBG Flare Gun Shooting Range

Your probability of discovering a flare gun in the Shooting Range area may not be quite as high as in some other areas. 

But, due to the relatively low-risk aspect, the shooting range area makes its path to the best locations to find the flare gun in the Erangel island map where the gamer can spot a flare gun.

It may be seen on the boxes, and combined with that the place has a certain quantity of loot. 

And a huge amount of 5.5mm ammunition for weapons such as M416, M16A4 Mini14, etc. 

As well as this, the shooting range area just isn’t very big. 

And therefore it won’t take a very long time to loot it, which will help the gamer make fast rotations for the safe zone.

Probability of having Flare Gun: Medium

Risk: Low to Medium 

Mylta Power
Mylta Power

Once more, regardless of the low-risk aspect, Mylta Power allows it to the top locations on the list to grab a flare gun. 

Well, if the gamer wants to play defensively at the beginning, that individual can select Mylta Power to get a flare gun. 

Some other benefit of traveling to Mylta Power is that the gamer can locate all of the loot needed in one housing complex.

Again, you can go to Novo island by boat if the zone shifts towards that location.

At Mylta power roadside you will find a vehicle for rotation.

Probability of having Flare Gun: Medium

Risk: Low to Medium 


Pochinki is the center of the Erangal Map and it’s generally very easy to drop there due to its central location.

There are lots of apartments and three-storied buildings and also various types of houses.

Gamers easily can grab their essential loot and at the time of looting, they also can get the flare gun for the special airdrop.

As it is the center of Erangle most teams keep an eagle eye on this location and always early action is seen in Pochinki.

So, as early as possible you should leave the Pochinki area and take a safe position in the safe zone.

Probability of having Flare Gun: Medium

Risk: Medium to High


We did our best to explain the PUBG flare gun in this article.

How to get a flare gun, How to use a flare gun and Where to find a PUBG flare gun, etc.

If you use our tips and tricks in PUBG competitive gaming scenarios you also will get advantages.

So, hope you learn some information regarding the PUBG Flare Gun and How and When to use it, and also where you can find it easily.

If you still have any queries or any thoughts on PUBG Flare Gun mention those in the comment section.

PUBG Flare Gun: FAQs

Can A Flare Gun Kill An Enemy In Pubg Game?

Flare guns are not going to kill anybody. It’s all going to get you a supply of a special airdrop. 

Even so, be equipped for any battles, since the flare could be seen from a long distance. 

And, also use only after you’ve got protection and can emboss your opponents.

Which Weapon Has The Maximum Damage In The PUBG?

The weapon has the maximum damage in the PUBG, are given below:

  • AWM sniper
  • MK14
  • Crossbow
  • Groza
  • SLR

Which Weapon Kills Quickly In The Pubg?

MK14 is a DMR, classified by Marksman Rifle. 

DMRs are firearms consisting of the features of ARs gun and Sniper Rifles.

The injury to the weapons is similar to those of the gunman. 

And, It also has an automatic feature that allows it very quickly to bring down an opponent. 

Trying to make this one of the quickest gun killings in the PUBG game.

Which Weapon Will Kill With One Shot At The Pubg?

The strongest sniper rifle in the PUBG is a super sniper the AWM.

That’s the only weapon in the PUBG which can destroy a gamer with a level 3 shield. 

Sad to say, the AWM may only be found in airdrop crates. 

And, it is an uncommon weapon to acquire. 

The M24 will be the second strongest bolt-action shooter in the PUBG video game.

What Firearm Has The Minimum Recoil In The Pubg Game?

AUG A3 is already widely recognized as PUBG Mobile’s ‘no recoil gun.

It is indeed the most steady weapon in the game, but AUG A3 is only obtainable from only airdrops.

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