PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal Pass 100 Outfit

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal pass 100 outfits is one of the desirable costumes in-game for PUBG players. 

PUBG Mobile is amongst the extremely famous Battle Royale mobile games in history. 

The gameplay contains high graphics and ambient soundtracks. 

And, that is a fully accessible open-world multiplayer shooting video game where a participant needs to kill other opponent players. 

To win and get chicken dinner during the battle, A player may select from a variety of firearms. 

Such as handguns, sniper rifles, and automatic weapons, to destroy other enemies in the video game.

Every season, PUBG development teams launch a new Royal Pass 

And, Latest Royal pass provides gamers a bunch of colorful costumes, gun skins, automobile finishes, and far more. 

Detailed information on PUBG mobile season 18 Royal pass 100 outfits:

The motif for the new season Royal pass 18 in the game is focused on neon lights. 

And, The players who buy the Elite Royale Pass also get a variety of fascinating costumes and many other skins. 

This article discusses PUBG mobile season 18 RP 100 outfit ins and out and how to get it.

PUBG Mobile gamers have to fulfill all Royal pass missions to get 100 RP ranks to obtain all prizes. 

And then gamers can redeem RP lock items in-game for themselves. 

The Royal pass 100 RP award is amongst the most famous outfits in any season of the season. 

In the latest Pubg season 18 of the game, participants will earn an iconic outfit named the String Ensemble Suit. 

And, mobile gamers who succeed to unlock the RP Rank 100 award should also have a unique headgear labeled String Ensemble Headgear including the costume.

Here is an officially sanctioned picture of the PUBG Mobile Season 18 RP 100 outfit :

Neon Lady Set
Neon Lady Set

Gamers can also get several other fun clothes and also firearm skins by fulfilling the different given missions in the Royal Pass season 18.

String Ensemble
String Ensemble

And, there seems to be two mythical costumes in the 60th rank, and also a fresh hand grenade skin.

The latest Royal Pass season is just a few more days away from being published to the game’s global servers. 

And, players who have enough UC (PUBG’s in-game Unknown Currency), can only purchase the Elite Royal Pass.

About PUBG Mobile Royal Pass UC Requirements:

There are two forms of PUBG mobile Royal Passes in the game. 

Elite Royale Pass requires 600 UC and Elite Plus Royale Pass requires 1800 UC.

And Elite Plus Royale Pass comes with certain bonus perks for teams.


With every season’s Royal Pass, Pubg Mobile developers fascinated gamers via the new elite theme of the season and various outfits.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal pass 100 outfit is a good example of this new season culture.

Hope you like PUBG Mobile Season 18 RP 100 outfit 2021.

If you like Season 18 RP 100 outfit, do you want to Purchase a Royal pass?

If so which one Elite or Elite Plus write in the comment section.

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