Record A Video Call In Zoom Step By Step Tutorial With Details

Record A Video Call In Zoom

It’s too easy to Record A Video Call In Zoom. Here I gave a tutorial of each and every step with full details.

One of the biggest changes in people’s lives in Corona is performing office work from home. Meetings are conducted mostly over the internet. In addition, classrooms are increasingly virtual.

Video conferencing services like Zoom are now the mainstay. The great advantage of this software is that the meetings can be recorded. When necessary, it has the option to see it again.

Here we’ll go through the guidelines for capturing video in Zoom. There will be an attempt to inform the benefits of other software in phases.

Which is important to keep in mind

  • You have to record and save the video on your zoom free account on your device, and there is no opportunity to keep it online.
  • The recording will only be available on desktop versions of computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It must also have the latest version installed.

How To Record A Video Call In Zoom:

  • You should install Zoom on your computer as soon as possible. Register for an account.
  • Now, you can begin a new meeting or attend an existing one.
  • After joining, you will find a record button at the top left of the video call screen. Clicking on it will start recording the video.
  • Zoom will automatically save the file when the meeting is over.

If you want to stop recording for any reason, click Pause or Stop Recording at the bottom of the screen. After saving the file, you can see it yourself or send it to someone else by e-mail.

Another Popular Video Conferencing Software Worldwide

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