Remove Credit Card From Google Play (Solved)

Remove Credit Card From Google Play
Remove Credit Card From Google Play

Remove Credit Card From Google Play: Hello friends, Are you searching how to remove credit cards from the Google play store’s mobile application? 

Your search quarry removes credit cards from the Google play store and will be answered in this blog post.

Since you can conveniently buy applications, songs, games, and much other stuff on your Android smartphone, you most likely have at minimum one credit or debit card linked to your Google Play account.

And besides, the Google Play Store has an overwhelming number of games to select from. At the moment of publication, the site had over 2,700,000 applications. 

Isn’t it absolutely insane? And the app downloading number is steadily growing.

And, official stats show that 3739 applications are published to the Google Play Store each other day, which is to be anticipated considering the overall market high demand. 

As per Sensor Tower, there seem to be 250 million Apps downloads per day.

This has been reported that more than 4 billion smartphones were utilized in 2018, a figure that has undoubtedly improved ever since, and roughly half of the global population.

Or, approximately 3.9 billion individuals, were found to be digital in 2018, with all of them spending on the content or performing in-app transactions.

However, when your credit/debit card has declined or you no longer want to use it, you must delete your credit card from the Google Play Store application.

Although it just takes a few clicks, the removal icon is hidden someplace you would not expect to see it.

As you might have found, there really is no obvious way to delete your Credit Card information from the Google Play Store. 

As a result, we’ve included instructions for removing Credit Cards From Google Play Store Application down.

As one would expect, this option is intended to make it easier for people to allow future payments on Google Play without requiring re-Credit Card details.

Fortunately, if you wish to remove your credit card or other payment cards from Google Play Store for some excuse, you can get there conveniently at any moment.

How To Remove Credit Card From Google Play

Well, for Removing Credit Card From Google Play Store by following the procedures outlined down,

1. Launch the Google Play Store application on your Android smartphone.

2. Click the 3 horizontal markings in the upper left corner of the page, which is often pointed to it as the hamburger menu

3. Choose “Payment Methods.”

4. Choose “More payment options.”

5. A pop-up window must appear questioning which tab you want to choose to open the website. Click the web browser of your choice, and afterward click “Just once.”

6. If you are notified, sign/log in to your Google account.

7. Scroll down to the credit card you wish to delete, then press “Remove.” Click “Remove” a second attempt to validate your selection.

Final Words:

It’s just as easy as that. Your credit card has since been officially removed and then you can use different cards to buy applications and other content from the Google Play Store application.

Hope you successfully remove your debit or credit card from Google Play Store mobile App; if you still face any kind of issues regarding how to remove a credit card from the google play store application write in the comment section.

We hope you found this post useful and were able to solve the mystery of “How To Remove Credit Card From Google Play”!

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