Sell Gift Cards For Cash – 20 Best Websites Overview

To Sell Gift Cards for Cash is one of the easiest ways to earn instant cash in this Coronavirus pandemic situation.

Gift Card or Gift vouchers seem to be a traditional gift choice, particularly during the festive season. 

They even make a good gamble when you’re unsure of what to buy for your loved ones or family or friends.

Although for those who receive those gift cards each holiday. 

It’s going to be a bit more challenging if the cards aren’t entirely consistent with their preferences. 

And whether they’d probably prefer money in the meanwhile.

Well, what will you be doing in a case such as this one? 

Ok, perhaps, you might take into account exchanging or selling your unused gift cards for having a good amount of cash.

Are you surprised, huh? Okay, not to be that way. 

Selling gift cards for cash is also very conceivable to transform gift cards into real money.

List Of The Best 20 Websites To Sell Gift Cards For Cash:

Best 20 Websites To Sell Gift Cards For Cash
Best 20 Websites To Sell Gift Cards For Cash

Now, to continue making things even easier for you to sell gift cards. 

We have described the 20 best online websites or marketplaces to sell online gift cards or vouchers. 

And these online market places or websites will consider giving you some cash immediately.

Now, the list of sell gift cards for cash online website is given below,

1. Raise

Raise is one of the best internet-based marketplaces for cashing your gift cards. 

Raise gives you the opportunities to showcase or advertise your unused gift cards for selling at the current market value or your choosing price. 

When the card is found by the purchaser, you will be paid by check or immediate credit to your bank account or PayPal wallet.

At Raise, once you input the price of the gift card and card details, you pick your desired selling offer price. 

Even though Raise will give a recommended amount depending on the valuation of the gift card.

Now, the website will show automatically how much you will gain money from the transaction after Raise takes their commission percentages. 

So, don’t be too excited to see a good amount of money being offered to you, you must keep in mind that Raise will take their 15% commission.

2. GiftCardBin

Gift card sellers seem to have a great opportunity either through trading gift cards digitally or quick cash in offline stores. 

By contacting any one of their 400+ affiliate partner outlets in the United States of America & Canada. 

Those who want an online gift card marketplace alternative must first build a profile, share the details on the card to obtain a bid.

When approved, the sender must forward the gift card as well as a duplicate of the email displaying the payment number directly to the GiftCardBin. 

The transaction is transferred through PayPal after confirmation.

3. Monstergiftcard

One more popular platform for selling online gift cards for instant cash is the Monstergiftcard. 

Monstergiftcard allows gift cards with a price of just 10 to 200 USD. 

Gift card owners or holders must initially sign up online and afterward coordinate their card also with marked price available on the internet. 

If approved, the gift card and the unique bar code emailed to the seller will be provided to the Monstergiftcard. 

After the authentication process, payment checks shall be delivered between 3-5 working days or credited to Dwolla immediately.

4. Amazon

Amazon has pretty nearly anything, so the odds are that this path might be much easier for you. 

SO, we are pleased to even let you in on something surprising, because while you’re not getting any actual cash for that kind of strategy.

you may pick up some additional Amazon Dollars for all your unused gift cards, and that’s only going to have to take minutes. 

Again, it is indeed a perfect method to stop charging any service charges or fear putting over the maturity date.

It is often applicable not just to the certain prepaid or unused gift cards people hold, as well as to certain accounts. 

Moreover, it is either $50 or even just 5 cents, you’re going to get 100 percent of its revenue. 

Remember, however, that none of this does function for prepaid cards and does not operate for retailers or marketing gift cards.

It is also good to learn the entire figure remaining on and of your cards so it would be simpler to cancel your unused prepaid cards. 

Besides, when your card has been attached to your wallet, you will also utilize it to redeem your Amazon gift card credit to qualify for your upcoming order.

So, if you want to sell your gift card on Amazon you have to open an Amazon account and you have to insert all information regarding debit or credit card. 

Then input gift card information for listing and the whole process is simple to do.

5. Gift Card Granny

Yet another successful internet website named Gift Card Granny is a lifesaver for individuals who are searching to sell gift cards for real money.

Gift Card Granny empowers sellers to select from a variety of alternatives especially regarding.

People can mention the gift cards and select the appropriate wisest request to make fast extra money online. 

List one card online at the market value they desire. 

This could end up taking longer to sell; however and users could generate more revenue.

Interchange the previous gift cards that you want by selecting from the catalog of reputable retail outlets.

6. QuickcashMI

Are you living in Michigan then we have good news for you in this Covid-19 time?

QuickcashMI is just an online website platform in Michigan that sells gift cards for dollars. 

It provides a general marketplace for market participants of gift cards to make money by selling someone’s gift cards conveniently.

QuickcashMI purchases reduced in price gift cards straightforwardly from the gift card owner. 

They authenticate the genuineness and consistency of every other gift card. 

And QuickcashMI afterward maintains them till the potential buyer is discovered.

Gift card sellers will obtain a digital check in their mailbox within a few hours of the verification of one’s gift cards and confirmation of their payment by the QuickcashMI authority.

7. SellMeGiftCard

Among the most common websites to trade cash gift cards is the SellMeGiftCard. 

The survey report explains itself as one of the largest Amazon gift card trading sites on the web. 

However, that one was only for those who would like to swap an Amazon gift card.

The problem with this approach is that the seller inputs all of the standard gift card details to obtain a bid for his cards of gifts.

Whether it’s good you have to input additional details such as your complaint code, payment balance, PayPal, And e-mail address. 

If the account has been verified, the funds will be transferred to his PayPal wallet.

8. EJgiftcards

If you are thinking about where to sell gift cards for cash near me.

Then, the renowned gift cards online platform helps you to select the exact gift card that you want to sell. 

From their extensive number of big stores worldwide and supermarket chains. 

Then, you type the remaining dollar sum on your card to immediately obtain a sales bid. 

Unless you are already satisfied with the initial offer, you ought to insert the card details and pin code corresponding to the required price of the card. 

Now, You have to Sign up and access and input your PayPal email address to withdraw the payment.

9. CardPool

CardPool is one of the most trustworthy source gift card trading sites in the world. 

Clients can exchange gift cards now to receive up to 92% of their worth depending on the label directly in cash.

Moreover, almost everything you must do is register your payment information online and gift card details for confirmation to have an immediate deal. 

If it is appropriate, clients will be required to submit your gift card to Cardpool. 

After acceptance, you will be billed by check-in, generally during one working day.

CardPool’s high-quality and safe transaction methods make it the best website to sell gift cards for cash.

10. GiftCardSpread

GiftCardSpread provides you the opportunities to set the desired price or market value for the gift cards that you intend to sell. 

You have to fill up an online registration form, and the website returns with verification or even a competitive bid.

When the seller approves the selling price, then, he/she must send his/her ID & credit card details, and gift card information inside of 24hrs. 

When the identification and card details have been checked, the transaction is completed nearly instantly.

11. CardSwap

A piece of good news for Canadian gift card owners who want to sell cards for instant money.

CardSwap is a  prominent marketplace between several Canadians aiming to sell gift cards for real cash. 

Usually, Sellers pay for up to 92% of the price of their fully unused used gift cards.

But, Partially used gift cards can get less money.

The platform features the card on the website for purchasers who might be keen on purchasing them.

Purchasers who are using CardSwap to purchase gift cards are also entitled to receive SwapPoints a unique loyalty option. 

This special program allows them to exchange rewards for gift cards or money.

12. Abcgiftcards

Abcgiftcards is a well-established gift card selling platform where you can make money by selling gift cards digitally exactly like most of the other websites listed above. 

In the event of a deal, the seller should very last input the relevant information of his gift card on the web, and mail his highest bid.

On a few of the very many cards, the vendor will represent approximately near 90% of the current prices of the card alone. 

Again, the Abcgiftcards platform even helps you to swap an expired card for a newer one from their menu of alternatives.

Besides, Payouts are distributed via check or PayPal credit in less than a few days of the completion of their deal.

13. CardCash

CardCash is another effective method to go and get cash immediately for gift cards. 

Now, You have to only submit your gift card information on their official site to create a bid for you.

Besides, If you are fortunate, you might eventually make up 90 percent of the overall price of the gift cards. 

Your transactions are paid through check or direct transfer to the PayPal account, typically within the next few hours or one day.

People can however swap your card for a completely new card through their list of eligible labels or brands.

14. eBay

You can indeed turn gift cards into dollars by selling them on eBay unless you’re very needy for cash. 

But please compare the prices of related cards offered for sale at this online marketplace. 

Now you have to find out the current sales listings for a particular gift card company that you choose to market digitally.

In this approach, you’ll understand both rates they’ve priced for and the request for them. 

Moreover, most common cards typically sell around 60 to 70 percent of their current valuations.

15. Pls247

Pls247 offers you the traditional way to sell gift cards and earn cash instantly.

While you are looking for an alternative to sell gift cards in hand, a drive to the neighboring PLS retailer might be good enough to justify your time.

They purchase fresh or slightly utilized gift cards with quite a stability of more than $20 and less than $400.

What you have to do is walk through into the supermarket, demonstrate a legitimate authorized Identification. 

Then you have to show a debit or credit card to receive an unlimited offer on eligible gift cards.

If you think the deal is beneficial, you can request the cash transferred to your account. 

Or you can decide to hand cash over to you so that you can use cash as much as you want. 

16. Craigslist

Craigslist is a very popular online platform in the USA and Canada. 

Craigslist may not have a particular section for selling gift cards.

So you are going to try to submit card selling offers in the nearest appropriate category. 

For comparison purposes, if you use a gift card from either American Apparel or Forever 21, you could try to put it under the apparel section. 

Now, users who browse this marketplace are probably aiming for a reduced price. 

Well, you have to make sure your gift cards are reasonably priced.

Then, you can begin with around 90 percent of the overall gift card price and decrease even more if customers wouldn’t start buying during a couple of days.

At last, It might be much better to complete the real payment in a crowded location where the customer can review the gift cards.

And you will have surveillance cameras for the transaction, ensuring that it doesn’t happen incorrectly.

17. Host a Garage Sale

In this coronaVirus pandemic situation, people are afraid to go out of home even for selling gift cards for cash instantly.

And for anyone who considers advertising a gift card online or hitting department stores is far too hard effort. 

Then, you can indeed sell those gift cards through the home via hosting a garage sale.

You should keep in mind, you would not receive as good a deal as the previously given web platform. 

Because everything determines the rate of enthusiasm from the potential buyers who come in and you just never guess.

So, Please advise the customer to dial the 1-800 number displayed on each gift card to check the amount when purchasing the card.

18. Prepaid2Cash

Prepaid2Cash helps you to check your Visa, Credit card, and Mastercard prepaid cards quickly and conveniently. 

Including, more than 100 other brands including Walmart, Target, Levi’s, and much more. 

Through their handy ios and Android mobile application, you can check your card in minutes and move money to your connected business bank account.

When you confirm your card information and make your order, you can opt to collect your transaction automatically. 

Then, normally within fifteen minutes through your debit card or the next working day via your given bank account and a maximum of 2-3 working days for gift cards.

19. CardKangaroo

If your question is how to sell gift cards for cash then the appropriate answer is CardKangaroo.

Customers of this internet website are expected to submit their unused gift cards through authentication. 

And you can participate in transactions by approving a cash deal offered to them through CardKangaroo. 

However, your payouts would then be issued by check submitted by mail which can usually take maybe a week. 

Or you can use automatic credit utilizing PayPal according to the convenience of the card seller.

20. Target

Target is one of the common and trustworthy online platforms to sell gift cards for instant money.

It is very easy to use Target. First, you must open an account and give all profile information and your payment information.

Then, you can easily list all your gift cards to Target which you want to sell and set your price offers.

Unless your gift cards do not sell during the first few days, you also can change the rate to draw more customers, or whether you alter your decision you may unlist everything.

Final thoughts:

You should bear in mind that gift card transactions generally have lower market prices after the festive season. 

However, you don’t hesitate too much to sell your collection.

As well, the further you hold them with you, the further probable you are to conveniently ignore to use them or trade them for dollars.

Another reminder, unless you want some gift card instead of money. 

Please, ensure carefully you verify the balance until you complete the transaction.

Hope you like our list of the best 20 websites to sell gift cards for cash instantly.

If you face any problem or any questions arise in your mind regarding the best websites or marketplaces to sell gift cards for cash immediately write in the comment section.

To Sell Gift Cards for Cash: FAQs

Which is the largest online platform to sell gift cards?

The two largest platforms which still purchase unused gift cards from people are Raise & Cardpool. 

Because they have quite different ways of doing things. Cardpool purchases gift cards directly from customers. 

Moreover, Raise makes you list the gift cards that you wish to market on their global market.

Could maybe you transform your gift cards into real money?

If people are indeed searching to make a quick refund of their gift cards. 

They can take their cards to something like the Raise which provides immediate cash in return for the cards. 

Instead of collecting a gift card collection that’s unused, consider the strategy that succeeds for you. 

And your requirements, and convert the card into real money that you’re still using.

Will it be unlawful to sell gift cards for instant cash?

Throughout the U.s. Government, the constitutional concept of a gift card. 

And also how it can be purchased and reused, varies on where you reside. 

In certain jurisdictions, gift card consumers are legitimately required to swap a low-limit card typically with much less than six bucks in dollars.

Will pawn stores purchase your gift cards, huh?

Several of the nearby pawn stores in your neighborhood are willing to offer you money for the gift card. 

In reality, that’s also potentially the quickest method to get the cashout. 

That being said, several pawn stores offer quite cheap costs 

And you would need several sensitive details to finish the transaction.

Is Target giving money for your gift cards?

Although Target won’t offer you money for your unused gift card. 

And, you may simply offer your gift card digitally anyway. 

When you can have a gift card trading kiosk throughout the local supermarket or even in the shop. 

Exchanging your gift card for dollars electronically is typically the highest payoff.

Will GameStop purchase 2021 your gift cards?

Potential customers who may have gift cards that they wouldn’t need presently have a chance to exchange for someone else or money. 

Haes stated, “Clients can choose for GameStop credit or money in trade for their unused gift cards,”

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