Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now, How To Fix It? [Fixed]

If you’re having an issue on Spotify that says, Spotify can’t play this right now. 

When you want to play a song, you could also suggest that you can import it if you have a file on your computer.

And you just get an error like that and try to play the song well. I will help you fix Spotify can’t play issues. 

I’ll try to make the error solution for Spotify as fast and simple as possible.

And there are three different solutions we can try here. 

The Best 3 Solutions To Fix Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now Issues:

Spotify is used in various regions of Europe and North America, Latin America, and African countries. 

On several smart digital computers, including Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux.

Also. Android, iOS app issues like Spotify can’t play are common in these smartphone & smart devices. Get Spotify apps from their website also.

First solution:  To disable your hardware acceleration

Disabling your hardware acceleration is extremely easy.

So, How to disable your hardware acceleration:

  • Go to these three dots up here on the left
  • Go to View
  • and, you hit Hardware Acceleration
  • Hit OK on pops up
  • Restart Spotify
  •  Spotify can’t play this right now Problem fix

Second solution: Changing speaker output on Computer         

Now, the second solution is a bit strange and it’s literally going to be changing your speaker output on your computer. 

How to change your speaker output on your computer:

  • Hit the Windows key on Windows
  • Then, Go to Manage output devices
  • And Manage audio devices
  • Pick anything differently and then Switch it

And then you would try again to see if the song works. 

Third Solution: Deleting a local file from your Spotify App

If the previous two methods can’t be solved, Spotify can’t play this right now.

We’re gonna have to take our most drastic step. And it’s going to be deleting like a local file from your Spotify app.

How To  Delete A Local File From Your Spotify App

  • Hit the Windows key
  • Type %appdata% and Hit Enter

Note: To get to this folder, you also find it on your computer by going into this PC. It’s just easier to do what I did.

  • Go to the Spotify folder
  • And then Go to the Users folder
  • And Go to your username
  • Double click and then find local-files.bnk 
  • Delete it. 

This is your last step, and most likely to solve Spotify can’t play this right now issue for you.

About Spotify:

Spotify provides online copyright controlled music tracks and podcasts, including more than Sixty million tracks, from record companies and entertainment firms. 

As both a free and premium app, basic services are complimentary with ads and minimal access. 

Whereas extra functionality, including offline playback and unlimited commercial playback, are available through paid subscriptions. 

Music lovers can browse for artist-based songs, or category, and can build, modify, and upload playlists.

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In 2021 Spotify is a well-known web player and very much popular among those who are loving to listen to music very often.

But, the “spotify can’t play this right now” error can disturb your music life.

We hope our powerful and effective 3 step solution will solve this spotify can’t play this right now and make your spotify experience better.

Please let us know which number of the solution helps you to solve. Spotify can not play this right now.

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