Afdah once again leaks the link to the Amityville Moon 2021 Movie full movie download in HD, 720p, 1080p.

‘The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie’ stars ‘Tuesday Knight’ in the lead roles and other actors like Katarina Waters, Augie Duke, Cody Renee Camero, Brett Wagner, Vincent M. Ward, Sheri Davis, etc. 

It made all Tuesday Knight, Katarina Waters, Augie Duke, Cody Renee Camero, Brett Wagner, Vincent M. Ward, Sheri Davis fans, and the cinema-buffs brimming with joy after they saw the film! 

A trailer for ‘The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie’ had already gained a nice response from the people, and so did its songs, which are chart-busters everywhere. 

This article contains information on The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie Full Movie Download Afdah leak.

The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie Full Movie Download Afdah

The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie Full Movie Download Afdah: 

The piracy website Afdah has published Tuesday Knight’s ‘Amityville Moon 2021 Movie’ online. 

At the box office, the film has done well since its release on Oct 5, 2021.

In the past, Afdah, a notorious website that leaked every new movie before or just before its release, has been severely penalized. 

Meanwhile, it keeps leaking new films online. No Time to Die, Hitman’s Bodyguard, King Kong, Black Widow, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Venom, Shang-chi, Spiderman, and The Legend of the Ten Rings were among its latest piracy victims. 

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Afdah is still a bother for filmmakers despite several Indian and United States High Courts blocking similar piracy hubs, including the Delhi and Madras High Courts. 

As the domain extension of the website changes frequently, it can also be accessed through proxy servers.

At present, both high quality and standard quality versions of ‘The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie’ are streaming online, and both 720p and 1080p versions of the full film are available for download via Afdah and other pirate sites. 

Hopefully, the leaks can be stopped more quickly, and a permanent solution found.

Please do not download The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie from an illegal source.

Neither Lionsgate, Church Hill Productions, Action House nor Thomas J. Churchill, Phillip B. Goldfine nor Binh Dang, nor those companies’ executives have authorized any website to provide downloads of The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie full movies. 

Thus, Indian and US copyright laws apply to all websites that provide downloads for ‘The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie’. 

The Amityville Moon 2021 Movie should not be downloaded from these illegal sites.


  1. 3.1/10 IMDb 
  2. 1.1/5 Voices From The Balcony


It’s hard to tell if I’m more sucked into movies about Bigfoot or those titled Amityville. 

I am currently reviewing The Amityville Moon following the review of Amityville Vampire, Amityville Scarecrow, and Amityville Cult, and I think I know the answer.

In the prologue of the film, A werewolf by writer/director Thomas J. Churchill (Xenophobia, Check Point), ordinary bullets cannot stop him. 

In St. Matthias House of Rehabilitation, a halfway house run by a church for troubled girls, Alyssa (Alex Rinehart — Art of the Dead, They’re Inside) and a friend is on their way out. 

After escaping, she discovers that something hairy has killed her friend.

A detective is assigned to find the girls since the girls were sent to this town by the court. That detective is Trey McCurley, a P-51 Dragon Fighter. 

The facility’s managers, Father Peter David B. Meadows & Midnight Zombie Massacre & The Manson Brothers, are from Alien Warfare. 

There are a few clues he can find from Mandy Augie Duke, Eminence Hill, and Necropolis: Legion.

Churchill is returning to Amityville for the second time, but it seems like this is a standalone film without anything to do with The Amityville Harvest other than its setting. 

As I honestly don’t want to watch it to discover the truth after watching The Amityville Moon.

Even though The Amityville Moon begins promising, it soon turns into an extremely slow and talky film. 

Kimball is the kind of cop who will beat up even a handcuffed prisoner when he isn’t on the job. We sat in on a meeting to learn this. 

St. Matthias girls tell us they are bad bitches during one of the most cringe-inducing group therapy sessions in history.

We aren’t supposed to care who the werewolf is in any of this, and that is the closest thing to horror here. 

Anyone claiming to be Father Michael (Clown Fear, Big Freaking Rat) suddenly appears on the scene? 

Perhaps Sister Francis (Katarina Leigh Waters, Redcon-1, Killing Joan) is hooked up to some monitor and kept high on the top floor? 

All of that is diverting your attention from another person.

I also find the plotline regarding Alyssa’s disappearance to be dull. When she hasn’t found her, she goes straight to the bar she once worked at. 

When Kimball arrives, he is still standing there. In addition to making finding her easier, it sets up a staged fight with the bikers who hang out around there.

Only Alyssa’s tears shortly afterward in The Amityville Moon are less convincing. 

The werewolf gets hungry again just as he brings her back.

Although the werewolf is not bad for a low-budget film, the “rubbery” outfit lacks the needed degree of realism. 

It’s mostly fake blood that makes up The Amityville Moon’s gore. After being beaten by a fire extinguisher, the victim usually only has a few cuts and scrapes. Still, they don’t have his blood all over the screen.

In writing this review, I found it just another attempt to make a genre film called “Amityville” to get people to watch it. 

We have warned those who need to take action. If you want to watch a movie instead, try Amityville II: The Possession.  

An actress from The Amityville Moon, Sarah Polednak, has alleged that the director has acted very unscrupulously on set.

I haven’t seen anything that confirms her claims, and her claims are unsupported by evidence. 

If you want to see more of her account, you can read it on her Instagram account.

From Lionsgate, you can download, rent, buy, or stream The Amityville Moon.


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