The TikTok trend of eating frozen honey risks ill effects

The golden goop poured out of Dave Ramirez’s frozen bottle as he squeezed it with his hands. He then took a big bite of the sticky substance.

 Health experts said eating frozen honey – a trend on TikTok with more than 900 million views – can have risks in addition to its benefits.

The video he made for TikTok showed him saying, “I’m not lying.”. A refreshing experience, that was.”

A new trend was born: frozen honey.

Creators on TikTok have uploaded videos in which they put honey in water bottles and place them in the freezer, squeezing the frozen chunks into their mouths hours later, sometimes in agony and sometimes with delight.

Ramirez’s video on July 9 marked the creation of a new movement.

These homemade concoctions are now flavored and decorated with various types of corn syrup. In addition to Chilitoloco spicy sour and bubble tea, the drink also comes in sriracha.

As another sweet treat, some creators, including Ramirez, have partnered with candy companies offering their products to be mixed into the half-frozen, half-gelatinous mixture in the videos. Honey is still the foundation when it comes to flavorings.

Ramirez said on Saturday that everyone has honey at home, and that’s perhaps why the story got so much attention and traction. The residents of my house have honey, so they can say that. It’s worth a shot.'”

Health experts warn, however, that eating frozen honey has risks, as with many trends on social media.

Dietitian Sarah Rueven said that eating large amounts of honey could trigger stomachaches and diarrhea, which some users report experiencing.

According to TikTok, like most viral videos, this one is basically shock value, and sort of silly. But the concept is interesting, I suppose?„ Rueven said, referring to his statement. “But I think honey could be used more effectively.”

Her message is that eating honey in large amounts can be unhealthy for the body over time. There is a risk of weight gain and teeth damage if you consume it.

“When you eat something that’s so high in sugar, your insulin response will be high, so you’ll have that sugar high followed by low blood sugar and shakes afterward,” Rueven explained.

Despite having about 5.5 million followers on TikTok, Ramirez said he did not aim to create a trend. While watching YouTube videos on autonomous sensory meridian response, he noted that many people ate delicate, cylindrical candy, but he had never succeeded in creating it himself.

The gooey texture he was aiming for can be achieved with honey. It was a small bottle filled with some, frozen, then he ate it and recorded the experience for his followers.

After two days, he revealed the secret to his audience. He said, “This stuff is like honey.”.

As they became engrossed in the texture, other TikTok creators filmed similar videos.

She said she only takes one bite from the cold sweetness, which has 3.6 million followers on the app. It had all the buzz, she said, so she wanted to try it.

Fouladgar said that when she first saw the substance she was apprehensive because it seemed so odd but was surprised at the same time, adding that her boyfriend tried some and felt sick afterward.

In her first bite, Daniella Shaba, 20 said it was cold at first, but then the honey softened in her mouth, and she enjoyed the taste of the chewy ooze. The candy company Shaba owns has added its own products to the mix.

Shaba said she liked it a lot, and there were so many options compared with her previous videos. With this trend, you can make a million more videos.”

It is the creative opportunity that makes TikTok interesting to Ramirez, who other users call the “frozen honey king.”

One commenter asked him to take the trend to the next level, saying: “Can you do pickle juice?”. One of his latest videos showed him making a cotton candy-flavored beverage.”

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