Truelancer Review: World Best Earning Marketplace 2021

Truelancer: Looking for freelancing employment or remote work-from-home opportunities? If you have been looking for high-profile companies as well as high-profile jobs for your skillset to get utilized, Truelancer can be an amazing platform for you to start.

Also, if you are a company or a start-up and are looking for skilled and talented freelancers to get your work done easily, effectively, and in the earliest time periods, True lancer can be an amazing platform for you to start. Are you interested in working as a freelancer?

Then you should think of True lancer as the first move. They have concerts for both beginners and seasoned musicians.

What really is Truelancer? 

True lancer is a Worldwide Network of Reliable Freelancers and Companies. It presently has more than 6, 00,000 plus Freelancers, 85,000+ Works, and 10,000+ Contract GIGS, and the number is continuously increasing. is indeed an online marketplace where employers can recruit experts to complete tasks and self-employed individuals and specialists can look for jobs and generate income by partnering with real clients all over the world. 

What profiles are available on True lancer?

True lancer is an upcoming boost in the freelancing economy that provides hundreds of actual profiles that you can either as a freelancer or the employer can apply and gig for in easy to use environment.

Although the list contains hundreds of actual profiles but the major ones that I would like to specify are as follows:

  • Content Writers
  • Academic Writers
  • Blog Writers
  • Technical Writers
  • Copywriters
  • SEO Writers
  • Front End Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Java Developer
  • API Developer Logo Designers
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • SEO Consultant
  • Android Developer
  • IOS Developer Interior Design Jobs
  • Voice Over Jobs
  • Translator Jobs
  • Accounting Jobs Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Graphic Design Jobs
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs
  • Customer Service Jobs

How Does the TrueLancer Function?

Truelancer is a collection of various resources. They do have a conventional pricing system of Individual tasks, along with several other types that are copies of other common web services, which we will discuss further below. Tendering for Projects is true to all Freelance work blogs around the world.

It is essentially a hybrid approach that combines both system and crowdsourcing freelancing marketplaces. Let us now look at how True lancer works with freelancers.

Follow the Straightforward Approach to grasp how True Lancer works.

Submit Profile: Create an account and fill out your profile with your own profile image, qualifications, and recent job experience.

Add Portfolio: Have the whole portfolio so that clients can see the work you’ve done in the past. Examining the level of work you present increases the odds of being recruited.

Scratch for Jobs and Put in your first bid: Look for assignments that complement your talents and then request for that work.

Be sure to include your qualifications in your description so that people looking for your skills will find you.

Whether you should go for Truelancer or not?

Whether True lancer is an appropriate site for you? Is it safe enough to work with True lancer? Will you get the actual projects or it is just a show-off? Let’s see what the consumers have to say and their honest reviews about True Lancer.

I have highlighted some of the major and commonly stated advantages as well as disadvantages of True lancer in order to make your decisions precise and effective. 


  • Truelancer has a very easy-to-use interface that can be understood easily and effectively. Due to this feature, the freelancer has shown a hike in its usage since last year. In comparison to other freelancing platforms such as Upwork and fever, Truelancer has been directing its users to a great extent and the unnecessary formalities associated with such platforms are also way less than the others. 
  • True Lancer is perfect for beginners. Because when you’re just beginning, have not bid any time before, in fact, have not even managed any kind of client and have no idea how dynamic and versatile the gig industry is, you need a friendly and effective and most importantly a safe place to handle your hard-earned money and hard work on the specified projects, and Truelancer does the exact same for you. Obviously, many of the available positions are brief, one-time jobs, but they are an excellent way to obtain positive feedback and experience. If you’re trying to figure out how to get your first client/buyer, Truelancer can help a lot. 


  • Truelancer has not shown the predicted and the expected safety measures. People have expressed their dissatisfaction about this since the beginning. There are cases that the Truelancer initially take money from the businesses in their favour and even if the work of the freelancer is not up to the mark as per the requirement, companies are being forced to pay. In fact they are being blackmailed to pay a penalty of late payment. This behaviour of Truelancer has led to a drastic decline in its usage and disappointed the clients to a great extent. 
  • The considerably significant fee charged from your income is possibly the worst aspect of freelancer platforms. Truelancer charges sometimes go high as 30% which are tough to be met by independents and start ups who already have massive expenses associated with the work and not sufficient income generation. 
  • Another source of concern is reimbursement. Truelancer has not been trustworthy and is not punctual to his own words. Even after receiving the payment from the company, Truelancer delays payments from its side. One or two days delas can be managed but people have been facing 25-30 days delays as well. This aspect of Truelancer is really disappointing. 

Final Thoughts:

Thus from the above-mentioned details and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of Truelancer, it can be said that it can be an appealing platform for startups and the individuals who just want to gain some experience and working tactics in a freelancing environment because you aren’t much worried about being paid less in the initial phase, you just want to gain some insights about the freelancing initially.

Otherwise, Truelancer is not worth it for the experienced ones because they must face the above-mentioned issues which degrade the platform. 

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