Unable to Turn on Network Discovery on Windows 7 or 8 [Solved]

Unable to Turn on Network Discovery
Unable to Turn on Network Discovery

Are you having this “Unable to Turn/switch on Network Discovery on Microsoft Windows 7 or 8” issue?

We have the best solution to solve the “Unable to Turn on Network Discovery on Windows 7 or 8” problem

Below is a situation that has been recorded by many users on both Windows 7 and MS Windows 8. 

Thankfully, the preceding approach would be of assistance.

Step By Step Method To Solve “Unable to Turn/switch on Network Discovery on Microsoft Windows 7 or 8” issue: 

  • First, Go to the Control panel
  • Second, Network and Internet
  • Third, Network and Sharing Center
  • Final, Change advanced sharing settings

On your Microsoft Windows 7 or MS Windows 8 Desktop or Laptop.

By pressing the down button, you will enlarge the private area.

You have to choose the “Turn/ Switch on network discovery” checkbox and also select save the changes. 

You believe the modifications have been restored, but when you come back to check. 

The settings have been reversed and network exploration has been disabled.

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Advanced Sharing Settings
Advanced Sharing Settings


Step 1:

In the services Console, focus on ensuring that the relevant services are working and set to begin automatically (services. msc)

  • Computer Browser
  • DHCP Client Services
  • DNS Client Services
  • Network Location Awareness
  • Server
  • Workstation
  • Network Connections
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

Step 2:

If the issue continues, repeat the preceding actions for the SSDP Discovery service and UPnP Device Host services to guarantee. 

They are working and programmed to operate automatically Since UPnP is dependent on SSDP Discovery, it must be initiated first. 

Even so, UPnP poses some security issues, but solution #1 should probably be sufficient.

You ought to be enabled to allow network discovery for the secure network currently. 

Switch off-network Discovery for public/open networks for safety purposes. 

Once you’ve saved the updates, double-check that it’s always switched on. 

And no need to restart your device after beginning all the above services; but, in certain situations, 

You will have to switch on your firewall initially, implement the above adjustments, and then restart the firewall if required.

Final Words: 

If you try our previous 2 steps to solve Unable to Turn on Network Discovery on Windows 7 or 8, we hope these 2 steps will solve this problem.

If you still have any issues regarding Unable to Turn on Network Discovery on Windows 7 or 8 write in the comment section.

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