Washington Nationals VS Atlanta Braves, 8/7/2021 MLB Best Prediction, Pick, Tips, Odds

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Nationals vs. Braves: Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves prediction, picks, tips, odds

Date: Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021

Truist Park is located in Cumberland, GA

Television station: Bally Sports South

Washington (+170) vs Atlanta (-222): Odds/Point Spread

Prediction for Washington Nationals VS. Atlanta Braves

Truist Park is home to Charles Morton and the NL East-leading Atlanta Braves (55-54, 3rd). On Saturday, the Braves take on the Nationals (49-60, 4th). 

It’s currently -222 for the Braves, while they’re +170 for the Nationals. There is an over/under of 9. Gray and Morton will begin the season as starting pitchers.

One hundred sixty-eight of the Nationals’ two-baggers have been hit outside the park, including 129 balls that have been hit out of the stadium as a whole. 

Washington has struck out 879 times and walked 340 times this season, slugging .421. With 4.4 runs scored per game, the Washington Nationals are ranked 17th in the National League. 

With 457 runs batted in, 924 hits, and a batting average of .259, they have accumulated 459 runs batted in. 

With 480 runs scored and an on-base percentage of .321, they have tallied 480 runs.

This season, nationals staff has struck out 906 batters, leading to a team ERA of 4.44 (17th in the league). For the year, their pitching staff is hitting 4.60 with a walk rate of 345 players from their opponent’s squad. 

The pitching staff sits with a WHIP of 1.30, and they have accumulated a K/BB ratio of 2.63. One hundred fifty-three home runs have been allowed for the Nats, as well as 516 runs (18th).

The Nationals bullpen earned a 54.6% save percentage, and 108 save situations have been entered into the game. In addition, 38.9% of the baserunners inherited by the bullpen crossed home plate. 

In the Nationals’ 108 high-leverage appearances, 93 have been with runners on base and 93 with runners on. As of this writing, 366 relief pitchers for the Nationals have taken the mound this year. 

In the course of the season, relievers have 61 holds, which is 9th in the league. So far this year, the team has accumulated just 26 saves and missed 20 of 45 opportunities to keep games alive.

There have been 2,808 putouts, 918 assists, and 67 errors for the Washington Nationals this season. They have spun 782 double plays, putting them 25th in the majors. 

Since the start of the year, they have fielded .982. During the Nationals’ 8,424 innings, they struck out 70.3% of all balls. That has ranked them 8th in MLB.

Throughout his professional baseball career, Gray has pitched 790 innings and struck out 793 batters. A 4.46 earned run average (392 earned runs allowed) and a 1.327 WHIP characterize his performance. 

Seven hundred eighty-three hits have been allowed (8.9 hits every nine innings), and 266 free passes have been issued. 

Gray (52-44 career record) has faced 3,376 opposing batters during his major league career. He has a FIP of 3.88, having faced 3,376 batters.

There are also 504 runs batted in for Atlanta this season. One hundred eighty-four two-baggers have been hit, while 386 free bases have been taken and 524 runs have been scored. 

A team batting average of .243 and an on-base percentage of .322 are what the Atlanta Braves have managed this year. Baseball’s Atlanta Braves currently hold a .429 team SLG%, scoring 4.81 runs per game (9th). 

Nine hundred and ninety-one times have been rung up (9th in MLB), and eight hundred and seventy-three base hits have been collected.

Atlanta has allowed 463 runs to their pitching staff this season and has an earned run average of 4.04 (424 runs allowed). There have been 121 home runs surrendered this season, and they allow 4.41 runs per 9 innings (13th in MLB). 

Team WHIP for the Braves this season is 1.295, along with a FIP of 4.10. As of right now, the team has a K/BB ratio of 2.66 (952 strikeouts against 358 walks). 

At 866 hits surrendered, the pitching staff ranks 14th in the league.

Out of Atlanta’s 135 inherited runners, bullpen pitchers have a 37.0% inherited score percentage. 

There have been 145 times when relief pitchers entered high-leverage situations and 89 times when runners were on base. 

A total of 108 save circumstances have been recorded by the Braves, with 68 holds and 16 blown saves. 

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This season, they have sent 388 relievers to the field, ranking 19th in the league in save percentage at 59.0%. In 39 keep opportunities, Atlanta has used relievers, and they have made 23 saves.

The Braves have an efficiency rating of 69.7% in 8,505 innings of play (18th in MLB). The Atlanta Braves have turned Sixty-seven double plays, and their fielding percentage is .987 (4th). For the season, the Braves have 2 835 putouts and 969 assists.

Robert Morton (103-93 career win-loss record) has earned a 4.05 ERA and let in 8.6 hits per nine innings. In his career, he has struck out over 2.53 times for every walk he has taken. 

In his first season, he yielded 703 runs while earning a WHIP of 1.317 and a FIP of 3.8. As of the end of his 1561 innings, Morton has given up 1,496 base hits and struck out 1,417.

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Prediction for Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves, March 6-10

We’re into the stretch run of the 2015 season, and the Nationals and Braves have each played ten games in the last ten days. They’ve both hit their share of bumps along the way. The Braves had an epic meltdown on Tuesday night, dropping their lead over the Phillies to 3.5 games. On the other hand, the Nationals have been playing like the best team in baseball over the last week and are just a half-game back. If the season ended today, we’d see this game as dead heat.

For this week’s edition of the Prediction Box, I’ll predict the winners in four key stats, the number of times each team will play at home, and the number of points each team will earn in the National League East race (with a bonus for a wild card spot) for each group.

1. Winning percentage

Winner: Nationals

Loser: Braves

The Nationals have won 5 of 10 games since the start of March 1.

This season has been full of ups and downs for both teams, and it’s going to be fun to see if they can stay consistent through the final month. Washington has been winning games based on pitching, defense, and clutch hitting. Over the last week, the Nats have played more of the offense we expected them to play this season, a team that scores runs more than other groups.

Atlanta has been a pretty even team all year, and they’ve lost a bunch of tight games with big hits. After the bullpen blew its second consecutive save of the season, the Braves bullpen has turned it around in recent games and made Atlanta’s bullpen one of the best in the league.

Right now, it’s anyone’s game. But, over the last week, I’m feeling confident about the Nationals.

2. Percentage of home games

Winner: Nationals

Loser: Braves

Last week, we learned that the Braves would be hosting the NL Wild Card game, so there wouldn’t be any away games in Atlanta. Now, the Nationals will get a chance to keep their winning streak alive, playing 5 of 10 games at Nationals Park.

This should decide the race between these two teams. They’ll play each host three games in their final week of the season, and Atlanta benefits from a home-field advantage. We know how good the Nationals’ bullpen has been since the middle of April. Can we trust them to start rolling out the Ws?

3. Wins

Winner: Braves

Loser: Nationals

Despite the team’s 2-11 record in one-run games, the Braves still have a 1.9 ratio of wins to losses. The Nationals, however, are struggling and haven’t even been able to string together a win in such games.

Last week, the Nationals were outscored 6-2 in such games. Can they start winning close games? After the first four weeks of the season, it was clear that they would do well in one-run games. Now it’s time to see if the team can stick to its game plan and dominate at the plate.

4. Road games against a division rival

Winner: Nationals

Loser: Braves

Last week, the Nationals played two games against the Braves. On Monday, the Nationals were on the road, playing at Citi Field, home of the Mets. They were on the road again on Tuesday, playing at New York City FC in the Bronx.

The Braves hosted the Phillies, whose only team the Nationals can beat in the season’s final week.

5. Average at-bats per game

Winner: Nationals

Loser: Braves

The Nationals will be playing ten games in their final week of the season. Last week, their average at-bats per game were 3.20. The Braves were on the road and had an average at-bat per game of 3.10.

Their next game is Monday, and they play five games against division rivals and three games against the Dodgers.

On the Nationals side, they face three games against the Braves and three games against the Phillies.

So, which team wins the NL East? In the final week, the Nationals will play more games than the Braves. The Braves lineup, which finished all of their games in July, will be depleted with a game coming in Atlanta this week. In their final week, the Nationals will be playing three home games and six road games. The Nats have two games against the Phillies and three games against the Braves this last week. I’d bet on the Nats to win these games.

If the Nationals make the playoffs, their starters will have to pitch deep into the postseason. After their bullpen imploded in the playoffs last year, the Nationals decided that this year was to make it finally. And they did. They finally got the bullpen they deserved.

If you are on the fence and decide which way to go, here is the deal for you. The Braves lost 12 out of 14 games, and the Phillies were a mere four games behind them in the standings. As bad as the Braves played in July, the Phils were only three games behind them and were in the race until late July.

The Nationals have had three losses this season, and they are in first place in the NL East. They are currently two games behind the 2nd place Braves, who have the 2nd worst record in the majors.

If I were a Braves fan and knew how to bet, I’d get off this bandwagon. My Braves are currently 12-28 and have lost all of their games in July.

The Braves are on the road in their next six games, so they have some time to get on a winning streak. Meanwhile, after their 3rd loss, the Nationals are home until Friday, when they start a long road trip.

The Nationals had the 4th best record in the majors through July 18, and then suddenly, they went into an ugly slide. Their history is a very reasonable 14-10 through July 25, with a 4.40 ERA and a 3.36 FIP. (The Phillies’ record is 13-14 through July 23 with an ERA of 4.05 and a FIP of 3.60)

The other thing that the Braves should be thinking about is that they were the 5th worst team in the majors in on-base percentage. They were also the 12th worst team in runs.

The Phillies were the worst team in the major’s on-base percentage and the 2nd worst in runs.

With the Nationals in the first place, the Braves have good reason to be a little worried.

The Phillies have been the best team in baseball in recent days. Their record is 14-7 since July 16, with a 2.70 ERA and a 2.74 FIP.

The Phillies will be the favorites to win the NL East, and it is a good bet that the Braves will be the only team in the National League that won’t beat them on the road.

You know, I’m not going to be happy until they (the Braves) are out of first place. I’m starting to think that it’s just never going to happen.

They’re just not going to make the playoffs.

For sure, I’m not going to make any more bets on them.

The Phillies are 17-13 since July 16 and 14-8 since the end of May.

My Braves were 17-13 since May 25. They’ve also been 17-13 since July 16.

In terms of losing streaks, the Phillies had a winning streak of 10, and the Braves had a losing streak of 13.

For those of you who don’t know, that means that the Braves haven’t lost more games in a row than the Phillies have won games in a row.

I’m going to wait for the season to end. I have the Braves in the first place, and I’ll bet against them whenever possible.

Until they lose six or seven more games in a row, I’m going to hold them.

I’m going to hold them until they lose 12 games in a row, and then they’re going to be out of the playoffs.

I’m going to hold them until they lose 14 games in a row.

After that, I’m going to go ahead and bet against them.

Until they lose 11 in a row, I’m going to hold them.

I’m going to hold them until they lose 16 games in a row.

After that, they’re in.

I’m going to hold them until they lose 17 games in a row.

If they lose those 17, I’m going to go ahead and get the Phillies instead.

The Phillies are winning a lot of games, and the Braves are winning a lot of fun.

I’m going to pick the team that’s winning the most games.

So…the Braves will hold me until October, and the Phillies will be keeping me until the end of October.

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