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It is so commonly known that April 20 is considered by many to be the day when marijuana is smoked or celebrated. 

It is referred to as 420 and even has its slang term, “getting high.” Many people are incredibly high today because it marks the second anniversary of consuming marijuana. However, on April 20, 2016, I had my first sexual experience. 

I was smoking weed and having sex with a girl. I was probably going through a phase, but I was high. 

I am doing this post because I wanted to reach out to anyone going through a similar phase which is a little lost.

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Q: What is the 420 position?

A: This is Timma_2111. It was 2 years ago now. I smoked weed and slept with a girl. A sex position referred to as 69 is when two people give each other oral sex simultaneously. 420 refers to the twentieth of April when cannabis is smoked or celebrated. 

The position of 69 is a sex act often featured in pornography. It was popularized in the West in the late 1960s and became mainstream in the 1990s. 

The term is derived from the telephone area code for the U.S. state of California, the area code of which, the 919 area code, is associated with San Francisco. In the U.S. state of Nevada, the position is often referred to as the “Nasty 69”.

Q: History of 420

420 stands for the cannabis tradition of smoking marijuana on April 20. The term 420 has its roots in the 1971 song by the Grateful Dead, “Candyman.” A person who has smoked marijuana is called a “420er” or “420er.” “smoking weed” is often used as a euphemism for smoking marijuana. The term “smoke” is often used as a verb. The term “smoking” is not an acceptable term for marijuana.

The term 420 originated in the late 1970s when a group of California teenagers in their late teens or early twenties called themselves the Waldos would meet at 4:20 pm every day in a wooded area of San Rafael, California, to smoke marijuana. 

The date was not chosen randomly. The Waldos were named after the time of their daily meeting. 420 is also a code for a particular type of sex position: 69.

Q: What does 420 mean?

420 refers to a day on which cannabis is smoked. The day is associated with cannabis culture and the cannabis movement, but it is not explicitly a holiday. The term was popularized by a group of high school students in California in 1971. 

The term was also popularized by the comedy band Sublime in 1996, though the band’s use of the term predated 1971. The term “420” is sometimes erroneously used as shorthand for “I love you” or “I love you very much.”

Q: How does 420 sound to you?

Marijuana is an illegal drug. It is often seen as a “gateway drug,” meaning that it is a substance that leads to the use of more addictive substances. It is then used to become reliant on a substance and experience its adverse effects. 

Marijuana is known to have medicinal properties. It helps sufferers with chronic pain, and it has been found to help people with anxiety disorders, arthritis, and cancer. It is also considered to be a mood enhancer. Despite its many benefits, marijuana is still illegal in most states. 

One of the main reasons marijuana is illegal is because it is taken too far. 420 refers to April 20, when cannabis is smoked or celebrated.

Q: What’s your favorite cannabis product?

Cannabis is a drug that contains THC. It is a psychoactive drug that stimulates the central nervous system and can produce euphoria, increased appetite, and impaired motor functioning. It is also a recreational drug that has been legalized in certain parts of the world. 

Cannabis is popular in the United States, but it is difficult to use because it remains illegal at the federal level. However, a few individuals are trying to change that. A few states have legalized cannabis and offer it as a treatment option. 

It is also used as a recreational drug and is popular among adults, teens, and even children. Many adults use it to improve their mood and health. 420 is a number associated with marijuana culture and is often called the most critical number globally. 

It is used to refer to the consumption of cannabis on April 20 and is sometimes used to refer to the consumption of cannabis in general.

Q: How do you feel about the legalization of cannabis?

The legalization of cannabis has been a hot topic of discussion and debate for quite a while. Many people are now voicing their opinion on the issue, but it is still essential to know the facts. This is Timma_2111. 

I’m standing here today because I didn’t know the difference between a sex position, weed, and cannabis a few weeks ago. I smoked weed and slept with a girl. I thought it was all tied together. I didn’t know that different countries had different views on weed or that weed was legal in some countries and illegal in others.

It is legal in some states to use cannabis products, but the federal government still considers it a Schedule I substance, which means it has no currently accepted medical use. 

Some people argue that legalizing cannabis will reduce crime rates and reduce the number of fatal car crashes in states where it is legal. Others argue that its legalization will increase crime rates and fatal car crashes.

Q: Why is the number 420 so funny?

A: According to some reports, “420” is code for “marijuana smoking in progress” among police officers. The fourth of April is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday. The famous song “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” by Bob Dylan also cites 420 because 12 multiplied by 35 equals 420. It is thought that they were referring to marijuana when they said “420”.

Q: What is the meaning of 420 blazes?

A: Let’s smoke some marijuana together

Q: What does blaze mean in a sexual sense?

A: Having sexual relations with somebody. That would blaze.

Q: When did 420 Blaze begin?

A: 420: What you need to know. The sequel to 5 Nights At Freddy’s. In 1971, Steve Capper and Dave Taylor were teenagers when they smoked weed. Larry Schwartz, Jim Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, and Mark Gravich headed south near San Rafael, California, high school, searching for an abandoned cannabis farm.

Q: What does blaze it up mean?

A: To burn more brightly (intransitive, of a fire). An apparent state of non-burning combustion suddenly erupts into flames (transitive). Taking up cannabis; lighting up cannabis; getting high (intransitive or transitive, slang).

Q: What does Blazing mean?

A: 1: The fire that burns brightly and strongly; a blazing fire. 2: Blazing eyes and a blazing fastball blazing gunfire are examples of blazing speed, power, heat, or intensity.

Q: What does a Duby mean?

A: To describe a marijuana cigarette with “doobie,” a slang term. Due to the Latin origins, dubiety was defined as 1: causing uncertainty; questionable or suspect in nature or quality as to the truth.

Q: What does smoking a Dube mean?

A: Dube cruise can be summed up as Smoking weed on your way to somewhere.

Q: What does a fat doobie refer to?

A: A Fat Doobie of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, onion rings, and honey mustard – Picture of Fat Shack, Fort Collins – TripAdvisor, Restaurants.

Q: When was Fat Shack founded?

A: The Fat Shack in Fort Collins

Q: Is a Doobie a joint?

A: As an abbreviation for generic joints, ‘J’ or ‘jay’ can be used. Doobie is also used to refer to the end or bottom of a mostly smoked joint, while roach refers to the bottom of a mostly smoked joint in U.S. and Australian slang.

Q: What is the calorie count of Fat Shack sandwiches?

A: Fat Shack — open every night until 4 a.m. — specializes in monster sandwiches ranging from 700 to 2,000 calories.

Q: What is the drug Doobie?

A: Rolls or doobies are usually smoked from marijuana. It can also be put into a hollowed-out cigar (blunts), bowl (bowls), or water pipe (bongs) to be smoked. The practice of inhaling marijuana or more substantial marijuana extracts using a vaporizer has grown in popularity in recent years.

Q: What are the laws regarding blunts?

A: Anyone under the age of 18 cannot purchase a blunt.

Q: Rillo drugs: what are they?

A: In the United States, blunts and hollowed-out cigars smoke marijuana (and possibly other substances). Philadelphia cigars were the most popular brand of cigar used to make blunts, being used by 59% of users.

Q: What is nicotine’s classification as a drug?

A: The autonomic ganglia are stimulated by nicotine. The drug nicotine works as an agonist at the receptors of nicotinic acetylcholine. Five homomeric or heteromeric subunits make up these ionotropic receptors.

Q: How will it feel to be referred to as a tool by a girl?

A: According to Urban Dictionary, A tool is someone who does not know he is being used. An idiot. A fool. An individual who has poor self-esteem and intellect.

Q: What does he mean by being a stud?

A: Studs are considered to have a high level of sexual activity and are good at satisfying their partners’ sexual desires.

Q: In the eyes of a girl, what is a stud?

A: Student – A male lesbian who is African-American or Latina. It is also known as aggressive or butch. It is possible to be both a ‘Top’ and a ‘Bottom,’ and not necessarily prefer one over the other.

Q: Who are stud person females?

A: “stud” refers to a dominant and typically butch lesbian. African-American lesbians coined the term. Urban and hip-hop culture tends to influence them. Butch girls may identify themselves as aggressive or studs in the New York City lesbian community.

Q: Do you know what Stud is?

A: In the Victorian era, the Studd family made their fortune producing indigo in India and had several well-known cricketers and missionaries and two Lord Mayors of London. A cricketer for the MCC is directly related to the following.

Q: What is the function of a stud?

A: Etymology. Old English and Old Norse words with the same meaning refer to prop or support, as do Middle High German and Old Teutonic equivalents. Quartering and scanning (meaning a smaller piece of timber not necessarily for the same purpose) are other historical words with similar meanings.

Q: A tower with studded walls is what?

A: Prepare. Frame walls are constructed of timber or metal studs attached to the walls, ceilings, and floors. They are then covered with plasterboard. Upon decorating your new fence, it will look like a permanent part of the house.

Q: How does a study in engineering work?

A: A stump, also known as a threaded rod, is a rod that consists of two threaded ends; the threads may extend along the entire length of the rod. These rods are intended for tension use. An All-thread rod is often referred to as a threaded rod in bar stock form.

Q: What does Stud mean as a fastener?

A: Studs are headless fasteners with an external thread. The tapped component is usually inserted into one end and the standard nut into the other end.

What do the 420 positions mean?

The 420 position is safe, legal, and practical to prevent and reverse marijuana effects. A person will not get “high” from the 420 positions. If it is done correctly, you won’t feel anything.

There are many different 420 positions you can do in the comfort of your own home. There are four basic 420 positions.

A. The Basic 420 Position (B.B.P.) 

This is the position you’ll most likely want to start with. This is what you’ll need.

  1. 2 oz. CBD Oil – $50
  1. 1 large plastic Ziploc bag
  1. A bottle opener
  1. 10 ml syringe
  1. Toke Pipe or Smoking Tube
  1. An ashtray

To prevent an overdose, it’s essential to place your CBD oil into a plastic bag. 

There is a possibility that your oil may spill in the plastic bag, so place the bag in the giant Ziploc bag. 

Close the Ziploc bag. The giant bag should be opened when you have ingested all of the CBD oil. 

Some people will choose to put the entire oil bottle into the giant bag. 

Make sure you take the lid off of the smaller bag and place the bag into an ashtray.

Initiate the B.B.P. by inhaling once the oil reaches the bottom of the Ziploc bag. 

Exhale just after you’ve been breathing for 4-6 seconds. Inhale for as much as you can without feeling dizzy.

Exhale for 4 seconds, then inhale for as long as you can.

Maintain this posture for at least 3 minutes. If you feel uneasy in the posture, end the practice early.

Maintain the position as much as you desire if you are in your comfort zone. In this position, do not exhale.

B. The T.C.B.P. is done by placing the CBD oil into the giant Ziploc bag.

Initiate the T.C.B.P. by inhaling once the oil reaches the bottom of the Ziploc bag. Don’t exhale until you have been inhaling for 4-6 seconds. 

Inhale for as much as you can without feeling dizzy. Exhale for 4 seconds, then inhale for as long as you can.

Maintain this posture for at least 3 minutes. If you feel uneasy in the posture, end the practice early.

Maintain the position as much as you desire if you are in your comfort zone. In this position, do not exhale.

C. The T.E.B.P.

Initiate the T.E.B.P. by inhaling once the oil reaches the bottom of the Ziploc bag. Don’t exhale until you have been inhaling for 4-6 seconds. 

Inhale for as much as you can without feeling dizzy. Exhale for 4 seconds, then inhale for as long as you can.

Maintain this posture for at least 3 minutes. If you feel uneasy in the posture, end the practice early.

When you are in your comfort zone, stay in the position for as long as you wish. In this position, do not exhale.

How To Use CBD Hemp Oil

It is ideal to use CBD hemp oil every day and take one drop of the oil every time you take your required dose of CBD. 

The best way to consume CBD is to place the CBD oil inside a capsule and then swallow the capsule.

In conclusion, CBD hemp oil provides you with numerous health benefits. With the availability of CBD hemp oil in our homes, the medical community will no longer need to prescribe medications to our children and our elderly.


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