Why Should I Be Hired For This Internship? 6 Most Winning Tips

If you are about to complete your graduation, you might be searching for some great tips and tricks in terms of Why Should I Be Hired For This Internship?

Along with extreme coursework, obtaining adequate practical experience provides a vivid perspective and additional skills that cannot be acquired while studying. In my opinion, taking up short-term internships can provide great exposure.

It contributes to the formation of a perspective towards working and helps one improve when it comes to aspects like time management, work strategies, smart work, and so on.

After taking up various internships, students get an idea of how intense a work environment such as organization and meeting deadlines can be. Interns are often taught new things that a college cannot impart in its courses.

Nowadays, the trend of students opting for internships related to their respective fields has increased as compared to the past. It is more prominently seen amongst high school students and undergraduates to gain work experience and enhance the impression of their resume.

The concept of an internship should not be confused with that of an apprenticeship. There is a huge difference between both of them as an apprentice is seen as a potential employee who will continue to work for the same work sector.

They learn a lot about the field as beginners. On the other hand, an internship is a program wherein students are allowed to explore their areas of interest. The prime aim is to attain work experience as well as get a clear picture of how they want their career path to be like.

As the main target of both the employer and the intern is to absorb sufficient knowledge and skills, most of the internships are unpaid.

In experts point of view, there are a few advantages associated with internships and easy tips and answers for

Why Should I Be Hired For This Internship question:


The sole purpose of undertaking an internship is to learn and develop a perspective. Schools and colleges provide us with an idea about how things go about when trying out yourself in your respective fields but an internship shows you the reality of things go about.

One learns from minor errors in such a process. It also cultivates a healthy sense of competition in the individual to face daily hurdles in a work environment.

Another great benefit is that internships help to figure out what career path is the best and suits one’s interests and preferences.


It is essential to gain a practical sense of the functioning of workspaces. Interns have the perfect chance to test their knowledge by applying and converting them into actions.

Internships provide a safe and friendly environment where mistakes of a small degree can be excused and the intern is advised or taught to do things the right way.


Along with working and learning, an internship provides a golden opportunity to interact with professionals and learn lessons from their experiences. An individual can seek academic guidance from these professionals.

Asking questions and solving your doubts is the key in such a situation. The more one asks the newer things they learn.

After all, contacts with successful and outgoing professionals can always be of tremendous help at any moment in your journey. Establishing a fine impression could help you get recommended for future jobs.


This aspect is beneficial for students especially college students who are looking for work experience as well as gather some back-up funds to pay for their tuition fees of college. Some employers pay their interns a significant salary.

Also, it depends on the volume of work, time-spend, and try one puts in. Students can opt for paid internships if money is a concern.


Several companies hire interns to improvise the quality of their future recruitment. There are instances where interns are offered job opportunities after their internship agreement period ends or they could be offered one when a position is vacant.

This is highly beneficial as one is already familiar with the professionals and work environment of the company. The company would only do so if they are satisfied with the intern’s dedication and input.


Based on one’s performance, hard-work, sincerity and determination, they could be awarded a great reference letter. This is not just a letter but a clear report of an individual’s capability.

These letters help improve the chances of being employed in the future. This is also a good addition to one’s resume.


I strongly believe I will be a good fit for the internship as I am always enthusiastic to learn new things and go beyond my limits. I am not restricted to learning about my respective field or interests only but explore all business sectors and industries.

Before applying, I made sure to read about the company as much as I can and what would be expected from me when hired as an intern. I read about the current condition, long-term strategies, visions, goals, and productivity.

And I can say with all confidence that I am perfectly capable of delivering all that for the company’s betterment. After reading about the company’s potential, I was eager to be hired and learn more about its work-space.

My opinion on Why Should I Be Hired For This Internship:

In my opinion, the one great benefit I have is that I am a quick learner. This will help me get adapted and increase my productivity in a short period.

Moreover, I also intend to acquire relevant skills while performing my work duties. I sincerely believe this internship will allow me to apply my fundamental knowledge and get hands-on experience. Focusing on this I can make sure myself for Why Should I Be Hired For This Internship.

During my high school years, I mastered the skill of time management and I maintain it to lead a disciplined and balanced life. My main aim is to learn the basics of business and the functioning of various industries and also attain a sense of professionalism.

I can assure the employer that I can manage the work burden no matter how big or small. With this internship, I also hope to search for my weaker areas and work on them. Hope you got proper knowledge Why Should I Be Hired For This Internship query.

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