Wikipedia Biography Of Jinnytty Social Media Influencer Net Worth, Age, Earnings, Boyfriend, Height, Real Name in 2021

Jinnytty is a social media influencer with a large fan base, and she is one of the highest-paid YouTube and Twitch video game streamers in 2021.

  • Social media influencers
  • A native of South Korea, Jinnytty was born on July 28, 1992
  • American nationality
  • A net worth of $400,000

The age of Jinnytty is 28 years old. She was born on July 28, 1992. Streamer Jinnytty is one of the most popular on social media, with over 450,000 followers or more. 

Jinnytty became known for her live streams and videos on Twitch, where she often talks about games and lifestyle. Most of her work is video content related to adventures and song covers. 

Quick Wikipedia Info about Jinnytty

NameYoomjji (unconfirmed)
Date of birthOn the 28th of July 1992
Weight121 lb
HeightApproximately 5 feet 3 inches  
Wealth-creating sourcesTwitch streamer, YouTuber
Home AddressSouth Korea
Net Worth (estimated)$400k+
Wikipedia Jinnytty

Information about the Jinnytty family

Despite her South Korean origin, Jinnytty is of mixed ethnicity and holds an American nationality. 

A few facts about Jinnytty’s mother and father: she was married interracially, and her father was white. 

Her videos often contain references to her siblings, and Jinnytty is always open about her family. 

In some of the videos she has uploaded on YouTube, lately, her brother Kevin has been featured.

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The personal life of Jinnytty: Who is her boyfriend?

Jinnytty admits she has never had any desire to become a social media personality. 

Her only purpose in joining Twitch was to have fun with her gaming friend Esfand. 

Due to their frequent video collaborations, fans often speculate on their relationship. 

Both stars have denied the allegations, but TV Over Mind reports are no longer associated with the rumors. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, Jinnytty announced publicly on social media that she would be moving back to South Korea for a few months after the crisis blew over.

A career and net worth analysis of Jinnytty

Jinnytty has a net worth of $150,000, according to Stars Gab. 

Ads, donations, subscriptions, and sponsorships typically generate revenue for streamers. 

It’s safe to assume that her primary source of revenue is through advertising and sponsorships with her growing Instagram account and active YouTube channel.

Controversies surrounding Jinnytty

Twitch banned Jinnytty for two weeks during a recent scandal over an unpleasant comment he made about a character in The Last of Us 2. 

A transphobic comment made in a rant about one of Jinnytty’s physical qualities didn’t seem well-received among netizens. This action-adventure franchise has developed a cult following among gamers. 

Consequently, a suspension of two weeks was in effect. Apart from this, Jinnytty has had an exceptionally successful career thus far without facing many other controversies.

Details about Jinnytty’s Instagram account

Currently, Jinnytty’s Instagram following exceeds 232K+. Traveling and cosplaying inspire her to take a lot of pictures of herself. 

It is not uncommon for her pets to share pictures with her. Please have a look at what she posts on social media.

Biography Of Jinnytty

Jinnytty Channel overview

Jinnytty stats for the last 30 days

  1. Hours Watched– 30d: 1154 772
  2. Peak Viewers– 30d: 12579
  3. Average Viewers– 30d: 5719
  4. Views Gain– 30d: 1464 608
  5. Followers Gain– 30d: 13013
  6. Airtime– 30d: 201h 55m


Twitch star whose jinnytty channel has been very popular. She has had over 550k followers since launching the channel in 2017. You can watch live gaming streams, video blogs, and song covers performed by singers.

During the days before fame

Since November 2017, jinnytty has been streaming on Twitch.


Her Instagram account has over 230,000 followers under the username yyj0728. As of February 2010, Jinnytty has earned more than 250,000 subscribers to her 企鵝妹 Jinny 윰찌 YouTube channel. 


The birthplace and childhood home of Jinnytty was South Korea. Her brother Kevin is featured on the jinnytty YouTube channel.

Related to

Her Twitch video of the competition with Hachubby was streamed late in August 2020. 

The total net worth of Jinnytty This is how much?

As far as her net worth is concerned, Jinnytty’s net worth is estimated at $400,000. Her Twitch rank is gradually rising, and she is a promising streamer. 

In addition to her Twitch followers, Jinnytty has approximately 256k subscribers to her YouTube channel. 

In addition to the controversies surrounding her since her debut, including her 14-day Twitch banning, her 7-day Twitch banning, and the numerous lawsuits filed against her, her net worth has been significantly affected. 

In addition, Jinnytty faced backlash after she moved back to South Korea to live with a friend and fellow streamer after leaving her shared home with Esfand. 

Does Jinnytty stream on any particular platform?

The Twitch channel Jinnytty created in 2017 is the only place she streams. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are Jinnytty’s most active social media accounts.

Do you know how much Jinnytty earns?

Approximately $10k to $13k are earned by Ninnytty each year through her YouTube channel. 

As her Twitch subscribers number is unknown, it is unknown how much she earns from Twitch. 

Jinnytty revealed she received $325k through PayPal donations over an unknown period during a live stream, although the amount is unknown. 

In addition to bits cheered and sponsorships, Jinnytty makes an unknown amount of money from various other sources. 

In summary, Jinnytty makes an unknown amount of money. 

Sponsorships and donations generate a lot of income for Jinnytty. 

Yet, she regularly posts to her YouTube channel, which earns between $10k and $13k.

A career overview of Jinnytty

While teaching English for a living, Jinnytty worked as a content creator before switching to content creation. 

As a front-end developer, Jinnytty has also worked on two games and three software applications.

Jinnytty’s career on Twitch

As of June 8, 2017, Jinnytty started her Twitch career. Most of her content focuses on outdoor travels and adventures. 

As a variety streamer who occasionally streams games from her home in Texas, Jinnytty is categorized as a video game streamer. 

By July 2021, Jinnytty had 585k followers and streams every day, with an average of 5k viewers.

The career of Jinnytty on YouTube

Since June 16, 2017, Jinnytty has had her own YouTube channel. At the time of this writing, Jinnytty had close to 256k followers, and she uploaded a lot of videos from her Twitch VODs and her vlogs. 

Nearly 21 million people have watched all 407 of Jinnytty videos.

Earnings from a professional career

Jinnytty did not disclose how much money she earned from her career as a freelance front-end developer and tutor. The tutoring job Jinnytty had at the time was not her primary profession. 

Youtube income

According to Jinnytty, who has an active YouTube channel, Jinnytty earns between $830 and $1000 monthly and $10k to $13k per year. 

In addition to this, her videos may generate advertisements and sponsorships.

Earnings from streaming on Twitch

It is not known how many subscribers Jinnytty has. According to her, Twitch donations through PayPal had brought her around $325k; 

Therefore, the number does not include her earnings from bits cheered. The number does not include sponsorships or advertising revenue.

Earnings from other sources

With the assistance of Pogbrand LLC, Jinnytty created a merch store for streamers and created merchandise for their audiences upon joining the community. 

Since Jinnytty has a great deal of popularity on Twitch, she will make a lot of money regardless of the revenue split with the store.


We do not know how much Jinnytty has spent in total. 

Specifically, she records and streams her travels around the world. 

Since she travels, lodging, eating, etc. Jinnetty is usually assumed to spend a lot of money.

Featured in the news

Her numerous controversies have made her headlines several times over the past few years.

During one of Jinnytty’s live streams on Twitch, her viewers ridiculed her Tifa costume she wore to play the Final Fantasy VII remake. Jinnytty broke down and cried. 

She responded that Twitch’s TOS required her to obey them; nevertheless, viewers said that she wasn’t wearing anything “not appropriate.” 

Afraid she would be ridiculed, she began crying on the stream before continuing with no further issues. 

After making remarks about transgender people during the live broadcast of “The Last Of Us 2”, she was suspended for 14 days by Twitch on July 25, 2020. 

Ellie and Joel are on my list, like seriously. Transgender people are out of my league. 

During the same game, she commented on the character “Abby.” Several hours after the ban was handed down, it was rescinded.

She was banned for seven days the following year for live streaming while driving a scooter in Germany while using the platform. 

Although she admitted at the time that she had no driving license either, many people regarded her actions as reckless.

Afterward, she apologized to her followers via the TwitLonger she wrote. 

Due to online talks about transgender people, Abby was assumed to be transgender; 

As a result of her frustration with the game’s plot, she said what she did and admitted she misphrased it.

She has faced a great deal of backlash and hatred for her latest controversy. 

The Twitch streamer Jinnytty once lived with Twitch streamer Esfand, also associated with OTK (One True King). 

While they lived in Texas, Jinnytty announced her intention to move back to South Korea during a live stream sometime in 2021.

Jinnytty’s brother visited her from New York to stay with her and go on road trips. She mentioned this on her announcement stream. 

COVID-19’s situation in Texas, though not looking good, caused many OTK members to express concern over the lack of precautions taken by these two. 

In a stream appearance, OTK member Mizkif said at one point: “Jinny might not understand the situation as much as she should.” 

As a result of the discussion, Jinnytty and the OTK members decided that Jinnytty would head home, and she emphasized that the decision was purely hers. 

Although she claimed Esfand had kicked her out of his house, she was attacked by a large number of Redditors; 

Asmongold developed his own TwitLonger after spreading misinformation, leading to the future creation of his page. 

It was pretty clear from her decision that Jinnytty was not kicked out. 

As soon as the situation permits, OTK looks forward to seeing Jinnytty back in the United States.


How does Jinnytty describe his profession?

After working as a tutor for a living, Jinnytty became a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and content maker. 
Additionally, Jinnytty has worked as a front-end developer and has contributed to developing two video games. Currently, she is a freelancer as a content creator for the web.

Does Jinnytty have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

There is no indication that Jinnytty is dating since she has been so quiet about her personal life.

How much money does Jinnytty earn?

The exact earnings of Jinnytty are unknown for lack of data. Twitch donations alone have earned her about $325k; however, she once accidentally revealed that. 

Where does Jinnytty run?

The Jinnytty stream is exclusively on Twitch right now. In addition to her Twitch stream highlights, she actively maintains a YouTube channel.

Was Jinnytty evicted from Esfand’s home?

While Asmongold and the rest of the OTA staff have highlighted her right to leave the house, she shared with fellow streamer Esfand and her brother, Jinnytty, left it completely on her own accord. They said that they all reached a mutual understanding of her leaving.

When will Jinnytty return?

She returns to the title role in Ginny & Georgia as actress Antonia Gentry. Unfortunately, as soon as fans hoped, there won’t be a second season. The second season of The Orville began filming in Toronto in the fall of 2021, despite being renewed back in April.

What is Jinnytty’s reason for staying with Esfand?

In March 2020, Jinnytty lived with fellow streamer Esfand’s home in Texas due to the worldwide health situation. Since then, they have provided countless hours of highly entertaining chaos to their fans.

Do you know Jinnytty’s ethnicity?

Jinnytty was born in South Korea, but she is of American nationality and mixed racial heritage.

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