Yellow fungus is far more dangerous unlike black and white fungus in 2021

White fungus is more deadly than black fungus. Now, experts say, the yellow fungus can be more dangerous than these two fungi. According to the report, the first case of this yellow fungus has been detected in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Extensive research is now underway on this new infection. Experts believe that yellow fungus is more harmful than black & white fungi. To begin, what exactly is yellow fungus? 

Yellow fungus is considered far more hazardous than white & black fungus. This infection is most commonly seen in reptiles. In the human body, as a result of this fungal infection, various organs are damaged.

The first case of fungal contamination was discovered in a 45-year-old male in Ghaziabad. He has recently recovered from Corona. Yellow Fungus Causes This infection is also primarily caused by an unhealthy environment.

What causes this fungal infection? 

An unhealthy and high humidity environment, poor hygiene, unhealthy food are responsible for this fungus. Excessive moisture creates an environment that encourages the production of germs and fungus. In addition, those who overdose on steroids or take antibacterial medications are also thought to be the cause of the infection.

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Who is even more likely to become contaminated with yellow fungus?

According to experts, those who have low immunity, high cholesterol, those who suffer from diabetes or are already suffering from other diseases, have a higher risk of infection.

In addition, there is a risk of fungus entering various wounds on the skin such as cuts or burns. It can also develop on the skin. According to the CDC, these people are more likely to have a fungal infection –

>> Those who have been in the ICU for a long time.

>> Those who have had organ transplants have low immunity.

>> Those who use extra antibacterial or steroids.

>> Those who are undergoing kidney damage and dialysis.

What Are The Symptoms Of Yellow Fungus?

>> Weight loss

>> Fatigue and weakness

>> Decreased hunger

>> Internal

>> If the infection is severe, pus may come out of the boil or wound

>> Organ failure

>> Malnutrition

>> Wounds do not dry

>> can lead to necrosis

>> Red or sitting eyes

Treatment Of Yellow Fungus

If you have any symptoms of yellow fungus, you should contact a doctor immediately. Like black and white, the first treatment for yellow fungus is anti-fungal injection.

According to experts, it takes longer to recover from yellow fungus than black or white fungus. Currently, experts in several case studies say that people who have recovered from corona are being infected with these fungal infections.

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